Make skin pore-free maintenance secrets


Make skin pore-free maintenance secrets

The weather is dry and windy in spring. How to fine pores and whiten skin is the most concerned issue in every beauty MM.

Today, let ‘s take a look at the secrets of spring 2012 skin care with Xiaobian. Be sure to make your skin zero pores.

  After going home, cleaning is the basis of delicate skin whitening. Squeeze the cleanser in the palm of your hand, gently dissolve it with warm water, and clean the skin in a circular manner.

In addition, you can also use cold and hot water to wash your face to whiten your skin.

  Dust hidden in the pores can easily form acne or blackheads, which can usually be removed by regular exfoliation.

However, if the acne is severe, it is recommended to use an acne stick to deal with it.

First clean your face, then apply a hot towel to your face to let the pores open naturally. Disinfect the round end before using it, and then gently scrape off the acne.

  After clearing acne, you can shrink your pores by hand!

Throw the coin-type cotton mask into a cup with a pore-shrinking lotion, and wait until the mask is fully open before applying it to the face.

After using MM with large pores, it is recommended to use essence to moisturize the skin.

  After dealing with pores, you need to whiten and sunscreen.

MM must remember to rub sunscreen when going out. If the sun is big, it is best to hold a parasol.

In addition, diet is also very important. Usually you should absorb more vitamin C to keep the skin white and healthy. Foods such as vitamin C, tomatoes, cucumbers, milk, and soy milk are good.

  In addition, you can also DIY some whitening masks at home.

You can mix it with honey, milk, egg whites, clear water and a vitamin E oil, or add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. The whitening effect is super good.

If the fluorescence suddenly has a small red spot, you can use egg white plus mung bean powder and a small amount of talcum powder to DIY a clear and continuous facial mask.

Is it fun to do it yourself?

  Finally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important.

In the spring of the recovery of all things, we must develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, exercise a lot, and cooperate with these beauty skin care tips, the complexion naturally comes out from the inside!

The best doctor is himself: the old Chinese medicine 100

health tips, everyone should know!

The best doctor is himself: the old Chinese medicine 100 health tips, everyone should know!

1 cold: bananas, oranges, reed juice, ice, lamb, ginger duck, tobacco and alcohol.

2 cough: ice cream, orange, fried, roasted, spicy, peanut, wine, sweets 3 acute gastritis: fried food, wine, pepper, glutinous rice.

4 chronic gastritis: cold food, sourdough food, sweets.

5 enteritis: banana, pomegranate.

6 acute and chronic hepatitis: goose (chicken, duck) skin, fat pork, tobacco and alcohol, do not stay up late.

7 high blood pressure: overeating, high cholesterol, too salty food.

8 kidney disease: beer, soda, salted fish, dried bamboo shoots, pickles.

9 Diabetes: sweet, wine, greasy, fried, high conversion food.

10 low blood pressure: celery, should sleep early and exercise more.

11 high blood pressure: too salty food, egg yolk, animal internal organs.

12 kinds of peptic ulcers: beans, bamboo shoots, pickles, glutinous rice, wine, pineapple, pepper, guava.

13 bruises periostitis: bananas, bamboo shoots, wine, sauerkraut, chili.

14 bruises: pig skull meat, vinegar, peanuts, sweets, bananas, beer.

15 hemorrhoids blood in the stool: smoke, wine, pepper, fried food.

16 rheumatoid arthritis: beer, bananas, meat, cold dew.

17 allergic constitution: (urticaria, eczema, acute, allergic rhinitis) seafood, taro, mango, ice, longan, lychee.

18 cerebral neurasthenia (insomnia): pepper, wine, coffee, onions, garlic.

19 cholecystitis, gallstones: eggs, fat, spicy food.

20 chronic colitis: seafood, fruit, fresh milk, but yogurt can be eaten.

21 heads: smoke, wine, tea, cock, crab, shrimp, goose, lamb, dog meat.

22 chest pain: fat, seafood and so on.

23 bloating: salted fish, fermented bean curd, bacon, fat pork, lamb, dog meat, etc., sea fish, crab, shrimp, cock, pineapple, vinegar, etc.

24 abdominal pain: dog meat, fat pork, lamb, sea fish, shrimp, crab, etc.; ice products, sauerkraut, nuts, glutinous rice.

25 stomach pain: thick gravy, broth, pepper, strong tea, wine, monosodium glutamate, whole grains, celery, leeks, medlar, bean sprouts, garlic, kimchi, etc.

26 vomiting: smoke, wine and onions, garlic, leeks, etc. 27 diarrhea: fat, seafood, etc.; pepper, onion, garlic and so on.

28 air pressure: smoke, wine, sea bream, shrimp (especially oil-exploded shrimp, drunken shrimp), crab, mandarin fish, yellow croaker, octopus, squid, fat, eggs, etc.; snow simmer, mustard, cucumber, rice, wineWaiting for hair; beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, soda, etc. 29 gum bleeding: fried, big pepper, ginger, onion, leeks, pepper and sour vinegar marinated food; shrimp, crab, sea fish.

30 nosebleeds: pepper, ginger, pepper, pepper, etc.; fried fried, seafood and other hair.

31 blood in the stool: chicken soup, broth, sweet simmer; smoke, wine, onion, garlic, leeks, peppers.

32 edema: smoke, wine and vinegar, onions, garlic, ginger, etc.; shrimp, crab, sea fish, pumpkin, snow scorpion and so on.

33 vertigo: wine, onions, garlic, leeks, onions, peppers, etc.; fat, lamb and so on.

34 heart 悸: smoke, wine and strong tea, coffee; salted fish, bacon and so on.

35 constipation: hot constipation, avoid alcohol (except beer, sparkling wine), coffee, strong tea, garlic, pepper and other hot spicy stimulants; cold constipation, eat cold and melon fruit and cold drinks.

36 tuberculosis: pepper, onion, leeks, ginger; smoke, wine.

37 Astragalus: wine, fish, shrimp, fat, fried egg, onion, garlic and raw cold fruit.

38 strokes: dog meat, venison, wine, pepper, garlic, hot fish, such as scutellaria, loach, grass carp, fat head fish, white mullet.


[Fire Tips]Dry throat hoarse: drink light salt water, honey pear cream, orange sugar tea.

Sore throat: raw pears.Long blisters: Chew ginger slices and apply eye ointment to the pain.

Chapped lips: cucumber kiwi juice.


Keep your body healthy and keep your heart calm.

Both static and dynamic, complement each other.

Diet is a holiday, and life is sometimes.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more hot drinks.

Tonic supplements, both weights.


[Parents who care about high blood pressure]Try to drink less sugary drinks.

Eat more potatoes and eggplant to supplement potassium.

Drink milk every day to make calcium.

Be sure to quit smoking and alcohol.

No more than 5 grams of salt per day.


Dieting can reduce the incidence of senile diseases and achieve satisfactory results.


Dieting songs are greedy and sleepy, the stomach is drooping, greasy and full of food, the body stores garbage, the blood vessels are blocked, and the ulcers are difficult to sleep.

Dieting benefits, health and longevity, appetite does not sag, cancer occurs less, blood vessels are smooth, slim and physique.


Ten jujubes a day, healthy and old.

Jujube has anti-oxidation, delays aging, improves immunity, protects the liver, and is anti-allergic.

Jujube and rice, millet or glutinous rice are cooked together as porridge, which has a better health care effect.


Ill and timely medical treatment, exercise mindfulness, take the initiative to physical examination, breakfast Buick buckle, family exchanges, air conditioning for a long time, sleep to ensure, sedentary to walk, computer use less, three meals rhythm, health and longevity!


Nap time, don’t be too long.

Taking advantage of snoring affects health.

The cover bed is thin and cold.

The method is correct, it is beneficial to nursed back to health, the method is wrong, and it is counterproductive!


Healthy three-character: less meat, sun, rain, often sing, after dinner, stand up, sit down, sit in love, step by step, do good deeds.


Onion is called the vegetable queen, contains prostaglandin A, maintains cardiovascular health; contains selenium element to spit dermatan, inhibits toxins; contains onion and garlic, promotes appetite to help digestion; contains allicin, killing bacteria!

Eat more onions, good for health!


Health word three words: eat onions, brain road pass.

Eat garlic and lower blood fat.

Mushroom meal, anti-thrombotic.

Eat fresh ginger, blood fat Kang.
Fungus, fast fat-lowering.
Chrysanthemum tea, lowering blood pressure.

Eat chili, eliminate it.

Oolong tea, good weight loss.

Body show, eat potatoes.

Qi and blood, eat lychee.

Grapes are sweet and blood source.

To moisturize, cherry to make up.

Eat jujube often, not old.

Oatmeal soup, skin light.

Eat honey, skin is fine.

Radish soup, cure bloating.

Capsule, cure cough.

Eat bitter gourd, stomach fire.

Eat sesame seeds and raise your hair.

To calm the nerves, eat jujube.

Be healthy and eat walnuts.

Eat apples and benefit the kidneys.

Health, you must remember, good health, happiness!


The clothes are not too warm, but the food is not full; the living is not extravagant, but the line is not rich; the joy is not happy, but the profit is not greedy; the work is not tired, but the peace is not good; the friend forgets, the contact is better.


The secret of longevity: treating the disease without heart and lungs, not living with the world is not tired, never innocent people have no worries, smoke is not much alcohol, not drunk, yin and yang balance 荤 搭配 搭配, 嘻嘻 ha ha multi live a few years old.


Eat more spinach benefits, eat spinach and cheerful.

The metabolism is more balanced, the blood circulation is more flexible, it is more detoxifying and stovepipe, and it can protect the retina.

May you be healthier.


Home heatstroke coup: rushing warm water bath is cooler; slow down, avoiding time activities; closing eyes and naps to lower temperature; wearing cotton clothing is good for perspiration.

Rinse your wrists with cool water to lower your blood temperature.


When girls come to menstruation, don’t drink green tea. Anyway, don’t drink tea.

Eat more things that can make up blood.


Do not drink more than one cup a day, because alcohol can inhibit the production of antibody-derived B cells and increase the chance of bacterial infection.


The sour plums prevent aging, and the youth stays forever; those with liver fires should eat more.


Hair loss factors: stay up all night, stress, tobacco and alcohol, chicken chops, spicy pot, greasy food, over-flavored dishes.

Help hair growth: Eat more cabbage, eggs, beans; eat less sweets (especially fructose).

A cup of lemon juice and orange juice every day can not only whiten but also lighten dark spots.


Apple is a locomotive, addict, housewife’s standing medicine, one day, in order to have a clean lung.


It is the healthiest way to smoke and eat vitamin B, which can cause cancer and quit smoking as soon as possible.


Five periods when women should not drink tea: when menstruation comes, pregnant women, before labor, after production, menopause.


Smoking, the most important relationship is lung cancer, lip cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, and also related to bladder cancer.


Excessive drinking can lead to cirrhosis and increase the prevalence of liver cancer.


Eating betel nut can cause oral fibrosis and oral cancer.


The food is too fine and lacks fiber; it contains a lot of misfortunes, especially the retina can cause stomach cancer.


Food is too rough, causing esophageal cancer and stomach cancer when it is undernourished.


Aflatoxins and nitrites in foods are carcinogenic.


Try not to smoke and refuse to smoke second-hand smoke.


Drink moderately, don’t drink, don’t get drunk.


Reduce the consumption of salted, smoked, grilled food.


Ingest fresh vegetables and fruits every day.


Eat high-fiber grains and beans every day.


Add a balanced diet every day, but not the amount.


Dry skin and eat more carrots.


Bitter melon should not be eaten too much, and long-term consumption of bitter gourd can cause calcium deficiency.


Keep the correct eating habits: like the emperor in the morning, like a civilian at noon, like eating at night.

When the throat is hoarse: drink light salt water, take honey pear cream, drink orange peel sugar tea.


Try to touch the door handle or faucet before you can “put out” the static electricity in your body.


Thinking more is the best way to train your brain.

If you want to have a clean and healthy tooth, in addition to diligent brushing, you can use a mouthwash with a bactericidal function.


Keep your heart in top condition. In addition to regular exercise, you need to eat less food and quit smoking.


You must be cautious when purchasing painkillers. Follow the doctor’s advice and follow the recommended dosage.


Since there is no effective cold medicine at present, wearing more clothes is the best way to prevent colds.


Studies have shown that food made from whole wheat flour is more conducive to digestion, with low trace content and high fiber content.


People should get more sun and supplement vitamin D in the body, which is good for bone health.


Exercise in the evening, causing heart rate to accelerate and increase blood pressure, is good for health.


Watermelon juice is cured after drinking.

Watermelon can heat away from fire and accelerate the discharge of alcohol from the urine.


Grapefruit eliminates alcohol in the mouth.

The experiment found that eating pomelo and white sugar is very helpful in eliminating the alcohol in the mouth after drinking.


Cycling at medium speed is very helpful for improving heart and lung function and has special effects on weight loss.


Eating almonds often helps relieve high blood pressure and soreness, and it also has a good effect on cardiovascular diseases.


The electromagnetic wave that the mobile phone releases and releases instantaneously penetrates, and it is better to answer it one second or so after the ringing of the mobile phone.


Flossing your teeth will not only reduce your chances of lowering your teeth, but also protect your heart.


Honey contains a kind of fructose that is not contained in most fruits, which promotes the decomposition and absorption of alcohol.


Tomato juice, fruit candy, is another effective drink that helps promote the absorption of alcohol.


Fresh grapes can cure nausea and nausea after drinking.

Egg protein has a higher protein content, while other nutrients contain more egg yolk.


Avoid using a big fire when frying eggs, otherwise you will lose a lot of nutrients.

It is best to use medium fire.


A large Sydney chopped skin, add appropriate amount of water and rock sugar stew, and then take a cold to take food, can cure cough and hoarseness, dry throat.
The fungus plants, black fungus and fungi have good anti-cancer effects, and can clean the blood and detoxify. Regular consumption can effectively remove dirt from the body.

Ok, today’s health knowledge is shared here!

Yangshuo, premature ejaculation, kidney deficiency friends, please read the following blue article carefully, there is a way to talk about kidney, there are some patients have tried, the effect is very good!

I often drink 1 thing in October, less than 10 days, 55 years old and 20 years old kidney!

Pay attention to 9 abnormal phenomena of newborn baby

Pay attention to 9 abnormal phenomena of newborn baby

The newborn baby is very delicate and fragile.

They may have some anomalies that require Mummy to observe carefully while taking care.

In this way, you can thoroughly find the abnormalities in the baby’s body, so that the baby can be treated and treated as soon as possible to avoid affecting the baby’s healthy growth and development.

Pay attention to the nine abnormalities of newborn babies1. The number of breaths is abnormal. Generally speaking, the number of breaths of newborns (0-28 days) is 40-45 breaths / min.

If it is more than 60 times per minute, the breathing will be faster, and it may be caused by neonatal pneumonia, especially when the baby has a bluish face, does not look good, or spit in the mouth, you should go to the hospital immediately.

  Love Tips: Normal newborns’ breathing is irregular, sometimes fast and slow, sometimes even temporarily stopped.

Therefore, when counting the number of breaths per minute of a newborn, it cannot be counted as 15 seconds and then multiplied by 4.

In this way, it is easy for a baby who is breathing faster due to pneumonia cannot be found, and a normal baby is mistakenly counted as an increase in the number of breaths.

The correct way is to count for 1 full minute, pay attention to one breath for one breath, do not count as two.

Neonatal chest contour movement is small, and abdominal breathing is the main type.

Therefore, observing abdominal breathing movements is clearer and results are more accurate.

It is best to count the number of breaths when the baby is quiet, crying, eating or just after milk will easily affect the accuracy of the results.

2. Excessive vaginal bleeding. Some newborn girls may experience vaginal bleeding in the first few days of life.

However, if there is a large amount of bleeding and the duration is shortened, you should go to the doctor in time to rule out the neonatal bleeding disease as soon as possible.

  Because if the baby’s vaginal bleeding is caused by physiological reasons-because the fetal baby is in the womb, the estrogen is maintained at a certain level under the influence of the placenta, which stimulates the reproductive tract mucosal proliferation and hyperemia.

After the baby is born, the umbilical cord is broken, the source of estrogen is interrupted, and the uterine mucosa loses the estrogen’s supporting effect, resulting in bleeding and the formation of “false menstruation”.

However, this bleeding is usually small and disappears after a few days.

  3, four or five months after birth, there are still nine kinds of abnormalities in the newborn baby, A frightened look.

It’s just a physiological phenomenon that disappears in seconds.

If the baby’s startling behavior still appears after four or five months of birth, he should be taken to the hospital in time for some neurological examinations and early detection of abnormalities.

Under normal circumstances, when the baby reaches about four months, the insulating tissue around the nerve fibers gradually forms, and the function of sound stimulation will be concentrated in the cerebral cortex. The function is more and more mature, and it is not easy for the excitement to spread to the generalization.On the nerve fibers of the limb muscles, the startle phenomenon gradually disappeared.

Love Tips: If a normal baby has a startle phenomenon, Mommy should pay attention to whether it is neonatal convulsion-manifested as two eyes staring, tremor, repeated sucking, facial muscle tremor, irregular breathing, and bruising skin.

If this happens, go to the doctor.

  4, the weight does not increase after birth. After the baby is born, the feces and urine should be excreted from the body, spit out some absorbed amniotic fluid, and breathe through the skin and lungs to reduce water. Therefore, many times there will be weight loss after birth., But this is a normal physiological phenomenon.

However, if the baby does not return to normal or loses too much weight after 10 days after birth, it indicates that there is an abnormality in the body.

Should take to see a doctor, determine the cause of weight loss early, and give appropriate treatment.

Tips for love: The so-called physiological weight loss generally decreases the most when the baby is born 3-5 days, but it usually does not exceed 10%.

After about 10 days of birth, she will return to her weight at birth and then increase rapidly.

In the first 3 months of birth, your baby’s weight will increase by 180-200 grams per week; 150-180 grams per week during 3-6 months; 90-120 grams per week during 6-9 months; 9-12 monthsAdd 60-90 grams per week.

  5, unexplained fever, pay attention to the nine abnormalities of newborn babies, newborn babies, the temperature regulation function has not yet matured, but the body is relatively relative.

When the ambient temperature is high or the coverage is too tight, moisture is lost from breathing and urination.

If you don’t breastfeed in time, you will lose too much water, cause dehydration, and cause fever.

However, this kind of fever generally avoids the ambient temperature being too high, or reduces clothing and replenishes moisture, which will make the baby’s body temperature return to normal.

If the baby’s temperature still does not drop, and other symptoms appear at the same time, Mummy must not be sloppy, take the baby to the doctor quickly to prevent the baby from neonatal sepsis, purulent meningitis, enteritis and respiratory and digestive tract virus infection.
  6. After the jaundice is delayed, the baby begins to spontaneously breathe out of the mother’s body, and the oxygen concentration in the blood increases.

In this way, the excess red blood cells are destroyed, increasing the amount of bilirubin in the blood.

However, the baby’s liver development is still immature, and the increased bilirubin cannot be removed from the body in a timely manner, causing a part of bilirubin to deposit on the skin, which causes the baby’s skin to become yellow, called physiological jaundice.

However, this jaundice resolves quickly and generally does not require treatment.The full-term baby lasts about 4-6 days, and gradually subsides about 7-10 days; the jaundice subsides in premature babies a little later, and it may disappear after 2-3 weeks.

If the baby has obvious jaundice within 24 hours after birth, or the degree of jaundice is severe, or the skin becomes yellow and time complications, such as full-term baby over 2 weeks obesity, premature babies over 3 weeks, may be pathologicaljaundice.

At this time, Mummy should take the baby to the hospital for treatment as early as possible to avoid the worsening of the condition.

  Tips for love: Physiological jaundice usually starts with the face turning yellow, and the sclera and skin gradually turn yellow. Jaundice rarely occurs in the palms of the hands and feet.

Usually the baby’s mental state is not bad, there is no obvious change in feeding and sleeping, but the urine color is slightly yellow.

7, the baby’s head is significantly larger in fetuses and infants, brain tissue development is particularly fast, and limbs are relatively slow.

Therefore, at birth, the baby sticks his head in and has fewer complications.

However, if the baby’s head circumference is significantly higher than the normal range, he may have hydrocephalus, megacephalopathy, or a chromosomal obvious genetic disease. He should go to the doctor in time.

  Love Tips: Pay attention to the 9 abnormal phenomena of newborn babies at the time of birth. The bust is 1-2 cm smaller than the head circumference.

The growth rate of the baby’s head circumference is very rapid in the first year after birth, and the head circumference can reach 48 cm at the age of 2, which can reflect the development of the brain.

In general, the average head circumference of a baby is about 34 cm when it is born, it grows to 42 cm by 6 months, and 46 cm when it is 1 year old. After that, the growth rate of baby’s head circumference gradually slows down, and the development of limbs begins to accelerate.
8. The bleeding point does not subside. If it is a natural delivery, if the labor process is too long or the uterine contraction is weak, it is easy to cause hypoxia and even suffocation in the newborn. After the hypoxia, the permeability of the blood vessel wall increases.Subcutaneous bleeding; In addition, if the baby’s head is rubbed strongly when passing through the birth canal of the mummy, the capillaries will be damaged, and subcutaneous bleeding may also be caused.

Shows bleeding spots on the body or face.

  Hypoxia or even suffocation-related subcutaneous hemorrhage, once the neonatal suffocation is successfully resurrected; and subcutaneous hemorrhage caused by capillary damage caused by external forces, generally will naturally disappear after a few days.

However, if the bleeding point does not subside or continue to increase, maybe there is an infectious disease or blood disease in the body, you should take your baby to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, which will cause effective treatment to avoid affecting the baby’s normal growth and development.

  9, the two small breasts are not the same size, although some baby girls are born, the two small breasts swell and even secrete milk, but this is not an abnormal phenomenon.

Because when the baby is born, there are estrogen and prolactin brought from the mother.

Generally, the estrogen and progesterone that inhibit prolactin will disappear quickly, and after losing the inhibitory factor, prolactin overcomes the maintenance time in the baby’s body and stimulates the baby’s mammary gland, which causes the small breast to swell.

However, if the two small breasts that are swollen are not the same size, accompanied by redness, fever and other symptoms, it may be inflammation of the breast tissue, and you should go to the hospital in time to prevent inflammation from developing.

Tips for love: Never have a baby boy or a baby girl. Swelling of small breasts usually occurs 3-5 days after birth, and it is most obvious at 8-18 days, but most of them disappear in 2-3 weeks after birth.

Mommy should not squeeze or rub small breasts because of worry or anxiety. This will cause damage to breast tissue and cause infection.

Eat green onions to prevent aging and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Eat green onions to prevent aging and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Spring onions are the most common seasoning, and nowadays it is a good time to eat spring onions.

Fresh green onions are short and white with many green leaves. They are not particularly spicy when they are eaten raw, and will have a unique flavor.

Onion vitamin A, potassium, calcium and other nutritional ingredients, light onion and acrid and warm, can detoxify Tongyang, have a good effect on colds and colds in spring, and can defecate and sore.

Add green onions when making soup for better nutritional effects.

In addition to containing a large number of vitamins and minerals, shallots also contain volatile oil, the main component of which is alliumin, which has the function of sterilizing or inhibiting bacteria and viruses.

When spring infectious diseases of the respiratory tract are epidemic, eating raw shallots has a preventive effect.

Studies have found that increased propylene glycol in the body can cause cell damage, leading to aging and disease.

Shallot can significantly reduce the content of propylene glycol, increase the activity of anti-aging enzymes, delay the growth of tissues and organs, and especially protect the vascular endothelial cells. It can prevent thrombosis and lower blood lipids. It is great for preventing coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosisbenefit.
  Spring is the most nutritious, tender, fragrant, and most delicious time of the year.

The spring onion scrambled eggs or spring onion dipping sauce that northerners like to eat are very nutritious and adapt to the solar terms.

Southerners who are not accustomed to these eating methods can add more chopped shallots and garlic seedlings when cooking, steaming fish or making soup stew.

It should be noted that allium is a hot food, people with hot constitution and people with weak gastrointestinal function should eat less.

Simple yoga moves increase body flexibility

Simple yoga moves increase body flexibility

Today, I will introduce a few simple yoga movements.

Practicing yoga can help you improve your flexibility and make you more confident and beautiful.

  Let ‘s start with a simple bridge!

The practice bridge has a good shaping effect on our back and front and back.

  The main points of the bridge posture are supine, with curved legs, heels close to the back, inhale and lift the hips forward, support the waist with both hands, and maintain the posture for 7 breaths.

  Strong buttocks and hip muscles, tibial column, nourish the thyroid gland.

  The plow-style plow-style is also a very classic set of yoga moves. Practicing this style is the choice of many yoga enthusiasts. How should this practice be practiced?

  The main points of the posture are to lie on your back with your legs close together, inhale your legs straight up and lift them up, and then gradually raise them towards the front, with your toes falling to the back of your head, and support your head with both hands, keeping your posture for 7 breaths.

Exhale and release your hand, then slowly fall back.

  Efficacy Blood flows naturally to the head, nourishes the face and scalp, and has a balance effect on the digestive system and endocrine system.

  Unfold the move and hold the calf belly with the palm of your hand, knead from top to bottom, back and forth 20 times each.

Squeeze your fingers slightly while kneading, preferably with sore muscles or tingling.

  Friends who do not have the basics of yoga should pay attention to the degree and time when performing such massage exercises. It should be noted that the intensity should not be too great.

  Clamp the calf belly with your thumb and forefinger, and pinch from bottom to top. Each pinch pauses for 3 seconds, and the left and right legs repeat 20 times each.

Relax and breathe three to five times.

  When pressing and kneading, we should pay attention to our grasp of the strength, not too hard, just press and knead.

  Find the toes and veins and massage it with the side of the little finger.

Gently tap the lower leg alternately, 20 times for each leg.

  Separate your hands and five fingers, hold the two calves separately, and pat the calf until the calf feels flowing again.

  Prayer practice stands upright with your feet together.

Put your hands together on your chest.

Relax your body.

Mix your breath.

  Strength builds a state of concentration and serenity, preparing for the exercises to be done.

  Therefore, this is a warm-up yoga practice. Each yoga practice requires a simple warm-up. Only in this way will our yoga practice be more effective.

  Arm extension (raising vertically) In practice, the upper arm is raised above the head and extended to the same width as the shoulders.

Slightly tilt your head back and your upper body.

  The tip fractures the abdominal organs, thus eliminating excessive slightness and improving digestion.

Exercise your arm and shoulder muscles.

Strengthen the spinal nerve and open the lung lobe.

  Bend forward (hand-to-foot) practice bend your body forward until your hands or fingers touch any tip of the foot, or the ground in front of your feet.

Use your forehead to touch your legs, but do not strain.

Keep your knees straight.

  Exhale when your body bends forward.

In the final position, try to contract your abdomen and exhale as much as possible.

  When breathing, keep the breathing rhythm even and gentle, not too fast or too slow.

  Weight improvement eliminates or prevents diseases of the stomach or diabetes and reduces excess mortality from diabetes.

Improve digestion.Helps eliminate constipation, softens the spine and strengthens the spinal nerves.

  Through the above sharing, I hope it will be helpful to friends who are eager to keep their bodies soft.

How to resolve the deadlock in communication

How to resolve the deadlock in communication

1.However, some people of my sole esteem put themselves at the center of social networking and have a stiff attitude in communication. With me as the axis, I hope that the other party will follow suit, obey ourselves, make no gestures and make friendly expressions, and there will be no mutual contact between the two parties.Indifferent “rigid” situation.

  2.Different types of people who value each other have different levels, levels, rich and poor, knowledge, and abilities.

At this time, the party in the superior class will feel good about themselves and be accustomed to looking down at people; the party in the inferior position will live a proud and unyielding attitude.

The relationship between the two parties cannot communicate and develop.

In many cases, the “stiffness” of communication will not occur in many situations.

Just as the communicative relationship is about to deepen and develop, the actions of the other party will cause Party B’s negative reactions, which will cause sexual anger, close heart palpitations, and turn negative attitudes. The relationship that could have developed smoothly will cool down.

  4.Phase Repulsion Certain relationships in nature are attracted to each other, and some relationships are interfering.

This is also true of interpersonal relationships. Some people are naturally speculative and harmonious together, while others seem to be naturally opposed. Past enemies are dissatisfied with each other and are not pleasing to the eye. There is no way to develop relationships.

  How to break through the deadlock in communication?

The introduction method is as follows: 1.
Overcome self-awareness and establish an open mind.

Examining the phenomenon of “stiffness” in communication will notice the fact that this phenomenon usually occurs in two types of people: one is arrogant and the other is introverted and arrogant.

Their distinguishing characteristics are self-righteousness, strong self-esteem and self-closing.

To break the “stiff” situation of communication, we must first overcome self-awareness, establish an open mind, dilute the word “I”, and take the initiative to communicate.

**** The phenomenon depends on the essence.

The communication “stiffness” phenomenon is a bit of a small family, no one wants to face it, and no one admits to be surrounded by it, but sometimes it really exists.

If we can clarify this essence, the merger will suddenly laugh at our stupid and absurd behavior, leading us to take a proactive approach and consciously communicate with each other.

  3.Focus on style and skills, and on delicate relationships.

The “stiff” situation of communication is to be broken, but it is very delicate in itself, and there may be some relationships that are difficult to elaborate.

Therefore, the methods and skills at this time are particularly important: the appropriate methods and rounded skills can achieve the goal satisfactorily; otherwise, it may cause abruptness or be counterproductive.

  4.Show personality charm and gain respect from each other.

Breaking through the “rigid” situation of communication is a matter for both parties, which cannot be achieved by one party alone.

It is true that being proactive and developing style, it is necessary and positive that you take the initiative first.

But it is also to evoke the response of the other party, to give the other party shock and inspiration.

Yoga exercises have the most important purpose

Yoga exercises have the most important purpose

Yoga, as a new and emerging fitness method, has been favored by the general public and white-collar workers in Shanghai.

Various yoga leisure and fitness places have emerged as the times require. At the same time, a variety of yoga courses, such as Hatha Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Hot Yoga, etc., also make people feel a “chaotic flower gradually charming eyes”.

How to choose the yoga course that suits you?

What should I pay attention to when practicing yoga?

  Choosing Yoga for Yourself There are many yoga classrooms in China. Choosing a coach does not prevent you from making a choice based on your needs.

Think about it, do you want to lose weight through yoga to help you lose weight, treat diseases, exercise softness or decompression of your limbs, how many friends do you know?

Or just looking for the inner peace of the soul?

Because of different yoga teachings, the focus is different.

Therefore, the author recommends that you first think about the purpose of practicing yoga, then go to the trials yourself, and experience the teacher’s teaching methods and class environment.

After practicing several times, your body will know which yoga classroom is right for you.

  Of course, Hatha Yoga is an entry-level course. Practice 2-3 times a week. When you feel comfortable and suitable, you can consider the next course.

In addition, Shanghai is also popular for hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga and aqua yoga.

According to coach Yao of Shanghai Yoga Club, hot yoga requires practitioners to exercise indoors for 38 to 40 seconds. In addition to the role of weight loss, practicing hot yoga can eliminate fatigue, improve concentration, strengthen cardiopulmonary function, shape andPromote blood circulation and metabolism, improve the body’s immunity.

  As the name suggests, underwater yoga is an innovative form of exercise that accurately combines the basic principles of water exercise with some familiar yoga poses.

Generally at 1 meter?

4 meters deep in the pool, even if you can not swim, there is no problem to master yoga in the water.

Surrounded by water, even yoga beginners will naturally and easily perform difficult movements on the ground.

Aqua yoga, like traditional yoga, also includes changes in meditation, breathing, and body parts.

Can use a variety of breathing methods, using water pressure to squeeze, massage the skin and internal organs, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue, soothing the whole body muscles and bodybuilding.

Penetrating the tension of water can also strengthen the endurance of muscles.

In addition, activities in the water emit more amplitude than on the ground, which can eliminate excess sparse, slim body, and exercise twice a week can achieve very good training results.

  Mo Xiaokan office yoga some simple yoga, the movements are very simple, you can do it at home, or you can use the gap between work to do it, persistence will also bring unexpected results.

When practicing, try to choose a place that is ventilated, and pay attention to using yoga breathing instead.

When doing exercises for the corresponding part, imagine that the corresponding part is fully relaxed, the blood is fully nourishing your body, and the whole body is very comfortable.

  Method 1: Close your eyes.

Dry clean your face with your hands, rub your face and ears, complications, and neck, making these areas hot.

Imagine that our mother’s hands touched our hands, and the skin on the head was very relaxed.

Comb your hands from front to back, and follow your finger movements for 15 times?
30 times until the scalp is a little hot.

This can speed up blood circulation in the head and allow your brain to be fully fed and maintain a vigorous energy.

  Method 2: Relax your shoulders naturally, try your best to turn your head to the right, and then try to move to the left.

Do this 3 times.

Try your best to lean your head back, and then try your best to lean back.

Do this 3 times.
Clockwise, slowly, perform a circular motion on the ground.

Do this 3 times.
In the same way, exercise counterclockwise, and do 3 times.
This gives the retinal nerves and muscles a very good massage and relaxation effect.

  Method 3: Sit on a chair, keep your hips upright, relax your shoulders, and place your hands on your thighs, facing forward.
Open or lightly close your eyes, breathe naturally, turn your eyeballs left and right 10 times in sequence, turn your eyes up and down 10 times, and turn your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Close your eyes, rub your hands together, warm your eyes with your palms, and press your thumbs lightly on your temples.

Repeat 2-3 times.

Focus on the eyeballs and muscles around the eyes, keeping the eyeballs and muscles relaxed.

This set of eye yoga can promote blood circulation around the eyes and relieve dryness and fatigue of the eyes.

  [Yoga Practice Tips]Precautions for Practicing Yoga Most yoga is a systemic glandular exercise. There is no age limit and it is suitable for most people to learn.

In addition to working in the office, there are several points to pay special attention to when practicing at a fitness club or at home: 1. Early activities are important.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

  2. Keep on an empty stomach when practicing, it is best to practice after two or three hours after a meal, otherwise it will easily cause bowel torsion, make people feel stomachache and even vomit.

After eating yoga for 1 hour, eat more sodium-rich alkaline foods to eliminate the acidic products accumulated in the body and quickly eliminate fatigue.

  3, keep a good mood when you practice, you can listen to some relaxed and slow music.

Every movement must be coordinated with breathing, and attention must be focused.

Don’t force yourself, make every move comfortable, and don’t compare with others.

  4. Professional doctors remind that doing yoga properly is good for the body, but yoga is not suitable for people. Some people with spinal problems cannot do too much intensity.

People with cervical and lumbar spondylosis, periarthritis, knee arthritis and those with obvious pain in the cervical and lumbar spine are not suitable for yoga at all.

  For those over 45 years of age, due to the reduced elasticity of the joint capsule, joint dislocation may be caused if excessive.

So when you do yoga, if you feel pain, stop immediately and go to the hospital for examination.

Heart disease, hypertension, pregnant women and children are not suitable.

  5. Practice in a quiet, well-ventilated room.

The indoor air must be fresh and free to inhale oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, but the environment should be pleasant. Do not practice in high winds, cold or dirty, smoky air.

Do not practice near any furniture, stove, or interventional practice to avoid accidents, especially when doing head and handstand, and do not practice under electric fans.

Is it more efficient for men to jump up and work out?

Is it more efficient for men to jump up and work out?

It ‘s hard to find men ‘s clothing. When you approach the gym or morning exercise, you will find a phenomenon: Many female bodybuilders dance aerobics with passionate music, while on the other side are barbells, dumbbells and other equipment.Men tossing around.

There are very few men, or none at all.

  Some male bodybuilders who participated in fitness stated that the exercise choreography of the aerobics was overly choreographic, more feminine, and less masculine.

“My lover often does aerobics at home by herself. I also jumped and moved with her encouragement, but always felt like a dance performance without a sense of strength.

“” Women are doing aerobics, how can there be a man? ”

I feel uncomfortable even if I want to jump.

“Mr. Zhao, who is exercising in the gymnasium of the Provincial Gymnasium, tells some men’s minds.

It is precisely these recognitions that have made it hard to find male exercisers in the ranks of aerobics.

  Aerobics is gender-neutral. The definition of health means that it is in a perfect state in all aspects of body, psychology, and society, but just without disease, and fitness is to make us healthier.

“In daily life, many people have different fitness consciousness and fitness concepts, so blindly divide fitness programs into genders. In fact, almost all fitness programs are genderless.

Coach Changsheng told reporters that aerobics is a fitness method that combines physical and mental, and is a kind of aerobic exercise with rich rhythm.

By prolonged (more than 15 minutes) continuous exercise, the cardiopulmonary function is fully enhanced, and large muscle groups are also exercised, which has a good weight loss and shaping effect, and is also a good exercise for physical coordination.

The equipment training is an anaerobic training, its role is to build muscle and strength.

Therefore, if a male friend wants to exercise comprehensively, he must combine aerobic training with anaerobic training. Equipment training plus aerobics is a good combination.

  In fact, in terms of body structure, Chinese men are often more suitable for aerobics, and their suppleness and coordination are not very good, while aerobics can exercise flexibility and coordination well.

“I hope more male friends can join the aerobics and dance happily.

“It shouldn’t be too long to start, and aerobics may seem simple. In fact, everything should follow all fitness principles.

“Aerobics is particularly motivating, so many people often start with too much activity and activity time, and then start reducing activity time, which is obviously wrong.

“In the beginning, you should take steps and don’t be too careful to allow enough time for your body and lower limbs to adapt.

The starting time should not be too long, and 20 minutes is appropriate.

It is very important to warm up and exercise a part of the exercise before exercise, especially moderate compression of the lower limbs.

Beginners are advised to use two to three times a week, and then increase the number as appropriate.

“Don’t exercise indiscriminately because of freshness at the beginning, know that fitness is a long-term process.

“When doing aerobics, you should try to wear a sweat-fitting fitness suit. Change your sweaty clothes after exercise to avoid cold.

After exercise, do some contraction exercises before taking a shower.

“People who often do aerobics should pay attention to their feet, pay attention to the toenails, and pay attention to keeping the skin of the feet dry to prevent sweat from remaining in the toe seams and allowing bacteria to breed.

Your cave, our farce

Your cave, our farce

Ye Xiaocong finally moved his mind about getting married. There was no news for a month. When he met again, he actually threw a few big albums on the table. Inside were art photos of shirtless men and boyfriends.Fully retracted his mouth and laughed, it was called a rippling, and he could wrinkle a pool of spring water with a smile.

  I looked up at the face following the photo to see if they were two faces, and tapped the man’s small squint on the cover with my index finger: “Did you marry?

“She held her breasts proudly.” Of course, I have to catch up with you, and I will have a child next year to open your eyes.

I stared at her belly and yelled, “Isn’t it already there?”

Ye Scallion was smashing a box of yogurt on my shoulder with her hand, and she pointed at everyone present with her hand: “I have a big deal on Saturday, you all have to go, no invitations, pick up the spirit points, don’t giveI am ashamed.

“As a bride’s best friend, I woke up at dawn and drank my face while lighting the lamp. I put the festive clothes in the closet on the bed and tried them one by one. How many years have I never worn high heels?”Also take the cloth and step on it.

At half past seven in the morning, I was like a big peach blossom, swaying and went out.

When she arrived at Ye Xiaocong’s house, she didn’t even look at me more, and she didn’t even stand out to me. She urged me to put on her Xiaokun bag to accompany her to put on her bridal makeup.

I sat on a leather stool and yawned one after another, and Ye Xiaocong trembled and asked me every five minutes, “What do you think?”, The tone was obviously proud.

I was about to take a nap, and Ye Xiaocang pulled me like a fairy.

I lifted her chin, exclaimed “Beauty”, her hand was knocked off, and Ye Xiaoshang, like a bullfighter taking a stimulant, threw me the plastic bag containing the wedding dress.

  During the wedding banquet, I followed the master tiredly, and squeezed the pockets of soft and red envelopes tightly. I had to dry the wine that she couldn’t drink. I had to pass chopsticks when she wanted to eat. I had to send the napkin after she finishedWhen I saw a child calling her, I had to pull out the red envelope with less money at a fast speed, and at the same time remember for her the appearance of those who gave the big ticket.

I think that’s what the Queen Mother is doing.

Because my steps are also respectful and respectful, Ye Xiaocong is so proud of me that I am a bridesmaid in her eyes.

  Those male students who had nothing to do with bad water became aligners at the wedding banquet. They moved their eyes and changed their clothes and toasted with the magical bride. When the bride came, a man who used to drink and spread the wind was actuallyShe grabbed the bride’s bare shoulders and poured a glass of white wine into Ye Scallion’s mouth.

I desperately pulled away the man with a hooligan attempt and stopped the wine.

When I was worried about watching wine, a burly boy had pushed away the four happy balls on the dining table and stood up.

Ye Xiaocong’s thin, small eyes, the husband didn’t know how much it was filled, but he still held the bride about the same weight as him with wine, Ye Xiaocong leaned on one hand, waving a lighter, and the burly boy shook Yan DongWest flash.

Seeing the groom’s Dan Tian could not hold his breath, Ye Xiaosong’s red leather shoes kept kicking in the air.

The two sides were deadlocked for two or three minutes. I secretly spilled the wine in the wine glass under the chair, and their performance was ended because the bride was anxious to order the burly boys’ pants.

  A high-character drove over in the distance, telling the bride and groom not to be in a hurry, saying that the newlyweds were not big for three days, and no one was busy.

It’s not easy to get into the cave.

The young couple regained their spirits and laughed again, fighting the rivers and lakes, men drinking, women performing small shows.

In the end, I don’t know who was lifting a prawn with a rope. The requirement for clearance was that the groom should peel the shrimp out of the mouth and send it to the bride.

I stood behind Ye Xiaocong and felt cold all over. This is like a wedding. I finally found a cousin to redeem with a woman in the green house but was embarrassed and teased by other guest officials.

The little squinting groom didn’t even resist, he bit his prawn’s head first with his stuffy head.

The person holding the rope always teases, prawns up and down in front of the groom, not to mention peeling the shrimp, it is not easy to hold it.

How could Ye Xiaosong watch his beloved make his mouth drool in the laughter?

She hugs the groom, bites the prawn like a she-wolf, and swallows a few bites before swallowing.

  After all, the guests were satiated, and those hormonal male students urged to make trouble.

No way, I and the best man drove the pair to the new house with a pair of handsome men and women who were drunk and had only a superficial consciousness.

The groom had almost obsessive-compulsive disorder. Whenever he saw a living creature, he smiled and raised his fists and greeted him, saying, “Are you ready to drink?

Poor care!

“It scared the dogs in the community away from him and ran all the way and screamed.

  Finally put the two on the bed, they will be able to sit still, Ye Xiaosong’s makeup does not mess up like a peach flower, the groom’s face flushed with wine.

A group of sober, unsympathetic men shouted for them to perform a show in an attempt to educate the two.

Ye Xiaocong slammed his eyes and volunteered: Will kissing be all right?

In a whistle, Ye Xiaocong pointed her mouth at her husband, and the little squinting eyes almost fell backwards while his wife’s mouth was attached, and she couldn’t sleep.The people in the troubled room were consciously boring, and helped Ye Xiaocong take off the drunken groom’s clothes and put them into the bed.

  At midnight, my phone rang and Ye Xiaoshang’s name flashed on the screen.

“Are you asleep?

He slept like a dead pig, never waking up.

I just sat on the bed and counted the money I had with me.

The cave room is too boring, and it’s too boring tonight. If you don’t come out, I invite you to soak.

“Oh my God, how can there be a bride’s house with candlelight nights and I’m going to hang out with my bridesmaids.”

I resolutely stopped her weird thoughts and congratulated her on her successful breakthrough and her new life.

  Once the season is pleasant and the month sign says the weekend of the two days, the streets are married together.

Marriage is a big event in life, and many things still follow the old example for the sake of auspiciousness.

After thinking about it, if everyone was orderly, when they came, they would save money with their new hands and walk away after eating. It was really less of an atmosphere, too solemn, like donating to a difficult family.

You said that people in this life are estimated to be so eager to be played by others this time, so they don’t care about it.

The bride and groom look at each other with laughter, do n’t eat, drink, or come to greet them, often pouring tea and water.

Of course, at night, the two sat on the buns and drove a warm 25-watt cartoon small wall lamp to clear the income of the day one by one, and the happiness was comparable to the candlelight night.

In fact, the people’s marriage is basically the same, formal, but full of folklore and simplicity.

Tips for curling MM

Tips for curling MM

In most cases, hair breaks are not caused by chemical factors, but most are caused by mechanical factors such as poor curling operations, such as too strong tension, uneven rubber band positions, and some excessive hair injuries without proper treatment.Improve the care to perform perm and so on.

  It’s almost New Year’s Day, and many MMs want to take a few days to change their hairstyle to greet the New Year. It’s a good idea to hot roll, and the popularity of curly hair has recently increased dramatically.

However, is the hair quality of each MM suitable for perm curls?

What should I pay attention to when I curl my curls?

Now, the little editor will answer 6 awkward questions about perm for you.

  Embarrassment 1: Long-lasting perm potion Consequences: Wet hair has protrusions, dry hair is straight, without elasticity, and hair damage is very serious.

  Reason: The longer the cold wave essence works on the hair, the stronger the cold wave essence decomposes the internal structure. The ultra-time cold wave essence acts on the hair to exceed the elastic range, and the oxidizing effect of the styling agent has no way to restore hair.
  Embarrassment 2: The inevitable consequence of the hair itself: not easy to curl.

  Reason: The scales on the epidermis of the hair fit tightly, and the potion is not easy to penetrate, such as hair that has not been scalded.

Fine metal powders on the hair or metal hair dyes have been used to prevent the effects of cold liquids.

Wash your hair with hard water containing a lot of calcium, and a thin film of calcareous alkali adheres to the scalp, making the liquid impervious, including using conditioner before perming.

  Embarrassment 3: Consequences of deterioration of the cold wave agent: the desired effect cannot be achieved.

  Reason: The cold-pressing agent reduces the reducing power due to sun exposure or deterioration.

  Embarrassment 4: Improper operation Consequences: Poor results.

  Reason: Permanent water stay time control, temperature control, whether to make the potion fully function.

  Embarrassment 5: Long time for neutralization and styling Consequences: After drying, the hair is dull and dry, causing discoloration and dehydration.

  Reason: Some people think that the neutralizing styling agent is acidic, close to the pH value of the hair, so the long styling time does not hinder things. In fact, the neutralizing styling agent is an redox agent, which has improved skin composition and regenerates disulfideThe role of the key, the role of the fixed spindle.

If it is too oxidized, it will cause decolorization and dehydration.

  Embarrassment 6: Improper curling operation Consequences: Broken signs appear during the perm, and customers often break their hair when they go home.

  Reason: In most cases, hair breakage is not caused by chemical factors, most of them are caused by mechanical factors such as poor curling operations, such as too strong tension, rubber bands are not in the same position.

In addition, some hair is excessively injured, and perm is performed without proper care and improvement.