6 moves to make pregnant moms livelier and healthier

6 moves to make pregnant moms livelier and healthier

Many people think that pregnant women should eat more and move less, but after pregnancy, because of changes in endocrine, metabolism slows down, coupled with reduced activity, it is easy to gain weight.

For the health of pregnant moms, we have specially selected 6 yoga moves to allow prospective moms to start every month from the 5th month of pregnancy, and get happy from sports to become a healthy and active pregnant mom.

  What time does the expectant mother see yoga for?

How long should I do each time?

Yoga instructor Chen Yufen recommends that all prospective moms do not need extra specific practice time. Regarding the details of the practice, she proposes the following suggestions: 1. Practice 15 every day?
20 minutes, but if you feel very tired, you can shorten the practice time.

  2. The pregnant mommy of office workers can exercise before bedtime, which can alleviate the fatigue of working all day and enhance metabolism.

  3. Practice at least 3 times a week.

  4, each movement practice 3?
5 rounds, each stay for dozens of seconds.

  5, pregnant mothers with good physical strength can increase the movements and time of practice, but do not force it. Once there is uncomfortable situation, you should stop immediately and lie down and rest immediately.

  6. If in doubt, consult a physician.

  Note 1: Avoid eating 1 hour before the exercise and avoid exercise 2 hours after the meal.

  2, keep a happy mood, focus on the spirit, move step by step, and don’t take it too fast.

  3, pay attention to regular deep breathing during practice, after the completion of a large rest to relax and relax the body.

  After the increase of gestational weeks, the pregnant mommy should start paying attention to the change of body weight and the problem of edema in the legs.

In diet, it is important to control the intake of salt, and balanced nutrition is the most important. In terms of exercise, the foot rest can prevent the swelling of the calf fracture bone.

Take the “relaxing and deep breathing” action, starting with your toes, working with your breathing, letting your body slowly relax upwards, and enjoying the sense of relaxation and relief of your body pressure.

  Please do the same with me1, lie by the chair, take a deep breath first.

  2. With your legs slightly spread high on the chair seat, put your hands next to you.

  3. The body is completely relaxed and stays for more than tens of seconds.

Restore, adjust interest.

  Good for you: relax your waist and rest, prevent leg swelling and varicose veins, promote blood circulation in your feet, eliminate leg fatigue, and at the same time get complete relaxation in the waist, soothing the fatigue of the waist due to pregnancy load.

  In the fifth month, the skylark spent the uncomfortable morning sickness period. At this time, Mummy’s body has reached the most comfortable. At a happy time, the belly has gradually swelled, and the baby’s fetal movement has become more and more obvious.close.

At this stage, because of abdominal fracture or poor posture, pregnant moms easily feel heavy and sore waist.

do not worry!

As long as you practice skylarks, you can prevent and solve the problem of waist pain.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit on your knees and take a deep breath.

  2. Straighten your left foot backward, and put your heel under the perineum.

Breathe deeply and feel your body balanced, then stretch your hands to the ends.

  3. Keep your upper body leaning back, face up, hold it for tens of seconds, restore, adjust your breath, and change your feet.

  Good for you: enhance body resistance to stimulate the lumbar spine and legs, can adjust the autonomic nerves, enhance pregnant women’s resistance, strengthen physical function and training balance.

Practicing this action more after birth can restore physical strength, prevent menstrual disorders and hormonal disorders, and can improve the coldness of hands and feet.

Breathing deeply can stabilize your mood and bring confidence and peace of mind to your mom.

  In the 6th month, the baby-resting mummy for pregnant women gains weight and easily feels tired. You can use this style to relax your body.

In addition, after each yoga movement, you can use this style of rest, wait for the mommy to rest for a while, then continue to the next movement or end the exercise.

  Please do the same with me1, lie down slowly and take a deep breath.

  2. Slowly turn towards the floor, face up, and put your left hand in front of your chest.
  3. Straighten the right leg, bend the left leg to support the body’s gravity, and stay for a deep breath.

  4, restore, adjust interest rates, change sides and do it again.
  good fou you: Helps sleep and relieve fatigue, helps mommy eliminate fatigue, prevent backache and backache, and also helps sleep.

It requires body-wide relaxation exercises to be effective. If you feel inadequate, you can place pillows on the face, curved alignment, and chest to make your mom feel more relaxed and comfortable.

At the 7th month, the rear view mommy’s belly is increasing day by day, her body weight is leaning forward, and it will be very difficult for her to stand up or walk.

The lumbar spine and legs must support the weight of the mummy and the baby’s body, and the load increases, often causing soreness.

The body is not as flexible as before, but for the health of herself and her baby, mommy should try to be more active, use the rear view to relax the pelvic joints, and solve problems such as waist aches.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit on your knees and take a deep breath.

  2. Slowly move your body down and let your hips sit on the floor above your calves.

  3. During inhalation, the upper body slowly turns to the right, the left hand is holding the outside of the right knee, and the right hand tries to extend backward to the limit, staying for a few seconds to take a deep breath.

  4, restore, adjust interest rates, change sides and do it again.

  It’s good for you: prevent back pain from stimulating liver and kidney function, correct spine irregularities, strengthen back muscles and lumbar muscles, adjust central nerves, sympathetic nerves, prevent pelvic joint relaxation, back pain and foot cramps.

  In the eighth month, due to the growth of the baby, the uterus was extended, the stomach of the mommy was pushed up, and the heart was oppressed, which caused the mommy to have indigestion and trouble breathing.

In order to deliver the baby, Mommy should actively practice assistive movements!

Learn to breathe and relax, make the pelvis no longer elastic, and make the production process smoother.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit up and take a deep breath.

  2. Hold the palms of both feet, pull the heels inward near the perineum, keep the back straight, and take a deep breath for a few seconds.

  3. Restore, adjust your breath, relax your legs.

  Good for you: more exercises will help adjust the pelvis during labor, make the foot joints soft and strong, and stimulate and strengthen the anal function.

Proper ground fractures of the pelvic joints and muscles help the pelvis expand during labor and allow the baby to pass through the birth canal smoothly.

  At the 9th month, the cat type is close to the ground. During this period, the uterus is at the highest position, and the heart and lungs are pushed up, which makes mom feel uncomfortable.

The bladder is compressed and the frequency of urination increases.

  Mommy uses a chest-padded cat style to help with fetal position correction, moving the baby’s head down toward the entrance of the pelvis, which can prevent fetal position irregularities and is conducive to production.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit down and take a deep breath.

  2. Lift the ladder and place your hands straight up and in front of you, shoulder width.

  3, waist, chest and chin as close as possible to the ground, stay for deep breathing.

  4. Restore and adjust interest.

  It’s good for you: it can help the normal fetal position to get full contraction of the back, hips, shoulders and waist, avoid soreness, and strengthen your limbs.

At the end of pregnancy, more practice will help keep the fetus in a normal position and help with delivery.

  10th month antenna type wow!

After months of waiting, it is finally time to produce.

Because of her big belly and difficulty in movement, Mummy is not convenient to do too much movement, but she still needs to practice more exercises to maintain the best state for production.

Because it is possible to give birth at any time, moms need adequate sleep and rest, keep their spirits up, and reserve good physical strength.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit on your knees, keep your back straight, and place your hands (lower arms) on your chest.

  2. When inhaling, open both hands left and right, parallel to the shoulders.

  3. When exhaling, lean your upper body back and stay for a few seconds to take a deep breath.

  4. Restore and adjust interest.

  Good for you: Breast expansion in a happy mood can increase the absorption of oxygen, promote metabolism and blood circulation, and even resolve depression and chest depression, making the mood happy and refreshed.

Helps peace of mind and smooth production.