“Under your guidance,I asked Mr. Brewer to forge relevant certificates,Finally defeated you at the State Duma Conference,Also successfully freed you from this matter。”

“And the third thing,It’s the one you sent the housekeeper Zhang later‘Giordaan has deep roots in the National Property Council’Letter。”
“Actually when I received that letter,I understand what you mean,Do you want me to use that videotape with you,Make a round,Lily and the Arrow Sakura organization!”
“So I pretended to agree to Lily’s suggestion of alliance with me,But I know I was already closely monitored by the Arrow Sakura organization,So I pretended to contact Chubais secretly,Lily mistakenly thought that I was in exchange for that videotape,Let Chubais change the economic policy of the second stage of privatization。”
“As everyone knows it is the opposite,I’m in a letter to Chubais,Just let him act out a play for me,This morning10:00Let him go to the Kremlin with the economic policy of not selling large state-owned enterprises at low prices.”
First0131chapter Amazing2
“And your insiders in the National Property Council will pass this false news to Lily’s ears,Let her use the Baikal Investment Fund to madly eat into National Securities,I guess it’s all lost now!”
“Haha,it is good!it is good!it is good!”Giordaan couldn’t help but scream,Can’t hide the excitement,Yell hello three times in a row,Looking at Qiao Tianyu with more appreciation。
“Tianyu,Have you there,The revival of our Qiao family is just around the corner!Just around the corner!”
“Hehe,Second uncle praised,Ashamed!”Qiao Tianyu shook his head embarrassedly,“By the way, second uncle,Can i ask you a question too?”
“sure,You said。”Geordaan nodded and said。
“Second uncle,I want to know what happened back then,I know that the housekeeper Zhang told me that you killed your sister-in-law and murdered your father.!”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“Hey,This is a long story。”Referred to the past,Jordaan was suddenly sad。

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