7 fitness yoga moves that are simpler and healthier

7 fitness yoga moves that are simpler and healthier

Regular exercise can not only keep your body healthy, but also prevent common diseases, and it is easier for modern sub-health people.

Today I recommend a few fitness yoga moves to help you get back to a healthy state.

  ”Move” is really simple. Follow us.

After completing a pine yoga class, I don’t sweat very much, but I have already moved my body. I have to move the seven joints and stretch the large muscles above and below the body.

Here is a partial explanation of disassembly, let’s start with the stomach.

  Standing on the waist is very hard for people with large waistlines, the center of gravity is easily unstable, and the load is shortened, so you can lie down and do it.

Although the action is not difficult, scholars must be very focused and move correctly.

There are several points of movement: 1. Abdominal muscles use force, and when they are used, there will be a harvest, and muscle strength is also trained.

  2. Extend the abdominal muscles and stretch the muscle fibers to increase muscle elasticity.

  3, the abdominal muscles are not only one, the external oblique muscles, side waist, back waist should be reduced.

  People with broken stomachs usually feel backache at the waist. Therefore, while training the abdominal muscles, they will extend the lower back and eliminate back pain. Of course, plastic waist also includes the inside.

  In the process of “moving” the stomach, the most worrying sequelae is the retina. Too many people cannot move their stomachs. They will want to borrow the power of the upper back. As a result, the stomach is thin, but the shoulders and necks are discomfort.

Therefore, you must keep reminding yourself: relax your shoulders without exertion.

  Since it is loose yoga, you must ask for help. The teacher will help to extend the book correctly. Some literature will seriously learn this method of helping others and defeat the help of the family.

If you don’t need help, congratulations on your progress.

  1. Lie down easily, bend your feet and knees first, feel the back waist all stick to the floor, relax the waist.

Bend the right foot to the abdomen, hold your right ankle with both hands, help the right thigh to stick to the abdomen, stretch the muscles on the back of the thigh, change the left foot after eight seconds, and do three exchanges.

  2, to help fix the back of the thighs, to avoid hips tilted.

  3. After finishing one foot, change your feet and feel the extension from the back waist to the back of the thigh.

The back waist should not be forced, and it should lie flat on the floor, so that the thigh should be as close to the body as possible.

  4. Assist the lying person to insert the fracture into the symmetrical arm fossa, and fully extend the lateral waist. People with sciatica are very popular with this style.

Office workers who often have to be trapeze people will feel backache when they fly for several hours, and they can usually do more to maintain their waist.

  5. Cross your hands on the back of your thighs, keep your hands straight, and push your thighs gradually with a little force to drive your shoulders and head off the floor.

Look at the belly with your eyes to maintain chin contraction and avoid pressure reduction.

  6. Use one hand to exert force to remind the layer to push the thighs out, and the other hand to support the shoulders and necks, reminding you to notice that you cannot relax on the arch, and do not drop your head backwards.

   7, further training of abdominal muscles.

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