Eat green onions to prevent aging and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Eat green onions to prevent aging and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Spring onions are the most common seasoning, and nowadays it is a good time to eat spring onions.

Fresh green onions are short and white with many green leaves. They are not particularly spicy when they are eaten raw, and will have a unique flavor.

Onion vitamin A, potassium, calcium and other nutritional ingredients, light onion and acrid and warm, can detoxify Tongyang, have a good effect on colds and colds in spring, and can defecate and sore.

Add green onions when making soup for better nutritional effects.

In addition to containing a large number of vitamins and minerals, shallots also contain volatile oil, the main component of which is alliumin, which has the function of sterilizing or inhibiting bacteria and viruses.

When spring infectious diseases of the respiratory tract are epidemic, eating raw shallots has a preventive effect.

Studies have found that increased propylene glycol in the body can cause cell damage, leading to aging and disease.

Shallot can significantly reduce the content of propylene glycol, increase the activity of anti-aging enzymes, delay the growth of tissues and organs, and especially protect the vascular endothelial cells. It can prevent thrombosis and lower blood lipids. It is great for preventing coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosisbenefit.
  Spring is the most nutritious, tender, fragrant, and most delicious time of the year.

The spring onion scrambled eggs or spring onion dipping sauce that northerners like to eat are very nutritious and adapt to the solar terms.

Southerners who are not accustomed to these eating methods can add more chopped shallots and garlic seedlings when cooking, steaming fish or making soup stew.

It should be noted that allium is a hot food, people with hot constitution and people with weak gastrointestinal function should eat less.