Male exercising muscles to scratch abdomen

Male exercising muscles to scratch abdomen

There are three major hazards. Scientific statistics show that men’s muscle content does not change much between the ages of 20 and 40, but after the age of 40, it begins to decrease at a rate of 1% per year. By the age of 60, the muscle content of men is only 75% /.

1% per year is not as simple as a single figure, which means three major hazards: First, it will lead to a decrease in male basal metabolic rate and an outward appearance of happiness.

In fact, muscle is an important part of other organs, and its decline has become an accomplice to the high incidence of cardiovascular disease in men.

The third is that it will lead to a decline in strength, even struggling to go up and down the stairs, which is the first reason that many middle-aged men feel back pain.

  Muscle decline can be self-assessed. Middle-aged men need to use sit-ups and push-ups to get a general idea of their muscle condition.

After warming up for 3 to 5 minutes, if both can be completed 20 to 30 times in a row, the muscles are qualified.

  Or use the “upstairs test method”, that is, walking slightly faster than usual, 40 consecutive steps, if a little between 40 and 50 people feel relaxed, it means that the muscle endurance is good, if you feel strenuous, it means that the situation is poor.

  The above method is only an approximate standard. In order to grasp the decline of muscle strength in time, it can be done every 3 months.

Many cities now have community citizen health monitoring stations, where you can go for more accurate muscle tests.

  Exercise abdominal muscles is the key muscles are exercised.

Muscle is the most “blessed”, as long as you give it a “benefit” every day, it will repay you with 10 times the feedback.

Modern vigilance proves that the “general belly” formed by the abdominal muscles to promote elasticity is closely related to hypertension, hypertension, and diabetes.

Therefore, middle-aged men must focus on muscle training, and abdominal muscles are the most important.

  The easiest way to bend down to exercise the abdominal muscles.

Bend your waist down, your legs upright, your arms and head hanging down, and hang in the air. Do n’t force yourself to touch the ground with your hands, try to relax, then get up naturally, step on the muscles of your legs, stop for about a minute, repeat 3 times,It works twice a day for two to three months.

  In addition, sit-ups can also be easily exercised.

If it is difficult at first, the middle-aged man can try to lie flat on the bed, stretch his legs together and straighten, and lift up for a while.

  In order to enhance the strength of the whole body, middle-aged people who have time should also perform some low-intensity aerobic exercises on the muscles of the legs, back, and chest, such as swimming, running, and mountain climbing.

If supplemented with strength equipment training, the effect is even more significant.

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