He definitely implemented it in accordance with every magic circle in the ancient sword,There is no slight change in the whole process,But it still failed。

But the situation at the moment does not allow him to consume it anymore,With Murong Qianxue’s power, I’m afraid they won’t be able to stop the opponent.。
A sense of mission for the country,And responsibilities to loved ones,Let him stand up。
“rest assured,I haven’t died so easily。”
This is a word of comfort,Xia Chenglong disappeared after speaking,Reappeared across from the lord。
“Oh……Xia Chenglong,Glad you are alive,I thought you would be a turtle,Let your woman bear it all!”
The guy who inherited a part of the spirit of Yang Tian and Patriarch Tu,Have special emotions for Xia Chenglong。
“Heaven and Earth Avenue still exists,So I can’t let you go wrong!”
The Great Sovereign’s face is hideous,Shrugging shoulders,Laugh from small to large。
“I work hard for my race,Work hard to prevent them from being sealed underground forever,This is called nonsense?”
indeed,There seems to be some truth from the other person’s point of view,But it really makes no sense at this moment。
There is nothing wrong with saving one’s race,But appeared where it shouldn’t have been,It’s wrong to invade other races wantonly,It’s wrong to want to rule here,So tell him this,It’s shit。
It seems difficult for these guys to change their minds,So the best way is to do it directly。
With the vitality of Xia Chenglong’s body gradually rising,Let the other party raise a little interest。
“how,Just this little strength,You think you can beat me?”
“You can try!”
“it is good,very good,I’m very satisfied with your body,Do not worry,Will make you exist forever。”
Cannot use the Sky Sword for a long time,So be careful in all the next battles。

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