At the same time, it also watched the cold little dragon girl.——It is said that Chu is the first time in Huashan’s self-reported house.,It is the ancient tomb.,The rivers and lakes are also Chu Tai.,I only know that the tomb is a door.!

Originally because of the reason,Everyone thinks that the ancient tombs should be lifting、Taking paper money、Dig……Dragon,Even the Xiaoxiangzi back to the coffin all day,It is also once mistaken to think is the ancient tomb.。
But later because of gradually,Actian Witch Li Mozhen,There is also the Taiwanese god of the stars.,Both is the tomb,Everyone changed its view。
even so,Ancient tombs this name,Old Taoyao confused,See the head of the ancient tombs today,Seal、Even stone,Surprised。
Unfortunately, the little dragon girl obviously did not promote the meaning of ancient tombs.,Just accompanying the Chu Deirers,Not much to say。
Since it is a water wine,The little dragon girl has not refused……
Alcoholism,Luantong appeared eight-faced,Various snowy mountain special jokes,And all the way to persuade the wine,Even“Shi Zhongyu”After drinking,He must give it a full。
And the snowy mountain is also very powerful.,As its name、Both Yang and,After Shi Qing and Li Wei drink,I only feel that the wine in the ice is in the abdomen.,There is a hot air,Straightforward。
Chu Deirers can also feel,This reaction is indeed caused by the wine of the refined jade wine.,Daxie is the snowy mountain climate is too cold,So there is such a medicinal liquor。
Among them there is a flavor,Not a change in alcohol,But a colorless and tasteless……
Phane is more than the poison,It is more difficult to resist——most“Poisonous resistance”,Invalid for this type of poison,But the poisonous resistance of Chu Deirers is too comprehensive,Internal force,Full。
At the same time, I still hold the hand of the little dragon girl.,The latter is first,Then it is often accepted as usual.,Everyone looks at these two people.,Hand handle under the table,After that, use another hand with another hand.……
Be right,Xiaolong female is really confused,However, it feels that the inner strength of Chu Deirers,Recognize something in your own body,It is no longer concerned。
I want to have a problem with this tea.?
As for the face of the side,Just pull the hand,Is it not good?……
This problem is not coming in the small dragon woman.。
The four people who seal the four people are somewhat awkward,However, it is no longer seen.。
The impression of the people in the middle of the rivers and lakes,Never include good color,In addition to Tibetan Snow Mountain Savior,There is no rumor that he and who is a woman.。
But set by Chu Deirers,When the side of the side,Be close to your partner,It seems that it is not unexpected.,People who can only be installed on this.。
Don’t say more,Changsha’s things are still in front of their eyes!
Even is in the Snow Mountain,I have heard that I have heard of Wanli.……
For such a wave of such waves,They can only expect,Women in the moon and the jade scenery behind the scene,Don’t suddenly appear in the snowy mountain。
Originally, it is already chaotic.,Don’t want to add frost。
Alcohol,And sealing thousands of miles,Suddenly I missed,Hold the wrist traded:“What wine is this?!”Some tone is already serious。
After the miles were silent, he said:“Refined jade,Although,But for the respect of the couple,Not anything else??”
“you……”Shi Qing also see that there is an abnormality in the gary of the gary,But just open,I am dizzy before my eyes.,Put down。
柔 状,Hello to help the husband,Fang Yi Mun,Toxin erosion is even more,Also taken down。
“father、mom!”Dog hybrid。
Dog hybrid is no response,It is angry and looks at the sky.:“Seal!I am, and you are a brother,You hate my brother, I will stop.!Why is it harmed??Exhaust antibody!”

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