China Film (600977) Quarterly Review: Performance in line with expectations

China Film (600977) Quarterly Review: Performance in line with expectations

Company Q3 attributed net profit to mother 1.

9.2 billion, down 69.

53%, in line with market expectations, maintain a buy rating company on October 29 released the third quarter report of 19, Q3 revenue of 18.

8.5 billion yuan, a decrease of 18.

13%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

92 trillion, down 69.

53%, mainly due to the company’s completion of the increase in the shareholding in China Film Barco, resulting in 4.

5.4 billion investment income; net profit after deductions1.

9.7 billion yuan, an increase of 23.

75%, performance is in line with expectations.

Revenue for the first three quarters of 19 was 67.

2.7 billion, down -2.

82%; net profit attributable to mother 8.

74 billion, a decrease of 32.

67%; net profit after returning to mother 7.

8.3 billion, an increase of 2.


Considering that the Q4 fixed-rate movies are less than we expected, we cut the company 19?
21-year net profit to 12.



30,000 yuan, EPS is 0.



75 yuan, taking into account the evaluation of comparable companies, the company’s leader added, 19 years PE 24X-25X estimates, adjusted target price of 15.


18 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Production: Q3 business performance is dull, next year’s Spring Festival file “Tang Tan 3”, “Chinese Women’s Volleyball” and other companies worthy of attention Q3 introduced or participated in production and put on the market films including “Shanghai Fort” and a total of 6, and gradually achieved box office2.

67 trillion, the performance exceeded the average; the cumulative box office from January to September reached 60.

3.7 杭州桑拿网 billion, accounting for 22 of the box office area of domestic films in the same period.

2%, mainly by Wandering Earth (46.

600 million).

The company’s key films to be released in the near future include “Pioneer”, “Chinese Women’s Volleyball” and “Detective Chinatown 3”, etc. (Cat’s Eye shows are released in the Spring Festival in 2020), and the market has attracted much attention.

Distribution: The industry as a whole is stable, and it is expected to maintain steady development of Q3 domestic films. The company led or participated in the distribution of 123 movies and converted the box office 21.

2.1 billion, accounting for 18.

09%; for imported films, 42 imported films were issued with a cumulative box office of 15.

5.1 billion, accounting for 54 of the box office area of imported films during the same period.

The mean is stable.
The company has maintained a leading position in the issue business for a long time, and its market share is stable. The issue business is committed to maintaining stable development.

Screening: Affected by the downturn in the movie studio, the Q4 industry is expected to pick up and the performance will pick up. The third quarterly report reveals the national box office of 478 from January to September.

64 ppm, a reduction of 2 per year.

21%, affected by the downturn in the cinema, the company’s projection business has improved.

As of September 30, the company held 136 theaters with 1,002 screens. According to Cat’s Eye Professional Edition, the total box office of Q3’s theaters was about 3.

600 million, with a decrease of about 10.


Q4 Studios National Day performance was outstanding. Recently, the box office performance of “Youth of You” is very good, and the box office in October has reached 79.

700 million (cat’s eye, to the 29th), an annual increase of about 118%, Q4 industry is expected to pick up.

The company’s holding theaters led all operating indicators, and the projection business rebounded.

The overall performance will maintain stable development and maintain the BUY rating. We believe that the company’s ability to develop and acquire high-quality projects has been enhanced. Although the film production business has changed, the long-term trend is good. The distribution business has a stable high-level and will maintain steady development.,, temporarily improved, but we are optimistic about Studio Q4 and long-term performance.

Considering that the Q4 fixed-rate movies are less than we expected, we cut the company 19?
21-year net profit to 12.



03 trillion (previous value was 12.


350,000 / 140,000 yuan), EPS is 0.



75 yuan, comparable company’s 2019 PE estimation center is around 21X. Considering the local leading position of Chinese movies, we think that the PE 24X-25X estimate given to the company in 2019 can be adjusted reasonably, and the corresponding adjustment target price is 15.


18 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Risk reminder: policy supervision risks, film and television projects are less effective than expected.

Wanliyang (002434): Performance Growth Exceeds Expectation Mass Production of Passenger Car Gearboxes as Main Growth Driver

Wanliyang (0北京夜网 02434): Performance Growth Exceeds Expectation Mass Production of Passenger Car Gearboxes as Main Growth Driver

Event: On October 28, 2019, the company announced the 2019 third quarter report, with revenue of 32 in the first three quarters.

90,000 yuan, an increase of ten years.

95%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

48 ppm, a ten-year average of 5.


Q3 single quarter, revenue was 12.

0.7 million yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

19%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

160,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

79%, deducting non-net profit of 0.

95 ‰, an increase of 51 in ten years.


Comments: The third-quarter performance growth exceeded expectations, Geely supporting gearboxes brought growth.

The company’s business growth is mainly due to the start of mass production of CVT transmission products supporting Geely Guoli Automobile, which has contributed to the company’s revenue, which has been translated into the continuous increase of production capacity and the opportunity for profitability to continue to increase.

In May this year, the company’s CVT25 was equipped with G6’s Vision SUV, Emgrand GS, Emgrand GL and Chery’s Arrizo GX. The country’s six aircraft were mass-produced. In June, CVT18 and CVT25 were equipped with Geely’s Vision X3 and Vision S1’s State VIThe aircraft was officially put into mass production.

With the continuous improvement of domestic energy-saving expectations, the company actively promotes the application of CVT products on National Six models, further increasing product market share, and driving the company’s continuous growth.

Highlight 武汉夜生活网cost control and improve the profitability of the company.

Company Q3 gross profit margin 19.

62%, zero for one year.

33 averages, net profit margin 9.

38%, an annual increase of 1.

1 unit.

The company controls expenses, of which management expenses account for 3 of revenue.

51%, gap 0.

For 94 units, financial expenses account for 1 of revenue.

51%, 0 years ago.

49 fines, R & D expenses as a percentage of sales2.

99%, zero for ten years.

99 units.

Earnings forecast and rating: We expect the company’s net profit to be 4 in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

6.5 billion, 7.

05 ‰, 9 ‰, corresponding estimates are 23 respectively.

35X, 15.

4X, 12.


Give “Recommended” rating.

Risk warning: CVT product matching is less than expected; downstream vehicle growth is less than expected.

6 moves to make pregnant moms livelier and healthier

6 moves to make pregnant moms livelier and healthier

Many people think that pregnant women should eat more and move less, but after pregnancy, because of changes in endocrine, metabolism slows down, coupled with reduced activity, it is easy to gain weight.

For the health of pregnant moms, we have specially selected 6 yoga moves to allow prospective moms to start every month from the 5th month of pregnancy, and get happy from sports to become a healthy and active pregnant mom.

  What time does the expectant mother see yoga for?

How long should I do each time?

Yoga instructor Chen Yufen recommends that all prospective moms do not need extra specific practice time. Regarding the details of the practice, she proposes the following suggestions: 1. Practice 15 every day?
20 minutes, but if you feel very tired, you can shorten the practice time.

  2. The pregnant mommy of office workers can exercise before bedtime, which can alleviate the fatigue of working all day and enhance metabolism.

  3. Practice at least 3 times a week.

  4, each movement practice 3?
5 rounds, each stay for dozens of seconds.

  5, pregnant mothers with good physical strength can increase the movements and time of practice, but do not force it. Once there is uncomfortable situation, you should stop immediately and lie down and rest immediately.

  6. If in doubt, consult a physician.

  Note 1: Avoid eating 1 hour before the exercise and avoid exercise 2 hours after the meal.

  2, keep a happy mood, focus on the spirit, move step by step, and don’t take it too fast.

  3, pay attention to regular deep breathing during practice, after the completion of a large rest to relax and relax the body.

  After the increase of gestational weeks, the pregnant mommy should start paying attention to the change of body weight and the problem of edema in the legs.

In diet, it is important to control the intake of salt, and balanced nutrition is the most important. In terms of exercise, the foot rest can prevent the swelling of the calf fracture bone.

Take the “relaxing and deep breathing” action, starting with your toes, working with your breathing, letting your body slowly relax upwards, and enjoying the sense of relaxation and relief of your body pressure.

  Please do the same with me1, lie by the chair, take a deep breath first.

  2. With your legs slightly spread high on the chair seat, put your hands next to you.

  3. The body is completely relaxed and stays for more than tens of seconds.

Restore, adjust interest.

  Good for you: relax your waist and rest, prevent leg swelling and varicose veins, promote blood circulation in your feet, eliminate leg fatigue, and at the same time get complete relaxation in the waist, soothing the fatigue of the waist due to pregnancy load.

  In the fifth month, the skylark spent the uncomfortable morning sickness period. At this time, Mummy’s body has reached the most comfortable. At a happy time, the belly has gradually swelled, and the baby’s fetal movement has become more and more obvious.close.

At this stage, because of abdominal fracture or poor posture, pregnant moms easily feel heavy and sore waist.

do not worry!

As long as you practice skylarks, you can prevent and solve the problem of waist pain.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit on your knees and take a deep breath.

  2. Straighten your left foot backward, and put your heel under the perineum.

Breathe deeply and feel your body balanced, then stretch your hands to the ends.

  3. Keep your upper body leaning back, face up, hold it for tens of seconds, restore, adjust your breath, and change your feet.

  Good for you: enhance body resistance to stimulate the lumbar spine and legs, can adjust the autonomic nerves, enhance pregnant women’s resistance, strengthen physical function and training balance.

Practicing this action more after birth can restore physical strength, prevent menstrual disorders and hormonal disorders, and can improve the coldness of hands and feet.

Breathing deeply can stabilize your mood and bring confidence and peace of mind to your mom.

  In the 6th month, the baby-resting mummy for pregnant women gains weight and easily feels tired. You can use this style to relax your body.

In addition, after each yoga movement, you can use this style of rest, wait for the mommy to rest for a while, then continue to the next movement or end the exercise.

  Please do the same with me1, lie down slowly and take a deep breath.

  2. Slowly turn towards the floor, face up, and put your left hand in front of your chest.
  3. Straighten the right leg, bend the left leg to support the body’s gravity, and stay for a deep breath.

  4, restore, adjust interest rates, change sides and do it again.
  good fou you: Helps sleep and relieve fatigue, helps mommy eliminate fatigue, prevent backache and backache, and also helps sleep.

It requires body-wide relaxation exercises to be effective. If you feel inadequate, you can place pillows on the face, curved alignment, and chest to make your mom feel more relaxed and comfortable.

At the 7th month, the rear view mommy’s belly is increasing day by day, her body weight is leaning forward, and it will be very difficult for her to stand up or walk.

The lumbar spine and legs must support the weight of the mummy and the baby’s body, and the load increases, often causing soreness.

The body is not as flexible as before, but for the health of herself and her baby, mommy should try to be more active, use the rear view to relax the pelvic joints, and solve problems such as waist aches.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit on your knees and take a deep breath.

  2. Slowly move your body down and let your hips sit on the floor above your calves.

  3. During inhalation, the upper body slowly turns to the right, the left hand is holding the outside of the right knee, and the right hand tries to extend backward to the limit, staying for a few seconds to take a deep breath.

  4, restore, adjust interest rates, change sides and do it again.

  It’s good for you: prevent back pain from stimulating liver and kidney function, correct spine irregularities, strengthen back muscles and lumbar muscles, adjust central nerves, sympathetic nerves, prevent pelvic joint relaxation, back pain and foot cramps.

  In the eighth month, due to the growth of the baby, the uterus was extended, the stomach of the mommy was pushed up, and the heart was oppressed, which caused the mommy to have indigestion and trouble breathing.

In order to deliver the baby, Mommy should actively practice assistive movements!

Learn to breathe and relax, make the pelvis no longer elastic, and make the production process smoother.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit up and take a deep breath.

  2. Hold the palms of both feet, pull the heels inward near the perineum, keep the back straight, and take a deep breath for a few seconds.

  3. Restore, adjust your breath, relax your legs.

  Good for you: more exercises will help adjust the pelvis during labor, make the foot joints soft and strong, and stimulate and strengthen the anal function.

Proper ground fractures of the pelvic joints and muscles help the pelvis expand during labor and allow the baby to pass through the birth canal smoothly.

  At the 9th month, the cat type is close to the ground. During this period, the uterus is at the highest position, and the heart and lungs are pushed up, which makes mom feel uncomfortable.

The bladder is compressed and the frequency of urination increases.

  Mommy uses a chest-padded cat style to help with fetal position correction, moving the baby’s head down toward the entrance of the pelvis, which can prevent fetal position irregularities and is conducive to production.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit down and take a deep breath.

  2. Lift the ladder and place your hands straight up and in front of you, shoulder width.

  3, waist, chest and chin as close as possible to the ground, stay for deep breathing.

  4. Restore and adjust interest.

  It’s good for you: it can help the normal fetal position to get full contraction of the back, hips, shoulders and waist, avoid soreness, and strengthen your limbs.

At the end of pregnancy, more practice will help keep the fetus in a normal position and help with delivery.

  10th month antenna type wow!

After months of waiting, it is finally time to produce.

Because of her big belly and difficulty in movement, Mummy is not convenient to do too much movement, but she still needs to practice more exercises to maintain the best state for production.

Because it is possible to give birth at any time, moms need adequate sleep and rest, keep their spirits up, and reserve good physical strength.

  Please do the same with me 1. Sit on your knees, keep your back straight, and place your hands (lower arms) on your chest.

  2. When inhaling, open both hands left and right, parallel to the shoulders.

  3. When exhaling, lean your upper body back and stay for a few seconds to take a deep breath.

  4. Restore and adjust interest.

  Good for you: Breast expansion in a happy mood can increase the absorption of oxygen, promote metabolism and blood circulation, and even resolve depression and chest depression, making the mood happy and refreshed.

Helps peace of mind and smooth production.

Three post-doctors can’t resist a childhood

Three post-doctors can’t resist a childhood

It is said that the path of military scientific research is clear, and she has access to the best research institutions in China.

She can come to her own door and use her own infatuation and intentional habits of the bugs to know the institution’s mentor in a few words.

She also played a good piano, which is a pillar in the cultural activities of her university. It belongs to a class of students who are jealous and jealous among the classmates. She has come to me for what she is looking for?Isn’t it to anger me?

  I met her once and talked, but I didn’t think there was any big problem in her life direction.

We talked a little bit about the conventional problems of studying abroad.

I was impressed that she had a little “exam anxiety disorder”. She was a winner of the National English Style Contest, but her IELTS score was very unsatisfactory, far lower than the usual test score.

She also took the GRE test. Because she lost her confidence after the answer, the whole canceled out.

She said that she had an inexplicable fear in the face of all the exams, and rarely played normally, so she lost some confidence.

  In China’s academic research environment, judging from some of the cases I have limited contact with, there are indeed a lot of weirdness. A researcher needs too much wisdom to adapt beyond academic research.

Not to mention, one cannot give up a certain love of his life because he is afraid of the seriousness of the environment, but must learn to fight with heaven and earth. The chairman once said that there is also endless joy.

The problem is such a person with deep life worries. Under all these complicated situations, her inner tolerance is so weak that her spirit is beginning to gradually collapse.

  There was a long follow-up exchange between me and her.

Slowly, I found that the huge and terrible iceberg floating underwater was more dangerous than leaving her whole ship covered on some days.

  She is a complete lack of confidence!

  I don’t know why she is so unconfident.

She couldn’t recognize everything she did.

What she sees as someone else ‘s great achievement, she just considers it as usual, and she always sees the higher standards that she has n’t done-I ‘m definitely not bragging about her, this is typically a kind ofLack of self-awareness!

  Ambitious ambition is not bad, but because the ambitious goal cannot be achieved in one day, causing worry, depression, and even full of mental crisis, it is a psychological problem that must be faced seriously.

  I am not a psychotherapist, but based on a sense of non-professional responsibility, and based on the friendship between “master and apprentice” we set, I am determined to guide her into a journey of self-discovery.

  Let me talk about some soil methods first. I suggest that she watch a typical Japanese “dunk slam dunk”, learn from the positive character sakuragi, and learn the pure energy of learning from Uncle Lei Feng.

As a “post-80s”, she had never heard of “Slam Dunk”, which really made me angry!

I said that after you watch this video, talk to me about the issues of self-confidence.

  She really watched it, but the observation was fruitless.

She said that black people are funny enough, but the question is, is it self-confidence to be as ridiculous as Sakuragi, and conceited to an almost shameless level?

I said, realized that you forgot Sakuragi’s 20,000 shots training, but the almost self-conscious psychological hint of “I’m a genius, I’m a genius” cannot be ignored. This is the original spirit of 20,000 shots.Source.
The central idea of this film is that spiritual power is the source of real change in living water. Change starts from the heart. Attitude is not everything, it is also the ancestor who created everything.

  Self-confidence is a psychological feature of stability, and it cannot be changed overnight; but first of all, you have to believe in yourself blindly. This is a question of attitude change.

Then, in order to be concrete and expect reality, you need to start with some external aspects that are easy to improve self-confidence.

  For example, dress yourself.

Draw a suitable outfit, make hair, and change into a more youthful and beautiful fashion.

Different looks will give you a different self-feel-even if it is just an illusion at first.

In this way, you can understand why Mr. Xu is always so focused on being a modern person starting from dressing up, because that is really the most effective method, and it is often immediate.

  A self-confident person, for others, all self-confidence is self-confidence!

Starting from showing self-confidence, if you often succeed, you will become addicted and repeatedly show this self-confidence. Tricks can also become a habit. When a chemical reaction occurs slowly in your heart, you will get used to self-confidence.

  A person who steals things repeatedly is a thief, and a person who repeatedly expresses self-confidence is a self-confident person-to be self-confident, you do need some training in the beginning.

  The development of things often comes first from the surface and then from the inside, which conforms to the general law of nature.

  Of course, self-confidence or low self-esteem still has its profound psychological roots, and technical and spiritual will alone are not fundamental.

  We can’t grind or trim people’s self-confidence or low self-esteem from crying newborns, or from DNA tests. As far as I know, there is no scientific report on this.  I would rather believe that this self-cognitive state of a person is, to a certain extent, his / her early growth experience and education.

  Every inferior child, with few exceptions, is the product of a bad education environment.

  When she was very young, she went to school every day, then did her homework, and was kept in the house to practice the piano.

Although she plays a good piano, she has never been without music.

She can remember the score, even if she doesn’t take a look, but it must be placed there.

Once the score is taken away, she will definitely play wrong because she has no sense of security.

  She needs to grasp external things like music scores to gain a sense of security and confidence.

This confidence built on something else is that former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin, not self-confidence.

  What’s more frightening is that her mother always felt that she was stupid. No matter how she struggled, no matter what she achieved, her mother’s assertion was like a poison dart, which deeply penetrated into her subconscious for many years.

She has always had a view: “I’m stupid, everything I get is just because I paid more than others, and that doesn’t change the basic fact: I’m still stupid.

“Mother, like most of the entire generation in China, lost the opportunity to go to college and receive higher education because of the” cultural revolution. ”

This is almost a chronological illness. This generation of parents pay extra attention to the education of their children. Some people are paranoid and are almost sick. They wholeheartedly hope to fulfill their unfinished wishes on their children, and even overwhelm their entire life meaning.The body of the child.

The success of their children is all about the value of their lives, and the only way to become one is to go to college.

There is only one way to be admitted to the university, and that is to follow the comprehensive and pressing education method that they have given out in advance!

  Her mother is such a strong parent. What kind of word is “good”?

Because of this kind of educational thought of quick success and quick success, it is bound to bring about one or two disorders of dysphoria. From then on, the qualitative “this child is stupid” has almost “damaged once and for all” the physical health of a child.

  Worry, inferiority, and too much focus on results.

This is the child’s mental state and the way she sees the world.

When she had been sent to Zhibo, she felt the worst loss in her heart, which was also a natural result.

  This child, no accident, she will get the highest education and will have rich professional knowledge.

However, she doesn’t love herself enough and won’t enjoy life. Where is the meaning of her continued life?

  Across the ocean, she dreams of re-entering a world-renowned laboratory in the United States.

This dream is rosy, but I don’t see what it can change.

Reading Dr. Yang will have the same huge scientific research pressure, the future of graduation will be chaotic, and all existing problems will be encountered again.

In her life, the escalation of this dream is actually the simplest repetition. Each “realization” of the dream will inevitably bring major loss and pain. If life does not solve this first, it will be more serious.A particularly urgent proposition!

  Spiritual freedom and the tinyness of life are the soil for cultivating a sound personality.

Unfortunately, during one’s most abundant and keen childhood, she was locked up at home to practice the piano, and even “have barely touched anything”!

How many parents do we educate our children in this way?

What is the significance of art training if you can’t help them feel the diversity of life, cultivate love for life, and learn to enjoy the beauty of our living world?

  If a child is so worried, low self-esteem, over-emphasis on results, no matter how high a degree, deeper knowledge?

  In MSN, I told her that to learn to have fun in life, you must learn to enjoy the daily life in life-in order to maintain the blog and experience the twists and turns, she easily and unfortunately gave up the research direction of bugs.

  Is life just to be happy?

She asked.

  I felt a huge block in my chest and asked, wasn’t life first about happiness?

  However, I think . she said that today’s unhappiness may fulfill the great happiness in the future.

  But what is “the future”?

“After” is a useless concept imagined by the human brain. There is no “after” in life. All we feel is “today”.

If all “today” is unhappy, you will lose the ability to feel happy “after”!

It’s like how you feel after knowing Zhibo this time-you must have assumed a lot before, if you can read a PhD, how happy it should be, but no!

You feel that your previous suffering is not worth it, so you are lost.If reading a PhD is wonderful, then you should read happily every day. “Every day” has the ultimate polarity in your life!

You actually think that life is not for the happiness at first, and that you have lived for more than 20 years. What kind of concept does this education give you?

That’s against humanity.

The principle of happiness is higher than the principle of knowledge. Knowledge is for building higher levels of happiness, but it cannot be a counter-force to basic human needs.

  You do n’t have enough fun in your life, you do n’t love life enough, you do n’t love yourself, and you are not confident; you are too worried, too important, and the way to change is to relax your mindset and relax.

When I talk about the words “enjoy” and “happiness”, it is to remove your nature from obscuration, and use excessively outdated educational thinking. This education has made you lose your true self, stretch your limbs, and re-likeChildren breathe like that, open their eyes that way to feel the world, you must be a true childhood!

  Speaking of which, I will cry.

The months of communication with her cost me too much energy and hurt me.

If you try to encourage a person who has lost basic self-confidence in this way, desperately cheer her up, and resist protracted resistance to negative thoughts, you may understand my tiredness at the moment.

  I thought about it, she said, I want to go out and buy clothes right away, and eat ice cream desperately . Good sign, this is even more useful than the three post-doctoral fellows you read later!

Uterine fibroids of special female physiological problems 2

Uterine fibroids of special female physiological problems 2

Triangular extension type 1.

Lean against the wall with your feet spread wide (approximately your leg length), with your hands flat and parallel to the floor, with the scapula open so they will be aligned next to each other, with your palms facing down and your left footplate slightly turned 90 degrees to the left., The right foot plate is rotated 60 degrees to the left, and the heels of both feet are aligned.


Exhale and extend your upper body from the left waist joint to the left.

  Efficacy: It relieves lumbar pain and reproductive organ discomfort caused by fibroids.


Slowly place your hand above the calf or step on the foot, but you must maintain the extension and direction of the upper body. The right hand extends inward and in line with the face. The face naturally looks forward or looks up at the fingers of the right hand.

Stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then change direction in the same position.

  Advanced: Try to put your hand on the floor if the softness allows.

  Twisted feet are overlapping and bending, right foot is on top, left foot is on bottom, inhale, right hand is placed on the upper left, upper body is turned to the left, step on the ground, left hand is placed on the yoga brick, head is to the left and rear.

Keep breathing for 20?
30 seconds, then change direction.

  Efficacy: Massage the reproductive organs, stimulate the adrenal glands, and strengthen kidney function.

  The forward-curved feet open to the same width as the buttocks, and the back of the buttocks and legs are close to each other. Both hands support the two yoga bricks, extending forward, heads forward, and knees straight, keeping breathing.

Stay 20?
30 seconds.

  Efficacy: Soothes and extends the pelvic cavity and relieves pain caused by factor uterine fibroids.

  The baby bends its knees forward with its legs bent, its thighs are the same width as its buttocks, its upper body relaxes with its forehead resting on its back, and it rests on its heels with its hands extended forward to keep breathing and relax.

The length of stay is unlimited.

  Efficacy: Relax the abdominal and hip muscles, extend the uterine muscles, and reduce pain.
The length of stay is unlimited.
  Efficacy: calms emotions, concentrates thoughts, and uses breathing to massage abdominal organs.

  Leg extensions The legs extend laterally, with your feet raised, your hands behind your back, your eyes closed, and your arms extended forward to keep breathing.

  Efficacy: Promote pelvic blood circulation.

  Good eating habits Developing good eating habits is also the only way to prevent uterine fibroids!


Eat less fried food.


Do not eat cold food or ice products, because ice products are likely to cause poor blood circulation in diabetes.


Eat less red meat and eat more fish.


Drinking warm water can relax your abdominal muscles.


Supplements multivitamin B family.

Pay attention to 9 abnormal phenomena of newborn baby

Pay attention to 9 abnormal phenomena of newborn baby

The newborn baby is very delicate and fragile.

They may have some anomalies that require Mummy to observe carefully while taking care.

In this way, you can thoroughly find the abnormalities in the baby’s body, so that the baby can be treated and treated as soon as possible to avoid affecting the baby’s healthy growth and development.

Pay attention to the nine abnormalities of newborn babies1. The number of breaths is abnormal. Generally speaking, the number of breaths of newborns (0-28 days) is 40-45 breaths / min.

If it is more than 60 times per minute, the breathing will be faster, and it may be caused by neonatal pneumonia, especially when the baby has a bluish face, does not look good, or spit in the mouth, you should go to the hospital immediately.

  Love Tips: Normal newborns’ breathing is irregular, sometimes fast and slow, sometimes even temporarily stopped.

Therefore, when counting the number of breaths per minute of a newborn, it cannot be counted as 15 seconds and then multiplied by 4.

In this way, it is easy for a baby who is breathing faster due to pneumonia cannot be found, and a normal baby is mistakenly counted as an increase in the number of breaths.

The correct way is to count for 1 full minute, pay attention to one breath for one breath, do not count as two.

Neonatal chest contour movement is small, and abdominal breathing is the main type.

Therefore, observing abdominal breathing movements is clearer and results are more accurate.

It is best to count the number of breaths when the baby is quiet, crying, eating or just after milk will easily affect the accuracy of the results.

2. Excessive vaginal bleeding. Some newborn girls may experience vaginal bleeding in the first few days of life.

However, if there is a large amount of bleeding and the duration is shortened, you should go to the doctor in time to rule out the neonatal bleeding disease as soon as possible.

  Because if the baby’s vaginal bleeding is caused by physiological reasons-because the fetal baby is in the womb, the estrogen is maintained at a certain level under the influence of the placenta, which stimulates the reproductive tract mucosal proliferation and hyperemia.

After the baby is born, the umbilical cord is broken, the source of estrogen is interrupted, and the uterine mucosa loses the estrogen’s supporting effect, resulting in bleeding and the formation of “false menstruation”.

However, this bleeding is usually small and disappears after a few days.

  3, four or five months after birth, there are still nine kinds of abnormalities in the newborn baby, A frightened look.

It’s just a physiological phenomenon that disappears in seconds.

If the baby’s startling behavior still appears after four or five months of birth, he should be taken to the hospital in time for some neurological examinations and early detection of abnormalities.

Under normal circumstances, when the baby reaches about four months, the insulating tissue around the nerve fibers gradually forms, and the function of sound stimulation will be concentrated in the cerebral cortex. The function is more and more mature, and it is not easy for the excitement to spread to the generalization.On the nerve fibers of the limb muscles, the startle phenomenon gradually disappeared.

Love Tips: If a normal baby has a startle phenomenon, Mommy should pay attention to whether it is neonatal convulsion-manifested as two eyes staring, tremor, repeated sucking, facial muscle tremor, irregular breathing, and bruising skin.

If this happens, go to the doctor.

  4, the weight does not increase after birth. After the baby is born, the feces and urine should be excreted from the body, spit out some absorbed amniotic fluid, and breathe through the skin and lungs to reduce water. Therefore, many times there will be weight loss after birth., But this is a normal physiological phenomenon.

However, if the baby does not return to normal or loses too much weight after 10 days after birth, it indicates that there is an abnormality in the body.

Should take to see a doctor, determine the cause of weight loss early, and give appropriate treatment.

Tips for love: The so-called physiological weight loss generally decreases the most when the baby is born 3-5 days, but it usually does not exceed 10%.

After about 10 days of birth, she will return to her weight at birth and then increase rapidly.

In the first 3 months of birth, your baby’s weight will increase by 180-200 grams per week; 150-180 grams per week during 3-6 months; 90-120 grams per week during 6-9 months; 9-12 monthsAdd 60-90 grams per week.

  5, unexplained fever, pay attention to the nine abnormalities of newborn babies, newborn babies, the temperature regulation function has not yet matured, but the body is relatively relative.

When the ambient temperature is high or the coverage is too tight, moisture is lost from breathing and urination.

If you don’t breastfeed in time, you will lose too much water, cause dehydration, and cause fever.

However, this kind of fever generally avoids the ambient temperature being too high, or reduces clothing and replenishes moisture, which will make the baby’s body temperature return to normal.

If the baby’s temperature still does not drop, and other symptoms appear at the same time, Mummy must not be sloppy, take the baby to the doctor quickly to prevent the baby from neonatal sepsis, purulent meningitis, enteritis and respiratory and digestive tract virus infection.
  6. After the jaundice is delayed, the baby begins to spontaneously breathe out of the mother’s body, and the oxygen concentration in the blood increases.

In this way, the excess red blood cells are destroyed, increasing the amount of bilirubin in the blood.

However, the baby’s liver development is still immature, and the increased bilirubin cannot be removed from the body in a timely manner, causing a part of bilirubin to deposit on the skin, which causes the baby’s skin to become yellow, called physiological jaundice.

However, this jaundice resolves quickly and generally does not require treatment.The full-term baby lasts about 4-6 days, and gradually subsides about 7-10 days; the jaundice subsides in premature babies a little later, and it may disappear after 2-3 weeks.

If the baby has obvious jaundice within 24 hours after birth, or the degree of jaundice is severe, or the skin becomes yellow and time complications, such as full-term baby over 2 weeks obesity, premature babies over 3 weeks, may be pathologicaljaundice.

At this time, Mummy should take the baby to the hospital for treatment as early as possible to avoid the worsening of the condition.

  Tips for love: Physiological jaundice usually starts with the face turning yellow, and the sclera and skin gradually turn yellow. Jaundice rarely occurs in the palms of the hands and feet.

Usually the baby’s mental state is not bad, there is no obvious change in feeding and sleeping, but the urine color is slightly yellow.

7, the baby’s head is significantly larger in fetuses and infants, brain tissue development is particularly fast, and limbs are relatively slow.

Therefore, at birth, the baby sticks his head in and has fewer complications.

However, if the baby’s head circumference is significantly higher than the normal range, he may have hydrocephalus, megacephalopathy, or a chromosomal obvious genetic disease. He should go to the doctor in time.

  Love Tips: Pay attention to the 9 abnormal phenomena of newborn babies at the time of birth. The bust is 1-2 cm smaller than the head circumference.

The growth rate of the baby’s head circumference is very rapid in the first year after birth, and the head circumference can reach 48 cm at the age of 2, which can reflect the development of the brain.

In general, the average head circumference of a baby is about 34 cm when it is born, it grows to 42 cm by 6 months, and 46 cm when it is 1 year old. After that, the growth rate of baby’s head circumference gradually slows down, and the development of limbs begins to accelerate.
8. The bleeding point does not subside. If it is a natural delivery, if the labor process is too long or the uterine contraction is weak, it is easy to cause hypoxia and even suffocation in the newborn. After the hypoxia, the permeability of the blood vessel wall increases.Subcutaneous bleeding; In addition, if the baby’s head is rubbed strongly when passing through the birth canal of the mummy, the capillaries will be damaged, and subcutaneous bleeding may also be caused.

Shows bleeding spots on the body or face.

  Hypoxia or even suffocation-related subcutaneous hemorrhage, once the neonatal suffocation is successfully resurrected; and subcutaneous hemorrhage caused by capillary damage caused by external forces, generally will naturally disappear after a few days.

However, if the bleeding point does not subside or continue to increase, maybe there is an infectious disease or blood disease in the body, you should take your baby to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, which will cause effective treatment to avoid affecting the baby’s normal growth and development.

  9, the two small breasts are not the same size, although some baby girls are born, the two small breasts swell and even secrete milk, but this is not an abnormal phenomenon.

Because when the baby is born, there are estrogen and prolactin brought from the mother.

Generally, the estrogen and progesterone that inhibit prolactin will disappear quickly, and after losing the inhibitory factor, prolactin overcomes the maintenance time in the baby’s body and stimulates the baby’s mammary gland, which causes the small breast to swell.

However, if the two small breasts that are swollen are not the same size, accompanied by redness, fever and other symptoms, it may be inflammation of the breast tissue, and you should go to the hospital in time to prevent inflammation from developing.

Tips for love: Never have a baby boy or a baby girl. Swelling of small breasts usually occurs 3-5 days after birth, and it is most obvious at 8-18 days, but most of them disappear in 2-3 weeks after birth.

Mommy should not squeeze or rub small breasts because of worry or anxiety. This will cause damage to breast tissue and cause infection.

7 fitness yoga moves that are simpler and healthier

7 fitness yoga moves that are simpler and healthier

Regular exercise can not only keep your body healthy, but also prevent common diseases, and it is easier for modern sub-health people.

Today I recommend a few fitness yoga moves to help you get back to a healthy state.

  ”Move” is really simple. Follow us.

After completing a pine yoga class, I don’t sweat very much, but I have already moved my body. I have to move the seven joints and stretch the large muscles above and below the body.

Here is a partial explanation of disassembly, let’s start with the stomach.

  Standing on the waist is very hard for people with large waistlines, the center of gravity is easily unstable, and the load is shortened, so you can lie down and do it.

Although the action is not difficult, scholars must be very focused and move correctly.

There are several points of movement: 1. Abdominal muscles use force, and when they are used, there will be a harvest, and muscle strength is also trained.

  2. Extend the abdominal muscles and stretch the muscle fibers to increase muscle elasticity.

  3, the abdominal muscles are not only one, the external oblique muscles, side waist, back waist should be reduced.

  People with broken stomachs usually feel backache at the waist. Therefore, while training the abdominal muscles, they will extend the lower back and eliminate back pain. Of course, plastic waist also includes the inside.

  In the process of “moving” the stomach, the most worrying sequelae is the retina. Too many people cannot move their stomachs. They will want to borrow the power of the upper back. As a result, the stomach is thin, but the shoulders and necks are discomfort.

Therefore, you must keep reminding yourself: relax your shoulders without exertion.

  Since it is loose yoga, you must ask for help. The teacher will help to extend the book correctly. Some literature will seriously learn this method of helping others and defeat the help of the family.

If you don’t need help, congratulations on your progress.

  1. Lie down easily, bend your feet and knees first, feel the back waist all stick to the floor, relax the waist.

Bend the right foot to the abdomen, hold your right ankle with both hands, help the right thigh to stick to the abdomen, stretch the muscles on the back of the thigh, change the left foot after eight seconds, and do three exchanges.

  2, to help fix the back of the thighs, to avoid hips tilted.

  3. After finishing one foot, change your feet and feel the extension from the back waist to the back of the thigh.

The back waist should not be forced, and it should lie flat on the floor, so that the thigh should be as close to the body as possible.

  4. Assist the lying person to insert the fracture into the symmetrical arm fossa, and fully extend the lateral waist. People with sciatica are very popular with this style.

Office workers who often have to be trapeze people will feel backache when they fly for several hours, and they can usually do more to maintain their waist.

  5. Cross your hands on the back of your thighs, keep your hands straight, and push your thighs gradually with a little force to drive your shoulders and head off the floor.

Look at the belly with your eyes to maintain chin contraction and avoid pressure reduction.

  6. Use one hand to exert force to remind the layer to push the thighs out, and the other hand to support the shoulders and necks, reminding you to notice that you cannot relax on the arch, and do not drop your head backwards.

   7, further training of abdominal muscles.