Schisandra medicinal means the fruit of the plant Schisandra chinensis in the magnoliaceae family.

Schisandra chinensis in the same family can also be used as medicine, and its appearance is similar to that of Schisandra chinensis.

Schisandra chinensis is a plant of different genera in the same family.

Chinese history from the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Tao Hongjing, Tang.

Su Song, Ming.

Li Shizhen has already pointed out that Schisandra chinensis is better.

Its roots, stems and leaves are used for medicinal hypertension.

  It is sweet, sour, warm and non-toxic.

  Fruits and seeds: Contains volatile oil, schisandrin, schisandrin, y-schisandrin, schisandrol, malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, sugars, resins, residual oil, vitamin A, C, etc.

  Functional seeds, tonic deficiency, strengthening yin and replenishing essence, treating lung deficiency, asthma and cough, diarrhea and night sweats.

Root bark: qi and blood circulation, strong muscles and strong bones, phlegm and pain relief.

  [肺结核、咳嗽气急、盗汗遗精]  北五味子9克,女贞子9克,甘草6克,水煎去渣,一日3次分服。  [传染性肝炎、谷丙转氨酶增高]  五味子焙燥研细末,一日6-9克,2-3次分服。  [神经衰弱、心悸不眠]  五味子6克,茯苓、菟丝子各9克,水煎去渣,加蜂蜜,一日分2-3次服。  [风湿筋骨痛、腰腿病、神经病]  南五味根茎一日18克,加黄酒和水煎服。

Male exercising muscles to scratch abdomen

Male exercising muscles to scratch abdomen

There are three major hazards. Scientific statistics show that men’s muscle content does not change much between the ages of 20 and 40, but after the age of 40, it begins to decrease at a rate of 1% per year. By the age of 60, the muscle content of men is only 75% /.

1% per year is not as simple as a single figure, which means three major hazards: First, it will lead to a decrease in male basal metabolic rate and an outward appearance of happiness.

In fact, muscle is an important part of other organs, and its decline has become an accomplice to the high incidence of cardiovascular disease in men.

The third is that it will lead to a decline in strength, even struggling to go up and down the stairs, which is the first reason that many middle-aged men feel back pain.

  Muscle decline can be self-assessed. Middle-aged men need to use sit-ups and push-ups to get a general idea of their muscle condition.

After warming up for 3 to 5 minutes, if both can be completed 20 to 30 times in a row, the muscles are qualified.

  Or use the “upstairs test method”, that is, walking slightly faster than usual, 40 consecutive steps, if a little between 40 and 50 people feel relaxed, it means that the muscle endurance is good, if you feel strenuous, it means that the situation is poor.

  The above method is only an approximate standard. In order to grasp the decline of muscle strength in time, it can be done every 3 months.

Many cities now have community citizen health monitoring stations, where you can go for more accurate muscle tests.

  Exercise abdominal muscles is the key muscles are exercised.

Muscle is the most “blessed”, as long as you give it a “benefit” every day, it will repay you with 10 times the feedback.

Modern vigilance proves that the “general belly” formed by the abdominal muscles to promote elasticity is closely related to hypertension, hypertension, and diabetes.

Therefore, middle-aged men must focus on muscle training, and abdominal muscles are the most important.

  The easiest way to bend down to exercise the abdominal muscles.

Bend your waist down, your legs upright, your arms and head hanging down, and hang in the air. Do n’t force yourself to touch the ground with your hands, try to relax, then get up naturally, step on the muscles of your legs, stop for about a minute, repeat 3 times,It works twice a day for two to three months.

  In addition, sit-ups can also be easily exercised.

If it is difficult at first, the middle-aged man can try to lie flat on the bed, stretch his legs together and straighten, and lift up for a while.

  In order to enhance the strength of the whole body, middle-aged people who have time should also perform some low-intensity aerobic exercises on the muscles of the legs, back, and chest, such as swimming, running, and mountain climbing.

If supplemented with strength equipment training, the effect is even more significant.

Treatment of cervical spondylosis drink Pueraria papaya soup

Treatment of cervical spondylosis drink Pueraria papaya soup

Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases said: “The sun is sick, how many are Xiang Beiqiang.

Anti-sweat out evil, Guizhi plus Gegen Tangzhu.

“Qing Dynasty Zhang Lu” Zhang’s Medical Tong “said:” Kidney Qi does not follow the same path, and Qi goes up against the spine, causing shoulder and back pain, or seeing back-to-back sitting causing spinal pain.

“Cervical spondylosis is a chronic strain disease.

The pathogenesis of traditional Chinese medicine is liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of qi and blood, and the evil of wind, cold, and dampness, which invades the meridians and bones.

The disease is a chronic stubborn disease, with dampness and stickiness, which is difficult to remove.

In the clinical treatment of rheumatism for many years, the author applied the self-made Gegenqin Ganpagua Decoction to treat cervical spondylosis, and the effect is quite good. Now it is introduced as follows: Gegenqin Ganpagua Decoction: Pueraria 30-50g, Baiji 30g, Licorice15g, papaya 18g, bone broken supplement 15g, Yuanhu 18g, whole scorpion 10g, weilingxian (vinegar fried) 24g.

Clinical syndrome differentiation: tough neck, pain in shoulders and arms, numbness of upper limbs, add 15g of cricket live, 30g of weilingxian (vinegar stir-fried), 10g of turmeric, 30g of mulberry branch; 30g of Chuanxiong, 18g of viburnum for headacheIn the case of exacerbation, 50 g of kudzu root was reused, and 30 g of astragalus, 10 g of angelica and 6 g of cimicifuga were added.

Those with weak waist and knees, numbness or stiffness in their limbs, add 15g of Eucommia ulmoides, 30g of dog spine, 10g of staghorn gelatin (gelatinized), 15g of Achyranthes bidentata and 30g of mature land.

Gegenqin Ganmugua Decoction is based on Pueraria Root, which has been released to relieve muscle and promote sun rash. It is an essential medicine for treating back pain.

Paeonia lactiflora nourishes the liver and softens the liver, licorice slows and moderates, and at the same time it cooperates with papaya to smooth the liver and relieve tendons, which can alleviate cervical muscle spasm pain.

Bone broken and nourishing kidney and activating blood, strong muscles and strong bones.

Yuanhu Huoxue Xingqi relieves pain, the whole scorpion Qufeng neck.

Wei Lingxian dispels rheumatism, passes through the meridians, and vinegar stir-fry also softens bone spurs.

The formula has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, and expelling wind and paralysis.

Fangzhong Baizhi, Glycyrrhizic acid, Ganyin, Yishengzhongman, Jiufu will appear dullness, dizziness and nausea, accompanied by pale surgery, amomum, spleen and dampness, qi and neutrality.

  Hou Moumou, female, 53 years old, teacher.

Visited in August 2006.

The patient had a stiff neck, pain in his shoulders and back, and numbness in his right upper limb for about half a year.

At the time of examination, the patient had obvious tenderness in the 5-7 vertebrae of the cervical spine, right Huffman sign (+).

Radiograph: cervical sulcus hyperplasia, narrowing of the cervical spine 5-7.

Pueraria quinquefolia papaya soup addition and subtraction: Pueraria pueraria 30g, Paeonia lactiflora 30g, licorice 15g, papaya 18g, bone broken supplement 15g, yuanhu 18g, whole scorpion 10g, weilingxian 24g (vinegar fried), pupa 15g, turmeric 10g,30g of mulberry.

Five doses of decoction. After taking the five doses, the consciousness of neck stiffness was obviously relieved, and the numbness of the right upper limbs was also improved.

The effect is not better, and the remaining symptoms are basically eliminated after five more doses.

Introduced Fang added 15g of Pale Pallidum and 6g of Amomum villosum to consolidate for more than a month, but no regeneration was seen in the following six months.

  According to the case, the patient had severe neck pain and urgency, accompanied by shoulder and arm pain, and numbness of the right upper limb, which is a nerve root type of cervical spondylosis.

The application of Gegenqin Ganpagua Decoction was released to relieve muscles, relieve liver and relieve stasis, promote blood circulation, and expel wind and paralysis.

Xiangbei is the part of the sun bladder meridian, which is added to the sun to enter the bladder meridian, which treats the rheumatism of the sun meridian, and the meridian obstruction is strong, and the side is not good.

“Decoction Materia Medica” said, “Zhuohuo can cure wind cold and dampness, soreness and unkindness, the winds are dizzy and the neck is difficult to stretch.

“If you use it with turmeric, mulberry branches will complement each other better.

Most suitable for rheumatism caused by strong shoulder and arm pain, upper limb numbness and other symptoms.

  Zheng, a 48-year-old female cadre, was diagnosed with vertigo and died in December 2006.

She has suffered from cervical spondylosis for many years, and has achieved little success through the use of multiple therapies.

Before turning to the clinic, the patient suddenly and consciously turned around, turning faint, turning into a forehead and nasal bridge.

At the time of consultation, the patient still felt a stiff and tight neck, sore shoulders, back pain, dizziness, paleness, fatigue, pale tongue, thin white fur, and weak pulses.

Radiographs: Physiological curvature of the cervical spine becomes straight, and the cervical spine 5-7 gap narrows.

Pueraria quinquefolia and papaya soup addition and subtraction: Pueraria root 50g, Paeonia lactiflora 30g, licorice 15g, papaya 15g, bone broken supplement 15g, Yuanhu 15g, whole scorpion 6g, weilingxian (vinegar stir-fried) 24g, angelica 30g, angelica10g, Cimicifuga 6g.
After taking five doses, neck stiffness was significantly reduced, shoulder and arm pain were reduced, and dizziness symptoms were eliminated.The patient developed anorexia and a generalized vomiting.

Then add 12g each of Pale Atractylodes, 6g Amomum villosum (post-entry), strengthen the spleen and dampness, regulate qi and stomach, and heal about 20 doses.

  Vertigo and stroke collapse caused by cervical spondylosis belong to the type of vertebral artery of cervical spondylosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine is mostly weak in the spleen and stomach.

Pueraria is the main medicine in the subject of this case, and the drug is used for its effect of relieving yang and relieving muscles.

This medicine also has the effect of expanding vertebral basal artery blood vessels and improving cerebral blood flow.

Paeonia lactiflora, glycyrrhizic acid and glycemic yin, softening liver and urgency, cooperate with papaya to increase the power of flattening liver and tendons, bone broken tonic, Yuanhu, whole scorpion and other medicines tonic liver and kidney, strong bones and bones, promoting blood circulation and analgesic, expelling wind and cough.

Wei Lingxian dispels rheumatism and activates the meridian.

Add moxibustion Astragalus, Angelica, Cimicifuga and other products to nourish qi and blood, lift the yang of the spleen and stomach, and raise the yang of the qi, and qi and blood will rise, then the dizziness will stop.

  Rheumatism case Pu Moumou, male, 38 years old.

The patient had more than two years of unfavorable rehabilitation activities, shoulder and back pain, and numbness in her right upper limb.

Pain is temporarily relieved by using massage, massage and topical plasters.

Beginning in June 2007, the patient felt stiff and awkward walking legs, faltering, and accompanied by symptoms such as soft waist and knees, and heavy and weak lower limbs.

Then we went to the hospital.

Physical examination revealed that the patient’s cervical vertebra extended, the lateral curve was shortened significantly, and the cervical spine 4-7 spinous process was tender.

Increased muscle tension in both lower extremities and hyperreflexia of knees and Achilles tendon.

Right Huffman sign (+), double Pap sign (+).

MRI examination: The cervical curvature was straightened, and the posterior edge of the cervical spine 3-7 was proliferated to varying degrees.

The cone is 5-6 in height and the cervical spine is slightly compressed.

Diagnosis of cervical spondylotic myelopathy.

The patient was then advised to go to the orthopaedic clinic for treatment, but the patient requested to take Chinese medicine first.

Kudzu root and papaya soup addition and subtraction: Pueraria puerariae 30g, Paeonia lactiflora 30g, licorice 15g, papaya 15g, bone broken supplement 18g, whole scorpion 8g, ground dragon 15g, earthworm 12g, beetle 10g, blackfin snake 10g, weiling24 g of sage (sautéed with vinegar), 10 g of staghorn gum (puppetization), 15 g of Eucommia ulmoides, 30 g of dog ridge, 30 g of cooked land, 12 g of Pleurotus eryngii and 10 g of Amomum villosum (post-entry).

Ten doses of decoction.

The patient felt effective after taking the medication, relieved the stiffness and awkwardness of her legs, and eased walking the lower limbs earlier.

The patient insisted on taking about one hundred doses continuously with the top basically unchanged, and the patient walked gradually and steadily.

Neck movements are unfavorable, shoulder and back pain, and waist and knee weakness are gradually disappearing.

Now the patient continues to use the upper consolidation therapy.

  According to this case, the symptoms and signs of neurological positioning caused by cervical hyperplasia and cervical spine compression.

Chinese medicine belongs to the category of “stubborn disease”.

Due to the long-term paralysis, the meridian qi and blood are blocked by external evils, and the operation is unfavorable.

In terms of treatment method, Ye Tianshi of Qing Dynasty did not heal the bismuth for a long time, and put forward the theory of “long-term disease entering the network”, and advocated the treatment of blood with blood circulation, phlegm and collaterals.

In this case, worms, earthworms, earthworms, beetles, and other drugs are added to the main body to promote blood circulation, expelling wind, resolving phlegm, and clearing collaterals.

Mangosteen is a kind of sentimental material. It is a thing that penetrates the ground and is good for walking. It passes through the internal organs and reaches the meridians. It passes through the passage and closes.

And can direct medicine to the hospital.

Earthworms break blood and remove blood stasis, and pass through the channels.

Compatible with all scorpion, earth dragon, black snake and other insect snake drugs deep into the epiphyseal joints, search for rheumatism and love between the joints.

And adding Wei Lingxian, Eucommia ulmoides, dog ridge, pregnant with achyranthes, antler gum, cooked ground and other products to nourish the liver and kidney, strong supervision and help Yang, Qufeng wins dampness, relax muscles.

And with pale surgery, Amomum villosum spleen and dampness.

Xingqi and Zhong are adjuvants.

The medicines are consistent, and the medicine certificates are consistent, and slowly the results of the treatment of stubborn diseases gradually take effect.

Eat green onions to prevent aging and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Eat green onions to prevent aging and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Spring onions are the most common seasoning, and nowadays it is a good time to eat spring onions.

Fresh green onions are short and white with many green leaves. They are not particularly spicy when they are eaten raw, and will have a unique flavor.

Onion vitamin A, potassium, calcium and other nutritional ingredients, light onion and acrid and warm, can detoxify Tongyang, have a good effect on colds and colds in spring, and can defecate and sore.

Add green onions when making soup for better nutritional effects.

In addition to containing a large number of vitamins and minerals, shallots also contain volatile oil, the main component of which is alliumin, which has the function of sterilizing or inhibiting bacteria and viruses.

When spring infectious diseases of the respiratory tract are epidemic, eating raw shallots has a preventive effect.

Studies have found that increased propylene glycol in the body can cause cell damage, leading to aging and disease.

Shallot can significantly reduce the content of propylene glycol, increase the activity of anti-aging enzymes, delay the growth of tissues and organs, and especially protect the vascular endothelial cells. It can prevent thrombosis and lower blood lipids. It is great for preventing coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosisbenefit.
  Spring is the most nutritious, tender, fragrant, and most delicious time of the year.

The spring onion scrambled eggs or spring onion dipping sauce that northerners like to eat are very nutritious and adapt to the solar terms.

Southerners who are not accustomed to these eating methods can add more chopped shallots and garlic seedlings when cooking, steaming fish or making soup stew.

It should be noted that allium is a hot food, people with hot constitution and people with weak gastrointestinal function should eat less.

Eat whole grains to prevent dryness

Eat whole grains to prevent dryness

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and study better, and is the number one indicator of doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life. At the same time, health also comes from our good daily habits.

Xiaobian Life has selected some health care knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body, and to spend a healthy and happy day!

  In autumn, the climate is dry. In terms of food choices, Peng Yuejuan said that if you want to give your children grains, you can consider adding fish, chicken, duck, beef, and soy products, and eat more soups and porridge to reduce the dryness of the climate.Coming bad effects.

Don’t ignore fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Recommend several kinds of porridge that can prevent autumn dryness — Chrysanthemum and wolfberry porridge: take 30 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of wolfberry decoction, and cook with 100 grams of rice.

It has the functions of clearing wind and heat, nourishing liver and kidney, and pursuing eyesight. It is also effective for treating wind-heat cold, dry throat, and red eyes.

  Raw pear porridge: Take 2 raw pears, wash them, peel them and cut them into pieces. Add 100 grams of rice before to make porridge.

Can bite dry mouth, dry tongue, dry cough.

  Sesame and walnut porridge: take 30 grams each of sesame and walnuts, fry after cooking, and cook with 100 grams of rice.

It has the function of moisturizing the five internal organs, and is used to dry the skin and hair, and to dry and cough in autumn.