Central Design Institute (603357): Prospecting and designing under pressure outside the province and highlights the detection

Central Design Institute (603357): Prospecting and designing under pressure outside the province and highlights the detection
The survey and design business is under pressure, and the provinces and inspections have achieved higher growth. Maintaining a “buy” rating company released a 19-year interim report and 19H1 revenue7.3.6 billion in November.4%, net profit attributable to mother 2.2ppm, -11 years old.6%, lower than the market and we 合肥夜网 expected, H1’s net CFO is -0.800 million, a net inflow of 0 in the same period last year.200000000.In the first half of the year, we judged that the company was slowly affected by the bias in the approval of new projects in the province. The main orders for survey and design, revenue, and payment were under pressure, but H1’s expansion outside the province continued to make rapid progress.Revenue growth, we believe that after the company achieves breakthroughs in the development outside the province and in multiple fields (non-transportation business) in the future, the fundamentals will be affected by the market changes in the province or will decline, and it will benefit from the industry’s upward cycle from 2020.-21 years EPS1.07/1.24/1.49 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. The approval of new projects in the province has slowed 武汉夜生活网 down and the recognition of revenue has been delayed, and the revenue and orders outside the province have achieved rapid growth. We use the financial information of the H1 company to measure the company’s different business income, and the survey and design / inspection / supervision income increase.% / 30% / 4%, the design income is reduced in the main areas of land in the province, and environmental protection has restricted the approval of new transportation projects, resulting in the replacement of some large projects to confirm revenue as scheduled. If such projects make progress in the second half of the year, we expect the company to initiallyThe survey and design revenue is still expected to achieve positive growth. Since last year, the company has strengthened the development speed of non-transport business such as municipal administration. The sensitivity to the changes in the transportation market in the future is also expected to decline.The H1 company’s orders / income growth rate outside the province was 17% / 15%, and 18 markets above the prefecture-level city were newly expanded. The proportion of revenue outside the province increased by 18FY4.3pct, we expect the company’s proportion of revenue outside the province to continue to increase in the future. The gross profit margin of the main design business continued to increase, and the operating return benefit continued to increase. The gross profit margin of H1’s design / inspection / supervision was 57% / 25% / 22%, with a change of 5/1 / -7pct. We estimate that the gross profit margin of survey and design will increase.Mainly due to the decline in business saturation after the decline in the company’s expansion ratio. In the future, the return to rapid growth in gross profit margin is expected to return to normal levels.H1 company sales / management (including R & D) / financial expense ratio 2.6% / 7.5% /-0.5%, sales, financial expense rate increase or related to income decline but rigid expenses total.H1 company’s accrual of bad debt reserves increased by 49% per year, or it was related to the slowdown of local government project approval and payment since 18H2, and the net CFO of 19H1 company was -0.At least 800 million US dollars, which has deteriorated at least. We expect that it will be mainly related to projects outside the province and below the level. If the proportion of income outside the province continues to increase in the future, the company’s collection situation still needs attention. In the medium and long term, it is expected to benefit from the rebound in the industry’s prosperity and the increase in the market share outside the province. Maintaining a “buy” rating of 19H1, the company ‘s new leapfrog growth rate5.3%, the province’s growth rate is only 2%, but we expect that the predicament in the province’s market is expected to be gradually resolved in H2, and the new round of transportation planning and project launch at the end of 2020 will provide a better market environment for the company.The company’s continued non-provincial, non-traffic design and testing business development is also conducive to enhancing anti-aging.We believe that the short-term project progress in the province and the release of new projects may delay the company’s 19FY revenue and gradually reduce its profit. According to the latest share capital, the company’s 19-21 forecast EPS is reduced to 1.07/1.24/1.49 yuan (the original forecast was based on the latest share capital of 1.21/1.47/1.76 yuan), current comparable company Wind unanimously expected 19 years PE12.9 times, 12-14 times PE for 19 years, corresponding to the target price of 12.84-14.98 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: The market in the province is recovering less than expected, and the expansion outside the province is less than expected.

Shenzhen Gas (601139): Standard Sea Gas Supply Increases and Profits Rise, Q3 Performance Increases

Shenzhen Gas (601139): Standard Sea Gas Supply Increases and Profits Rise, Q3 Performance Increases

Investment Highlights Event: The company achieved operating income of 100 in the first three quarters of 2019.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 6 in ten years.

25%; net profit attributable to mother 9.

18 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

94%; net profit of non-attributed mothers 8.

89 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

94%; expected reduction in average ROE beyond 1.

16 points to 8.


The statutory sea and gas supply increased, and Q3 single-quarter performance increased significantly.


In the single quarter, the company’s Q3 revenue increased by 5.

41% to 34.

$ 1.7 billion, mainly due to the company’s pipeline natural gas and engineering business growth.

Affected by the increase in the baseline sea gas supply, Q3’s net profit increased by 58%.

29% to 3.

230,000 杭州夜网论坛 yuan, a growth rate of -9 over the second quarter of the single quarter.

04% showed a significant improvement; Q3 non-performance increased sharply by 64 in ten years.

20% to 3.

1.3 billion.

The first three quarters of the company’s overall gross profit margin increased by 0.

78pct, to 21.


Non-electricity natural gas sales also increased by 8.

88%, driving the growth of natural gas sales revenue, the gas sales growth rate of power plants from negative to positive.

In total, the company’s natural gas sales revenue was 66.

09 million yuan, an increase of 9 in ten years.

30%; LPG wholesale sales revenue is 14.

86 ‰, a decrease of 18 per year.


Gas sales were 22.

5.8 billion cubic meters, 21 over the same period last year.

1.7 billion cubic meters increased by 6.

67%, of which plant natural gas sales is 7.

1.4 billion cubic meters, an increase of 2 in ten years.

29%, compared with 3 in the first half of the year.

2 billion cubic meters, an annual decrease of 18.

16%, the growth rate of gas sales in power plants in the third quarter has changed from negative to positive.Non-power plant sales of natural gas 15.

4.5 billion cubic meters, compared with the same period last year14.

1.9 billion cubic meters increased by 8.


During the period, the expense ratio increased by 1.

33pct to 11.


During the first three quarters of 19, the company’s period expenses (plus R & D expenses) increased by 20 per year.

44% to 11.

27 ppm, the cost rate increased by one during the period.

33pct to 11.


Sales, management (plus R & D expenses), and financial expense ratios decreased by 0.

23 points, up 1.

36pct, up by 0.

21 points to 7.

13%, 2.

63%, 1.


Operating cash flow has increased by 21% each year.

1) Net cash flow from operating activities in the first three quarters of 201918.

24 ppm, an increase of 21% per year; 2) Net cash flow from investment activities -5.

24 ppm, a 88 year reduction.

85%; 3) Net cash flow from financing activities -12.

29 ppm, a reduction of 76 per year.


The cost of gas source fell more than a reasonable range of power plant costs, and the gross margin doubled!

According to our calculations, when the cost of plant fuels drops to zero.

At 15 yuan / m ^ 3, the gross profit margin of the plant will rise to the industry average.

The current price difference between internal and external gas sources far exceeds zero.

15 yuan / m ^ 3, so the decrease in gas source cost effectively promotes power generation demand. At the same time, the plant gross margin corresponding to LNG gas source has doubled.

It is expected that the performance elasticity of the LNG receiving station can reach 48 after full production.


Capital expenditure peak has picked up after ROE!

With the maximum increase in LNG terminal production capacity, ROE is expected to rise to the first 14 of 2015.

13% level.

Profit forecast and investment grade: We expect the company’s EPS in 19-21 to be 0.



62 yuan, corresponding to 21/16/12 times the PE, give a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: LNG / LPG / pipeline natural gas price risk, downstream customers’ gas sales volume does not meet expectations, project commissioning fails to meet expectations, exchange rate fluctuation risks

How to add fried Chinese medicine

How to add fried Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine must not be heated in water.

In the same way, the medicine should be infiltrated before the Chinese medicine is fried, so that the water can penetrate the internal tissues of the medicine, so as to facilitate the frying of the active ingredients, but hot water must not be used, only cold water can be used.

  The traditional Chinese medicine decoction uses water as the solvent, and the amount of water added should be based on the performance, volume, water absorption and required amount of treatment of the drug.

If too much water is added, the concentration of the drug is too low, and the juice is too much, it can be effectively overcome; if too little water is added, it is difficult to burn the active ingredients of the drug, and it is easy to burn, which is wasteful and can cause the opposite effect.

We recommend 3 kinds of water adding methods for your choice.


Traditional method of adding water: Put the traditional Chinese medicine in a casserole, spread the medicine by hand, and then add water 3-4 cm (higher than the thumb) above the medicine surface.

This method is the easiest and most convenient to use, but its accuracy is slightly worse.


Water measuring method: add water to a measuring cup or cylinder, and fry according to different therapeutic drugs and their heads, and add different amounts of water to the second decoction.

The amount of water added for various types of decoctions prescribed by Shanghai Medicinal Materials Corporation is: conditioning, tonic medicine, 700-900 ml for decoction of head, 400-450 ml for decoction of second decoction; general medicine (every Chinese medicine mainly for treating various diseases),500-700 ml for the first fry, 300-350 ml for the second fry; 400-600 ml for the antipyretic cold medicine, and 280-300 ml for the second fry.

This method is more accurate than the traditional method of adding water. However, if there is a large amount of medicine, it is easy to add less water.


Method of adding water by weight: That is to determine the amount of water to be added based on the total weight of the drug.

After dispensing the traditional Chinese medicine, take 1 patch (dose) of the medicine and weigh it. Then, based on the principle of 1 g of Chinese medicine and 10 ml of water, add 65% of the calculated total water content to the first decoction, and the remaining 35% Is reserved for Erjian.

For example, the total weight of the nourishing and conditioning medicine Ginseng Yangrong Decoction is 150 grams, the amount of water should be 1500 ml, 65% of the head decoction should be 975 ml, and 35% of the decoction with water, 525 ml.

This method is accurate in adding water, especially the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions with many types of drugs and large doses are more convenient.

Although this method is more troublesome than the above two methods, it is more accurate.

  In addition, if there are flowers in the medicine (such as stable flowers, bag flowers, etc.) and leaves (such as mulberry leaves, loquat leaves, etc.), you can add more water in an appropriate amount.

  Before decocting medicine, some patients often like to heat the water, thinking that it can be used for a long time without frying, which can be fried quickly and thoroughly, and can save time and effort, and can be taken quickly.

Founding is unscientific.

When hot water rushes into the crude drug, the outer tissue of the crude drug solidifies and contracts immediately due to the sudden impact of high temperature. Especially, the protein forms an irreversible degeneration layer on the cell wall, which leads to the penetration of water into the tissue.The dissolved active ingredient is also difficult to dissolve, which greatly affects the dissolution rate of the active ingredient.

Therefore, fried Chinese medicine must not heat water.

In the same way, the medicine should be infiltrated before the Chinese medicine is fried, so that the water can penetrate the internal tissues of the medicine, so as to facilitate the frying of the active ingredients, but hot water must not be used, only cold water can be used.

宝宝总是偏食 教你10招帮宝宝开胃

宝宝总是偏食 教你10招帮宝宝开胃
点击购买  很多爸爸妈妈担心宝宝不爱吃东西或是吃得不够,但宝宝真的是吃不够吗?如果宝宝挑食、食欲不振,该怎么帮他开胃呢?  如何改善宝宝偏食的习惯  1、吃给宝宝看  偏食是动物的本能,而宝宝偏食常是学来的,受到周遭大人的影响!因此若发现宝宝偏食严重,爸妈首先要检讨自己的饮食习惯。即使是不喜欢吃但营养丰富的食物,家长也要硬着头皮吃给宝宝看,而且要表现出“好吃”的样子。  2、不要常买零食给宝宝吃  父母太忙没时间陪伴宝宝,常会用“买他爱吃的零食”来补偿!零食的调味重、热量高,会让宝宝对正餐更兴趣缺缺,影响食欲;冰淇淋之类的冰品吃太多,会稀释消化液,使之分泌减少,影响肠胃功能;饭前、饭中喝饮料,会让宝宝吃得更少。  3、别吃饭配电视  大人小孩都要戒除用餐时配电视的习惯,因为这样会让用餐的时间拉长,而且宝宝吃得越久,通常吃的量会越少,因此养成专心用餐的习惯是很重要的。  4、调整作息有时间吃早餐  现代人都睡得晚,有时晚起匆匆忙忙上班送宝宝去托儿所,大人小孩都没有时间好好吃个早餐,长期下来容易养成不良的饮食习惯!要从调整作息开始,全家一起吃早餐,做为一天的美好开始,从小就让宝宝养成吃早餐的好习惯。  5、采少量多餐方式  有时候宝宝食欲不振吃不下,家长可用少量多餐的方式给予食物,别因为担心宝宝没吃,而给他吃零食,或是增加调味料。宝宝很聪明,若让他知道“这一餐不吃等一下可以吃好吃的点心”,就会养成不吃正餐的坏习惯。  6、用餐气氛要注意  宝宝刚从稀饭等糊烂的辅食发展到吃干饭配菜时,需要较多的时间咀嚼,这时若照顾者没耐心常催宝宝要“快快快”,或是因为他不想吃某些食物而骂他,会让宝宝把用餐跟负面经验连结!因此要让宝宝有时间慢慢咀嚼,把用餐气氛布置好,宝宝会更喜欢用餐。  7、取代或是化整为零  许多宝宝不爱吃蔬菜,可以用有相似营养素的水果取代蔬菜,如西红柿、橙子、柑橘、奇异果等。如果有些食物的营养素是不可取代的,例如富含锌的牡蛎、肝脏等食物,可以把它剁碎,揉进绞肉里做成肉丸,让宝宝不知不觉吃下去。  8、别在宝宝面前批评食物  宝宝很容易受大人影响,因此别不经意在宝宝面前说某某食物不好吃!要用正向语言向宝宝介绍食物,例如:“这个很好吃,吃了营养多多就不会生病!”  9、多让宝宝运动  有些宝宝总是待在家里,体力没消耗当然也不会肚子饿,因此多带宝宝从事户外活动是提振食欲的好方法。  10、善用烹调方法增加食欲  有时天气太热宝宝吃不下饭,可以煮属于五谷的绿豆汤代替米饭,或是用地瓜、南瓜等根茎类食物当主食。运用酸甜的调味或食材(酸的如梅汁、柠檬汁;甜的有红枣、枸杞、丝瓜等),改变料理的味道,都有助于激起食欲。  有时食物本身不好咀嚼,也会让宝宝不想吃!因此纤维粗的蔬菜,可以剁细一点让宝宝更容易进食,肉可以切得细一点,逆着组织纹路切掉筋等不容易嚼碎的部分,或是选择较软嫩的部位(如鸡腿肉)来烹调,宝宝会更喜欢吃。  宝宝的爱与不爱  爱~甜食  宝宝喜欢吃口味甜的食物,因此可以选择甜味的天然食物(水果居多)帮宝宝开胃。  爱~脆的口感  宝宝喜欢吃口感脆的食物,因此可选择小黄瓜、苹果等口感脆的食物,增加他进食的乐趣。  爱~颜色鲜艳的食物  宝宝喜欢吃颜色鲜艳的食物,因此配菜时要注意颜色搭配,或是使用漂亮的餐具,增加宝宝对用餐的兴趣。  不爱~气味重的蔬菜  有些蔬菜味道重,如洋葱、青椒等,这类蔬菜要以烹调方式改变他的味道,或是等宝宝大一点再给予。  不爱~颜色深、糊烂的食物  茄子这类颜色较深、蒸熟之后软软烂烂的蔬菜,较多宝宝不爱!烹调时可注意烹调时间,避免过于软烂。

Make skin pore-free maintenance secrets


Make skin pore-free maintenance secrets

The weather is dry and windy in spring. How to fine pores and whiten skin is the most concerned issue in every beauty MM.

Today, let ‘s take a look at the secrets of spring 2012 skin care with Xiaobian. Be sure to make your skin zero pores.

  After going home, cleaning is the basis of delicate skin whitening. Squeeze the cleanser in the palm of your hand, gently dissolve it with warm water, and clean the skin in a circular manner.

In addition, you can also use cold and hot water to wash your face to whiten your skin.

  Dust hidden in the pores can easily form acne or blackheads, which can usually be removed by regular exfoliation.

However, if the acne is severe, it is recommended to use an acne stick to deal with it.

First clean your face, then apply a hot towel to your face to let the pores open naturally. Disinfect the round end before using it, and then gently scrape off the acne.

  After clearing acne, you can shrink your pores by hand!

Throw the coin-type cotton mask into a cup with a pore-shrinking lotion, and wait until the mask is fully open before applying it to the face.

After using MM with large pores, it is recommended to use essence to moisturize the skin.

  After dealing with pores, you need to whiten and sunscreen.

MM must remember to rub sunscreen when going out. If the sun is big, it is best to hold a parasol.

In addition, diet is also very important. Usually you should absorb more vitamin C to keep the skin white and healthy. Foods such as vitamin C, tomatoes, cucumbers, milk, and soy milk are good.

  In addition, you can also DIY some whitening masks at home.

You can mix it with honey, milk, egg whites, clear water and a vitamin E oil, or add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. The whitening effect is super good.

If the fluorescence suddenly has a small red spot, you can use egg white plus mung bean powder and a small amount of talcum powder to DIY a clear and continuous facial mask.

Is it fun to do it yourself?

  Finally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important.

In the spring of the recovery of all things, we must develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, exercise a lot, and cooperate with these beauty skin care tips, the complexion naturally comes out from the inside!

Yoga exercises have the most important purpose

Yoga exercises have the most important purpose

Yoga, as a new and emerging fitness method, has been favored by the general public and white-collar workers in Shanghai.

Various yoga leisure and fitness places have emerged as the times require. At the same time, a variety of yoga courses, such as Hatha Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Hot Yoga, etc., also make people feel a “chaotic flower gradually charming eyes”.

How to choose the yoga course that suits you?

What should I pay attention to when practicing yoga?

  Choosing Yoga for Yourself There are many yoga classrooms in China. Choosing a coach does not prevent you from making a choice based on your needs.

Think about it, do you want to lose weight through yoga to help you lose weight, treat diseases, exercise softness or decompression of your limbs, how many friends do you know?

Or just looking for the inner peace of the soul?

Because of different yoga teachings, the focus is different.

Therefore, the author recommends that you first think about the purpose of practicing yoga, then go to the trials yourself, and experience the teacher’s teaching methods and class environment.

After practicing several times, your body will know which yoga classroom is right for you.

  Of course, Hatha Yoga is an entry-level course. Practice 2-3 times a week. When you feel comfortable and suitable, you can consider the next course.

In addition, Shanghai is also popular for hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga and aqua yoga.

According to coach Yao of Shanghai Yoga Club, hot yoga requires practitioners to exercise indoors for 38 to 40 seconds. In addition to the role of weight loss, practicing hot yoga can eliminate fatigue, improve concentration, strengthen cardiopulmonary function, shape andPromote blood circulation and metabolism, improve the body’s immunity.

  As the name suggests, underwater yoga is an innovative form of exercise that accurately combines the basic principles of water exercise with some familiar yoga poses.

Generally at 1 meter?

4 meters deep in the pool, even if you can not swim, there is no problem to master yoga in the water.

Surrounded by water, even yoga beginners will naturally and easily perform difficult movements on the ground.

Aqua yoga, like traditional yoga, also includes changes in meditation, breathing, and body parts.

Can use a variety of breathing methods, using water pressure to squeeze, massage the skin and internal organs, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue, soothing the whole body muscles and bodybuilding.

Penetrating the tension of water can also strengthen the endurance of muscles.

In addition, activities in the water emit more amplitude than on the ground, which can eliminate excess sparse, slim body, and exercise twice a week can achieve very good training results.

  Mo Xiaokan office yoga some simple yoga, the movements are very simple, you can do it at home, or you can use the gap between work to do it, persistence will also bring unexpected results.

When practicing, try to choose a place that is ventilated, and pay attention to using yoga breathing instead.

When doing exercises for the corresponding part, imagine that the corresponding part is fully relaxed, the blood is fully nourishing your body, and the whole body is very comfortable.

  Method 1: Close your eyes.

Dry clean your face with your hands, rub your face and ears, complications, and neck, making these areas hot.

Imagine that our mother’s hands touched our hands, and the skin on the head was very relaxed.

Comb your hands from front to back, and follow your finger movements for 15 times?
30 times until the scalp is a little hot.

This can speed up blood circulation in the head and allow your brain to be fully fed and maintain a vigorous energy.

  Method 2: Relax your shoulders naturally, try your best to turn your head to the right, and then try to move to the left.

Do this 3 times.

Try your best to lean your head back, and then try your best to lean back.

Do this 3 times.
Clockwise, slowly, perform a circular motion on the ground.

Do this 3 times.
In the same way, exercise counterclockwise, and do 3 times.
This gives the retinal nerves and muscles a very good massage and relaxation effect.

  Method 3: Sit on a chair, keep your hips upright, relax your shoulders, and place your hands on your thighs, facing forward.
Open or lightly close your eyes, breathe naturally, turn your eyeballs left and right 10 times in sequence, turn your eyes up and down 10 times, and turn your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Close your eyes, rub your hands together, warm your eyes with your palms, and press your thumbs lightly on your temples.

Repeat 2-3 times.

Focus on the eyeballs and muscles around the eyes, keeping the eyeballs and muscles relaxed.

This set of eye yoga can promote blood circulation around the eyes and relieve dryness and fatigue of the eyes.

  [Yoga Practice Tips]Precautions for Practicing Yoga Most yoga is a systemic glandular exercise. There is no age limit and it is suitable for most people to learn.

In addition to working in the office, there are several points to pay special attention to when practicing at a fitness club or at home: 1. Early activities are important.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

  2. Keep on an empty stomach when practicing, it is best to practice after two or three hours after a meal, otherwise it will easily cause bowel torsion, make people feel stomachache and even vomit.

After eating yoga for 1 hour, eat more sodium-rich alkaline foods to eliminate the acidic products accumulated in the body and quickly eliminate fatigue.

  3, keep a good mood when you practice, you can listen to some relaxed and slow music.

Every movement must be coordinated with breathing, and attention must be focused.

Don’t force yourself, make every move comfortable, and don’t compare with others.

  4. Professional doctors remind that doing yoga properly is good for the body, but yoga is not suitable for people. Some people with spinal problems cannot do too much intensity.

People with cervical and lumbar spondylosis, periarthritis, knee arthritis and those with obvious pain in the cervical and lumbar spine are not suitable for yoga at all.

  For those over 45 years of age, due to the reduced elasticity of the joint capsule, joint dislocation may be caused if excessive.

So when you do yoga, if you feel pain, stop immediately and go to the hospital for examination.

Heart disease, hypertension, pregnant women and children are not suitable.

  5. Practice in a quiet, well-ventilated room.

The indoor air must be fresh and free to inhale oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, but the environment should be pleasant. Do not practice in high winds, cold or dirty, smoky air.

Do not practice near any furniture, stove, or interventional practice to avoid accidents, especially when doing head and handstand, and do not practice under electric fans.

Seven Secret Weapons Demystifying Face Cream

Seven Secret Weapons Demystifying Face Cream

Face cream, the price of about 2,000 yuan in the past, even if it is sky-high, now 5,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan is no longer rare.

This month, Swiss brand LaPrairie launched a platinum-containing cream for 1 million units.

Why would anyone buy a bottle of sky-high cream that would run out in 3 months at 10 times or even 100 times the price of an ordinary cream?

What secret weapon do sky cream face creams have, after reading the price tag, you can’t help but be excited, apart from opening your mouth and saying “ah”.

  Rare metals “diamonds are women’s best friends”, and rare metals have suddenly become the best partner for sky-high creams. From nano-scale silver earlier to later diamond particles, colloidal gold, colloidal platinum, and precious metalsMore and more appear in the table of sky-high face cream.

Gold, silver, and platinum have a record of skin beauty since ancient times, but behind the beauty of precious metals is actually a high value-added psychological hint to users. You must know that rare metals may not necessarily have more than ordinary skin care ingredients.Better maintenance effect, but it does make the phrase “give your shoulders gold” a reality.

  Rare 30, 60, 80 . Open the ingredients list of the sky-high cream, and suddenly open a copy of the ancient “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”. The popular peptides, hyaluronic acid and collagen have never been promoted by the sky-high cream.The key, refreshing must be those rare ingredients that are rarely heard-Royal Black Pearl from Tahiti, IGF (Insulin-like Growth Hormone) from $ 30,000 / g, Siberian antler, from remote ChinaThe tiger battle extract of the region . combining a variety of precious ingredients can meet the consumer’s psychological expectation that one bottle resists multiple bottles.

  HR Responsibility Nourishing Cream: Contains Royal Black Pearl Top Technology from Tahiti Usually it takes 1?
In 3 years, it takes 5?
In the past 10 years, the latest and most complicated technology has emerged as the times require. Stem cell technology, neuromedical technology, biological fermentation technology, DNA repair, some technologies that have only recently become popular in the beauty industry have quietly entered many years ago.Laboratory of sky-high face cream.

  Impress perfect facial cream: As early as 3 years ago, the DNA repair concept was advocated. Limited releases are rare. Sky-priced creams are usually sold in limited quantities. Each one will be produced in a limited amount worldwide. Only VIP customers are allowed to book., Or just open the door to special guests who receive an invitation to order.

The high-level purchase process extended by sky-price creams is also a long period of time that must be enjoyed. If you do not receive one-on-one consulting services from professional service personnel, it will be a waste of money.

  Handmade is like the recent big red BV woven bag. Because the workers need to knit each strip of leather for three or four days, the slightly better leather can be sold for 100,000, 20 million.Also very focused on pure handmade.

The core ingredients of Chanel’s luxurious essence rejuvenating cream are all hand picked by African women from May vanilla pods. Each bottle of LAMER’s sea blue mystery cream needs to be hand-packed into a special porcelain bottle by the worker.The bottles are handmade by craftsmen, and each one is unique.

  The outer packaging of the luxury packaging cream is also luxurious. The bottle of POLA Dream Girl Beauty Cream Classic Edition is like a blue gem, perfectly decorated with a bright diamond in the middle, and a golden phoenix is standing on the bottle cap of WHOO’s youth cream.At the end of 2007, the limited edition of LaPrairie Caviar Essence of Qionggui Cream was put on a crystal bottle coat replaced by more than 2400 faceted Swarovski crystals by hand. The quantity is 21,500 yuan. The world’s limited sale of 300 bottles is the only one in China.8 bottles.

  LaPrairie Caviar Essence Jean Cream Cream Limited Edition: Became the most expensive cream from Guinness Records at a price of RMB 21500. If you pay attention, you will find that most of the price creams come from famous doors, some French royal rooms, a Swiss laboratory or a royal family.Skin labs and the like must be at least the most expensive products of the top brands of a large group, and the consumer group behind the sky-high face creams are Hollywood stars who live in Beverly Hills, members of the royal family and countries around the world.The billionaire billionaires, combined with the limited sales method, sometimes you want to buy a bottle of bleeding, and wait for a long waiting list.

  LaPrairie Revitalizing Platinum Cream RMB10000 / 50ml sky-high selling point: The world’s first platinum-based skin care product, through the platinum nanoparticles with negative platinum suspended in colloidal platinum, it continuously releases electronic energy to help the skin maintainFree radical balance effectively fights aging.

In addition, malachite, hematite, and crystal nanoparticles also add to the mineral power of this cream.

Behind the sky: The target consumer group is the 10 million millionaires and nearly 1,000 billionaires in the world. In 2009, only 350 bottles were sold in China. During the pre-sale stage, the product can only be booked by participating in VIP events.

  LAMER500ml large cream luxury limited gift box 2009RMB14000 / 500ml sky-high selling point: Contains the magical active extract with bio-fermentation technology which has great repairing effect and a variety of natural nutrients, has excellent repair and regeneration, moisturizing and moisturizing effect, large packaging (500ml) The long shelf life (10 years) makes this limited edition unit price per ml not sky-high.

Behind the scenes: Only the most distinguished and loyal VIP guests of this luxury version of this large cream will receive an invitation to buy, and there are only 30 bottles on sale in China.

  COSMEDECORTEAQ Rare Extraction Moisturizing Cream RMB7000 / 45g Selling Price: KOSE’s top brand COSMEDECORTE (Dai Ke) the most “expensive” anti-aging cream, with 30 kinds of beauty ingredients such as precious Acanthopanax root extract, andUsing the original multi-layer microlipid capsule deepening technology, a variety of ingredients flow into the skin.

Behind the sky: Although the price is high, as a star product of the AQ rare collection, it is sold all year round in the counter.

When it went on sale in South Korea in the same year, it was inspected because the cream in the bottle was expensive per gram of gold.

  After WHOO, it also has a cream price of RMB6800 / 60ml. It contains Tianshan Snow Lotus, 35-year-old wild ginseng, Siberian velvet antler, Cordyceps sinensis, and more than 60 medicinal herbs with five attributes.

Behind the scenes: WHOO is a Korean high-end skincare brand. The most expensive design creams of the young creams have been replaced by the palace secret recipes of “Kings and Ministers”. Those inspirations often seen in martial arts novels—TianshanSnow lotus, mountain ginseng, velvet antler, and cordyceps become the biggest selling point of this cream.

  CPB’s new exquisite cream RMB6500 / 50ml sky-high selling point: more than 80 active ingredients, applying Nobel’s “ion channel” technology, precisely control the balance of enzyme activation, comprehensively improve skin dullness, dryness, roughness, pigmentation, wrinkles, collapseAnd so on.

Behind the scenes: There are many celebrities and fans, like size S, Sun Yunyun and Wu Peixi have shared the experience of using this cream in their beauty experience. Teacher P also exploded that his cosmetic bag often carried this jar with him.

  Albion Premium Living Cell Beauty Night Cream RMB5648 / 36g Selling Price: Specially added puerarin can activate the anabolic metabolism of DNA, promote the ability of cell division, and restore cells that stop functioning.

Ginger tea promotes the regeneration of cells and revitalizes the stopped cells.

Behind the sky price: Albion, known for its original osmotic milk cosmetic theory, has always acted low-key and rarely publicized, and in order to allow more consumers to buy this sky cream, the market price this year has dropped from 6,720 yuanNearly 1,000 yuan.

  Estee Lauder Platinum Supreme Pet Day / Night Cream RMB5400 / 50ml, RMB10800 / set Sky selling points: nearly a hundred mineral combinations from Okinawa, Hawaii’s mysterious deep-sea holy water and super-optimized calcium containing sea fan algae extract.

Behind the sky: The concept of luxurious skincare was first proposed by Mrs. Estee Lauder in the 1950s and 1960s.

In the era when the most expensive cream was only $ 10, she boldly launched a $ 115 double nourishing platinum series.

This set of Platinum Supreme Skin Day / Night Cream was launched in 2006 in a limited edition of 7000 sets, of which 600 were wrapped in the big bags of star guests of the Academy Awards.

  : “Skin water channel” is more effective for hydrating. There are always some “naturally gifted” girls who eat nothing but fat because the metabolism is fast and the absorption is not good.

This situation can also occur during the process of hydrating the skin, but it is difficult to envy.

Obviously, it is a very good product, and the daily consumption is also very large, but the skin just cannot be eaten, and it is wasted.
  At this time, what you need to solve is the skin’s water circulation problem. The so-called “channel is king” is also true for skin hydration.

An aquaporin called aquaporin exists in our skin cells. It can awaken the skin’s own power and cause the source of muscle base to rise, thus allowing water to circulate in the skin like aqua spring water, thereby drying the skinAnd the problem of aging has been improved from the inside out to the symptoms.
The concept of AQUA SPRINA is to open the “water channel” of your skin and create a leading skin.

  Single product recommendation: AQUASPRINA Nourishing Moisturizing Nourishment Fluid II (RMB200 / 170ml) Future “cuticle, while achieving soft and elastic skin from the inside out.

This functional nourishing liquid can open the skin’s water channel and make it easier for nutrients to be absorbed. While trimming the “present” and “future” stratum corneum, it achieves soft and elastic skin from the inside out.