China Jushi (600176) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: The company’s performance at the bottom of the fiberglass industry cycle fluctuates slightly, and its future development looks better

China Jushi (600176) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: The company’s performance at the bottom of the fiberglass industry cycle fluctuates slightly, and its future development looks better

Investment Highlights Event: China Boulder released the third quarter report of 2019, which reported a real operating income of 77.

38 ppm, an increase of ten years.

43%; realized operating profit 18.

61 ppm, a decrease of 19 per year.

16%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

49 trillion, down 19 a year.

02%, press the latest 35.

Based on the total share capital of 2.0 billion shares, it has realized diluted earnings.

44 yuan (0 after deduction).

44 yuan), semi-annual operating net cash flow of 0.

46 yuan.

  Among them, the third quarter achieved operating income of 26.

76 ppm, a ten-year increase2.

49%; realized operating profit 5.

95 trillion, down -24 a year.

11%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

95 ppm, a decrease of 23 per year.

26%; quarterly EPS is 0.

14 yuan.

  Maintain the level of “prudent overweight”.

The capacity expansion of the glass fiber industry in 2018 caused the overall supply of glass fiber industry to exceed demand in the first three quarters of 2019. The price of glass fiber roving continued to fall, the 夜来香体验网 price of electronic yarn has been falling sharply, and profitability has declined.

During the period, the company’s product sales increased compared with the same period of last year, and the balance of production and sales has been basically achieved at the end of the third quarter.

  China Stone is a leading company in the fiberglass industry. The company continues to expand its advantages in cost control and product quality, and leads the industry in profitability.

Since 2019, the price of glass fiber has continued to decline, and the company’s single quarter performance has declined slightly from the previous quarter.

At present, the downstream high-end application areas of the glass fiber industry are rapidly expanding, and the company continues to adjust its customers based on its research and development advantages. The product structure still has considerable growth space in the long run.

  We adjusted the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to 0.

54, 0.

70 and 0.

88 yuan, maintaining the investment rating of “prudent increase”.

  Risk reminder: the risk of intensified industry competition; the company’s project construction progress is slower than expected.

Tesla will use Ningde era cobalt-free batteries?

A-share lithium iron phosphate outbreak

Tesla will use Ningde era cobalt-free batteries?
A-share lithium iron phosphate outbreak

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  Original title: Tesla will use Ningde era cobalt-free batteries?

A shares of lithium iron phosphate outbreak, cobalt shares tumbled reporter | Chen Qixin On February 18, according to media reports, Tesla and Ningde Times are discussing the use of cobalt-free batteries to further reduce production costs.

A Tesla source was quoted by the media as saying that a cooperation agreement with the Ningde era is true. The lithium iron phosphate battery produced by the Ningde era itself excludes cobalt, but there is little comment on whether the cooperation will eventually land.

  The interface journalist verified this with the Ningde Times, and the Ningde Times secretary responded that the announcement shall prevail.

The reporter further asked about the proportion of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the products of the Ningde era. The secretary said, “We basically use lithium iron phosphate batteries in our commercial vehicle business.

The interface news reporter noted that Ningde Times had stated in the prospectus that in the product technology route, the company gradually laid out lithium iron phosphate technology route products for the new energy commercial vehicle field; for the new energy passenger vehicle field, the company levelLayout 四川耍耍网 of ternary material products with high energy density and high power density is leading the technology in the current power battery market.

  On February 3, Ningde Times announced that it would conduct business cooperation with Tesla and supply lithium battery products to Tesla.

  Guoxin Securities research report analysis said that there are currently two plans for cobalt-free batteries: one is lithium iron phosphate battery; the other is a new type of cobalt-free battery.

At present, the cobalt-free battery path of lithium iron phosphate is more technologically mature.

  It is understood that due to its scarcity and strategic value, the price of cobalt has remained high for a long time. Reducing the content of cobalt has become an important measure to reduce the cost of NCA (nickel cobalt aluminum) and NCM (nickel cobalt 四川耍耍网 manganese) batteries.

The initial material of Tesla batteries is NCA, and its cobalt content is less than 3%.

  On February 19, the concept of lithium iron phosphate broke out in the A-share market, and at the end of the day, German Nano (300769).

SZ) daily limit, Godsend Materials (002709.

SZ) rose 9.


Defang Nano focuses on the lithium iron phosphate primary materials business and has deep cooperation with Ningde Times.

Tianci Material is a supplier of the Ningde era, and has a lithium iron phosphate alkaline material project.

  Non-ferrous cobalt plate is under pressure, Han Rui Cobalt (300618).

SZ), Huayou Cobalt (603799).

(SH) limit, Luoyang Molybdenum (603993).

SH), Shengtun Mining (600711.

SH), CNMC (000758).

SZ) fell more than 6%.

  Too many investors questioned the listed companies on the interactive platform involving keywords such as “lithium iron phosphate” and “Ningde era”.

Among them, Xiangtan Electrochemical (002125.

SZ) The secretary said that Hunan Yuneng New Energy Battery Materials Co., Ltd., in which the company has a shareholding, is a supplier of the Ningde era, and the company currently holds only 16 in the above-mentioned companies.

07%, the impact on the company’s performance is uncertain.

  Harmony Technology (300477.

SZ) stated on the interactive platform that the company ‘s wholly-owned subsidiary Hunan Yacheng mainly produces polar precursor products of lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are mainly used in the manufacturing and processing of lithium iron phosphate alternative materials.

In November 2019, Hunan Yacheng and Taifeng advanced the purchase agreement of iron phosphate and cobalt tetroxide for three years. Taifeng advanced was an important raw material supplier in the Ningde era, so the company will advance to Ningde era through Taifeng.Available from battery manufacturers.

In 2020, the company’s sustainable development of a new generation of high-density dense iron phosphate development and calcium iron phosphate development.

Should pay attention to some diet before menstruation

Should pay attention to some diet before menstruation

Menstruation refers to regular, triggered uterine bleeding.

Traditional Chinese medicine is also known as moon events, moon water, moon letters, etc.

On the days of menstruation, women will have more or less changes, both physically and psychologically. It is also the time when the body is most vulnerable. What should be paid attention to in the diet a few days before menstruation?

  First, caffeinated beverages: increase breast tenderness, cause worry, irritability and emotional instability, and at the same time consume vitamin B stored in the body, thus destroying the metabolism of the short circuit.

  Second, cheese is the source of menstrual pain: such as milk, cheese, cream, yeast milk, eggs, these foods will disrupt the absorption of magnesium.

  Third, chocolate makes emotions out of control: Chocolate can cause emotional instability and sugar addiction, in addition to gaining weight, it will also increase the demand for vitamin B.

  Fourth, sugar will consume vitamin B group: sugar will consume vitamin B and minerals in the body, causing you to eat sugar food more.

  Fifth, alcohol will poison the liver: alcohol will consume vitamin B and minerals in the body, too much alcohol will destroy the metabolism of toxins and produce too much estrus hormones.

  Six, cattle, pigs and lamb are high-fat foods, too much will increase the demand for minerals.

  Seven, high-sodium food causes breast tenderness: causing edema and breast tenderness.

How to dry rose buds

How to dry rose buds

Many people mention that roses are thought to be a kind of flower for appreciation, but roses are more than just a kind of “like goods”.
This kind of flower has a certain health and health effect on the human body, and is very popular among people.Especially with dried roses for soaking in water, and the way the roses are dried is very simple, so how do the rose buds dry?
First, how do the rose buds dry?
The first is to choose the flower material, the platycodon, sea bream, lily, etc. with more water content can only be fresh cut flowers, can not be made into dried flowers, most of the flowers suitable for dried flowers have the characteristics of less water, such as roses, forget-me-nots, cockscombsFlowers, etc.
In addition to the pine cones, reeds, sorghum spikes and pussy willows are also good ‘wild fun’ flowers.
After choosing the flower, you have to choose the flower. Basically, the more fresh the flower bud and the half flower, the better the shape after making the dried flower.
The large flowers that are opened will squeeze each other when they are hanging and dry, and the shape is not good.
Flowers that are to be withered, the petals are easy to fall off and the flowers of dried flowers are not easy to make.
This is very easy to do, and the bottom of the bouquet is bundled with rubber bands and hung upside down in a dry and ventilated place.
After two weeks, the dried flowers were finished, which was a little deeper than the original ones. However, I would appreciate the natural creation and not want to use artificial paint to change her free mood.
When the dried flowers are in the house for a long time, it is inevitable that some dust will be deposited. At this time, the dust can be blown off with a hair dryer.
Don’t let the dried flowers drip on the water, and the dried flowers that are wet or damp will not be ‘live’.
Second, 1.
Pick the right fresh roses and finish the extra leaves. Bundle the bouquets with rubber bands to avoid falling off during the drying process.

After tying the bouquet, choose a more airy place to hang the bouquet upside down.

After drying for two weeks, it can be made into dried flowers.
Material preparation: a few dry roses (other dry flowers can also be used), a small flower pot, a sponge, scissors, blades, ribbons.
2.Cut the sponge into a size that fits into the pot and then fit it into the pot.
The dried flowers are trimmed and the dried flowers are inserted into the sponge in the pot.
How do the rose buds dry?
Don’t forget that the drying process is similar to roses.
Pick and organize fresh forget-me-nots.
2.Bundle the bouquet with a rubber band and choose to hang upside down in a ventilated place.
3.Dry for about two weeks and dry flowers can be made.
.Material preparation: dry roses, wind-driven grass, wheat, forget-me-nots, two large maple leaves, one ribbon, two rubber bands, scissors.
2.Combine the dried flowers of different colors into your favorite style and fix them with rubber bands.
3.After the bouquet is combined, it is fixed with a ribbon, which is a beautiful and generous wall decoration.

Hug the sun to do beach beauty

Hug the sun to do beach beauty

It’s hard to stop the recent summer, whether you start to yearn for the refreshing sea water, bright sunshine, and fresh sea breeze. Although you have been eager to try it, you are still hesitant if you are not satisfied with your figure.

In fact, as long as you exercise for 30 minutes a day, you can still have a perfect figure on the sunny beach.

  The summer is approaching. While wearing cool summer clothes, you should also adjust your fitness plan!

  Choose the right time to reduce the intensity: the weather is hot, you must first pay attention to the exercise time.

The sun is most intense in summer, and the human body is sweaty and hydrophobic, so when and how long you exercise are very important.

  The best choice for outdoor sports is early morning or evening.

Take swimming as an example, 4 to 7 pm is the most suitable, it is advisable to swim for 10-30 minutes each time, but do not swim after 10 pm, otherwise it will affect the rest at night; the water temperature in the morning is sufficient, be prepared before entering the water, Wipe yourself with cold water to prevent cramps.

Indoor sports can avoid direct sunlight, but many gym air conditioners are turned on too much and there is insufficient air circulation, so the best exercise time is controlled within 1 hour.

  At the same time, high-intensity exercise is not suitable for high-temperature environments.

In summer, the human body consumes energy. If the intensity is too large, it is easy to hurt the body. You should choose some low-intensity “light exercise”, such as walking, simple aerobics, ballroom dancing, etc.

  Excessive sweating and frequent hydration: sweating can radiate changes during exercise, consume energy, and regulate body temperature, but excessive sweating during exercise and large amount of salt loss during hot weather can easily reduce the osmotic pressure of cells and cause sodium metabolism disorders.Muscle cramps and other phenomena.

  Step 1: The golden rooster moves independently: Fold the rope to the appropriate length, hold the rope with both hands; and, with the right leg half a step forward, bend the left leg to the position of the right foot, and hold the rope with both hands to lift it up from your chest.Pull the rope into a 45-degree straight line with the ground, hold it for 5 seconds, then change legs, repeat 5 groups.

  Slimming effect: Aunts with slender thighs, slender arms, and help to stand tall.

  STEP2: Tighten the waist and chest up: Extend the feet apart and shoulder width; Fold the rope to the appropriate length, and hold the rope tightly with both hands to insert it into the chest; Keep the feet still and turn the whole upper body as far as possible to the left.Tighten your chest and keep your posture for 5 seconds.

Change sides and repeat 5 sets.

  Slimming effect: Shape the sexy waist line, aim at the excess meat on the arm, and also relieve the discomfort of the shoulders and back.

  Five steps to make the body uneven, want to make the body look more symmetrical, fit, uneven, do not forget the maintenance of the lens.

Doing some correct and effective exercise can strengthen the inherent and elasticity of the breasts, making some places stronger and firmer.

Here are some simple movements that are good for your chest shape: STEP1: Shorten, lift your chest, abdomen, shrink your hips, bend your legs backwards, open them forward, hold your insteps with your hands behind you, and work hard to attach your calf to your thighTight, but be careful to keep your upper body straight.

This action completely helps the posture to stand upright, but also has an extraordinary effect on reducing the belly and firming the buttocks.

  Step 2: Straighten one leg, bend and lift the other leg, realign the feet under the pelvic bone on the side of the leg, and tilt your hands from the back on the same side.straight line.

If the leg feels unstable when the leg is bent and lifted, you can also place your foot on the forward calf or stretch it, and try your best to move upward.

  STEP3: Bend your left knee, straighten your right leg, and sit in a side lunge.

Raise your right calf, hold your right elbow, lift your left hand sideways, and look at your fingertips.

  STEP4: Sit with your legs in a lotus shape. Align your elbows and forearms with your palms on the ground. The forearms are perpendicular to the forearms.

  STEP5: Press the erected arm toward the same side as the sticking arm, to the limit, feel the shoulders to drive the chest muscles to stretch, pause for 5 seconds, slowly straighten your body, and evenly breathe.

Simple yoga moves increase body flexibility

Simple yoga moves increase body flexibility

Today, I will introduce a few simple yoga movements.

Practicing yoga can help you improve your flexibility and make you more confident and beautiful.

  Let ‘s start with a simple bridge!

The practice bridge has a good shaping effect on our back and front and back.

  The main points of the bridge posture are supine, with curved legs, heels close to the back, inhale and lift the hips forward, support the waist with both hands, and maintain the posture for 7 breaths.

  Strong buttocks and hip muscles, tibial column, nourish the thyroid gland.

  The plow-style plow-style is also a very classic set of yoga moves. Practicing this style is the choice of many yoga enthusiasts. How should this practice be practiced?

  The main points of the posture are to lie on your back with your legs close together, inhale your legs straight up and lift them up, and then gradually raise them towards the front, with your toes falling to the back of your head, and support your head with both hands, keeping your posture for 7 breaths.

Exhale and release your hand, then slowly fall back.

  Efficacy Blood flows naturally to the head, nourishes the face and scalp, and has a balance effect on the digestive system and endocrine system.

  Unfold the move and hold the calf belly with the palm of your hand, knead from top to bottom, back and forth 20 times each.

Squeeze your fingers slightly while kneading, preferably with sore muscles or tingling.

  Friends who do not have the basics of yoga should pay attention to the degree and time when performing such massage exercises. It should be noted that the intensity should not be too great.

  Clamp the calf belly with your thumb and forefinger, and pinch from bottom to top. Each pinch pauses for 3 seconds, and the left and right legs repeat 20 times each.

Relax and breathe three to five times.

  When pressing and kneading, we should pay attention to our grasp of the strength, not too hard, just press and knead.

  Find the toes and veins and massage it with the side of the little finger.

Gently tap the lower leg alternately, 20 times for each leg.

  Separate your hands and five fingers, hold the two calves separately, and pat the calf until the calf feels flowing again.

  Prayer practice stands upright with your feet together.

Put your hands together on your chest.

Relax your body.

Mix your breath.

  Strength builds a state of concentration and serenity, preparing for the exercises to be done.

  Therefore, this is a warm-up yoga practice. Each yoga practice requires a simple warm-up. Only in this way will our yoga practice be more effective.

  Arm extension (raising vertically) In practice, the upper arm is raised above the head and extended to the same width as the shoulders.

Slightly tilt your head back and your upper body.

  The tip fractures the abdominal organs, thus eliminating excessive slightness and improving digestion.

Exercise your arm and shoulder muscles.

Strengthen the spinal nerve and open the lung lobe.

  Bend forward (hand-to-foot) practice bend your body forward until your hands or fingers touch any tip of the foot, or the ground in front of your feet.

Use your forehead to touch your legs, but do not strain.

Keep your knees straight.

  Exhale when your body bends forward.

In the final position, try to contract your abdomen and exhale as much as possible.

  When breathing, keep the breathing rhythm even and gentle, not too fast or too slow.

  Weight improvement eliminates or prevents diseases of the stomach or diabetes and reduces excess mortality from diabetes.

Improve digestion.Helps eliminate constipation, softens the spine and strengthens the spinal nerves.

  Through the above sharing, I hope it will be helpful to friends who are eager to keep their bodies soft.

The best health time to make you more and more beautiful

The best health time to make you more and more beautiful

Our daily life must be scientifically compliant with the circadian body clock. Only by doing “points” can we do more with less.

Recently, the United States “Women’s Health” magazine listed the following 10 “best health schedule.”


Tonic: Vitamins in the morning, iron in the evening, and calcium before bed.

“Usage and Dosage” will be clearly marked on general drug instructions.

Supplementation of vitamins, calcium and other nutrients should also follow the optimal time.

The latest research points out that vitamins are most suitable for taking vitamins at 8 in the morning, and that humans have the best absorption of iron at 7 in the evening.


Eat dessert: before 11 o’clock.

It is not easy to gain weight by eating sweets before 11 o’clock, because most of the absorbed light will soon be converted into energy consumption.

30-60 minutes after lunch, drinking a cup of pure coffee can help digestion and burn your aunt.

In addition, eating dinner before 18:00 can help lose weight.


Drink tea: 1 hour after a meal.

Drinking tea on an empty stomach can easily lead to gastritis, and drinking tea immediately after a meal is also bad for your health.

Because tea contains carbonic acid, it is easy to form insoluble residual acid iron after drinking, which hinders the absorption of iron. Over time, it is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia.

The best time to drink tea is 1 hour after a meal.


Drink yogurt: 2 hours after a meal.

About 2 hours after a meal, the stomach acid is replaced by food, and drinking yogurt at this time works well.

Because the body’s blood calcium level is at a low point at night, it is better to drink yogurt to supplement calcium 2 hours after dinner or before bed.


Fitness: 16-18.

During this time period, the physical indicators reached the most suitable level for exercise: the highest body temperature; the strongest muscle strength and elasticity; the better vital capacity and cardiac function; the most sensitive feelings such as taste, vision, and hearing; and the best overall body coordination.

The most suitable exercises include: ball games, weightlifting and aerobic exercises that consume aunts.


Sex: 8 and 19-21.

The study found that the sweetest sex has two spots. One is at 8 in the morning, and most men have a natural “morning eruption”. After waking up, both sides are full, sexual sensitivity is stronger, and sex is more likely to reach orgasm.

The second is from 19 to 21, which is the most relaxed schedule and the easiest way to get orgasm after a busy day of work.


Pregnancy: 17-19.

With this index, the male sperm count, quality and vitality are at their best in a day, and this release happens to be the female’s ovulation time.

Therefore, it is easier to get pregnant at 17-19.


Regulate immunity: 21-23 o’clock.

This is the time for the immune system to regulate.

It is better to choose relaxing activities such as listening to music instead of watching TV or surfing the Internet. Listening to classical music for more than half an hour can best help regulate immunity.

Classical music belongs to bass wave music, which can make the mood more peaceful.
Beauty: 16-20.

At this time, the oxygen content in the blood has improved, and the skin can fully absorb nutrients. At this time, it is best to go to a beauty salon for maintenance.

Experts recommend: 20 o’clock to 23 o’clock is the most unsuitable for beauty care, especially skin care, which is prone to problems such as edema, bleeding and inflammation.


Gynecological examination: 3-7 days after menstruation.

At this time, the cervix has the largest opening and the least sense of insufficiency.

This grade is most suitable for cervical scraping, and the inspection effect is more accurate.

In addition, breast examination is best performed on the 10th day of menstrual cramps.


Brain training: 10-11 o’clock, 20-21 o’clock.

During this time, the body’s hormone secretion rhythm is the most vigorous. Doing puzzles is the most helpful for brain training.


Siesta: 14:00.

At this time, the body temperature can help you quickly enter deep sleep, and only 10-20 minutes can make you full of energy throughout the afternoon.