Four tips for computer families to fix vision fatigue

Four tips for computer families to fix vision fatigue

With the development of society, computers have become an essential part of modern people’s work and life.

Many people have to look at the computer screen all day because of the need for work. If this time is long, it is easy to suffer from eye fatigue and even cause other eye diseases, such as glaucoma and dry eye.

Therefore, for people who often operate computers, pay attention to the care of the eyes.


hzh{display:none;}  调整电脑到最佳位置  电脑的摆设问题是影响眼睛疲劳的因素之一。Doctors suggest that adjusting the computer to the best position can effectively relieve visual fatigue: the upper end of the screen looks down slightly?
15 degrees, the viewing angle can be adjusted to make the user comfortable.

The minimum distance between the eye and the 14-inch screen should be 60 cm, and the 15-inch screen should have a 70 cm buffer. The screen should be at a distance.

The height of the keyboard and the seat is mainly for the comfort of the user. The keyboard should be adjusted so that the forearm is parallel to the ground when typing. The computer chair is preferably an adjustable seat with a back and no armrests, which is sufficient to support the human body.Keep your feet flat on the ground.

The seat should lean forward slightly so that the spine is straight and the thighs are slightly up to the ground.

The space between the back of the computer and the rotor should be more than one meter, so that the user’s vision can be expanded enough at rest.

It should also be noted that as much as possible, place the relevant materials you need close to the screen so that you can reset your head and eye movements.

  Four measures to effectively relieve visual fatigue caused by continuous use of the computer caused by excessive eye use, is a major factor in eye fatigue.

The biggest disadvantage of using a computer is that the line of sight must be focused on a fixed distance and narrow screen.

Once you focus on your state, it is difficult to stop your hands, causing your eyes to become overwhelmed unconsciously.

Due to the long-term use of the computer, blurred vision, decreased vision, dry eyes, itching, burning, pain, and photophobia can occur, as well as headache and orbital pain.

  People who regularly use computers sometimes feel dry, nervous and restless.

Experts believe that this is one of the alternatives for modern people due to over-reliance on technology products.

  So, how to protect the eyes in front of the computer?

The following four tips can help you effectively protect your eyes: 1.

Try to avoid continuous computer operation.

Usually take 5 hours of rest for 1 hour of continuous operation?
10 minutes.

Look at the distance while resting to relax your eyes.


Maintain a good sitting position.

Maintaining the most appropriate posture, with your eyes up or slightly looking down at the phosphor screen, can relax your muscles and replace the area where your eyeballs are exposed to the air.


If you have dry eyes, redness, a burning sensation or foreign body sensation, heavy eyelids, blurred vision, or even eyeball pain or headache, it means that you have symptoms of visual fatigue. Stop operating the computer immediately and take a break.


If you experience symptoms of visual fatigue by operating the computer for a long time, you can close your eyes and massage several points around the orbit.

The specific method of massaging acupoints is as follows: Rubbing the eyesight point: The eyesight point is in the middle of the nose bridge, about half a centimeter from the inner corner of the eye. Use the threaded surface of the thumb of both hands to press on the eyesight point.Squeeze one beat at a time, making four consecutive eight beats.

  Rub your temples: Place your temples about 1 inch backwards between the outer corners of your eyes and your brows.

The threaded surface of the thumb of both hands is pressed on the temple, one tap and one loose is one beat, generally four consecutive eight beats are made.

  Rubbing the Sibai acupoint: The Sibai acupoint is in the depression below the middle of the lower edge of the orbit.

Press with both index fingers of both hands, do not press the surface too much, one press and one loose for one beat, generally four consecutive eight beats.

  After the massage, you can also apply moist heat towel to your eyes for 10?
15 minutes.
By massage acupoints and hot compressing eyes can enhance blood circulation, improve nerve function, eliminate visual fatigue, but pay attention to the local skin bloated can not stop, so as to avoid penetration and spread.

If there is no obvious improvement after the above treatment, you need to go to the hospital to see an ophthalmologist.

Yoga fitness can help you have an ideal figure easily

Yoga fitness can help you have an ideal figure easily

Guide: Yoga fitness can help you easily have an ideal figure. With the advent of the e-age, our lives and work can no longer be separated from computers.

Because people work at desks in a posture, many networms have to have slow blood circulation in their bodies. After a long time, there will be accumulation of toxins in the body and reduce the body’s resistance to disease, and it is easy to suffer from diseases.

  At the same time, it will cause partial body fatness, muscle weakness, stiffness and so on.

Therefore, let’s do yoga together. It doesn’t take much time or sweat to make you have a beautiful figure.

  1. Put your feet together in the mountain posture, stretch your arms towards the sky, palms forward, and look at the tip of the hand, keep the posture, and use the abdominal breathing method to take ten deep breaths.

At this time, the legs and chest are tight, tightly tighten the lower abdomen, and feel the deep stretch from the tip of the hand to the end of the foot. Full breathing is required. This action causes shortness of breath, which is the sound of breathing from the nose and restores the posture.

  Role: Stretches the spine and warms the body.

At the last minute of breathing, active blood circulation increases slenderness in the abdomen.

  Note: When the neck is tilted backwards, do not exert any strain on the neck and gently tilt it backwards.

  2, half-moon posture (tensing the whole body muscles) with both feet close to the front toes and back heels together, the thighs, tibia, chest are all tightened, stand upright, both hands raised to the sky to clasp.

Keep your arms close to your ears and take a deep breath. When you exhale, your body leans to the right, and then you inhale to restore it; when you exhale, your body leans to the left, and when you inhale, your body returns.

Stand straight, stretch your body, inhale deeply, push the exhalation tip to the left, bend your body to the right, and hold this position for 30 seconds; stand straight, stretch your body, inhale deeply, exhale straightPush right, your body bends vertically, and the posture is maintained for 30 seconds.

  Tips: Relax your arms and keep your hands together. Your elbows are slightly bent, your neck is tilted back 45 degrees, and your jaw is tilted to the left and right. Relax your body and breathe easily 3 times.

Sun Yoga Set: Linen S314 + P311

Sun Yoga Set: Linen S314 + P311

Product description: Market price: ¥ 326.

00 Specifications: M, L, XL Brand: Yuanyang Yoga Origin: Beijing Weight: 0.

6kg product color: dark green Commodity material: linen 55% cotton fiber 45% material characteristics: linen fiber is the natural fiber originally discovered and used by humans, ancient Egypt was the starting point for the development of linen, 10,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians were inFlax is grown in the Nile Valley.

Strong hygroscopicity, fast heat dissipation, good air permeability, non-stick to the skin, anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial, no static electricity, etc. It is suitable for clothing cloth, craft cloth, decorative cloth, etc.

Linen textiles are hygroscopic, non-static, strong in heat retention, high tensile strength, anti-corrosion, straight and smooth, soft gloss, soft fiber characteristics and holy, generous, hygienic, natural style.High, giving a concept of high-end and aristocratic clothing.

  With the rapid development of the modern textile industry, the processing technology of hemp textiles has become more and more mature.

Through the spinning or finishing process, hemp fabrics have changed from the previous thick, hard, thick and simple color characteristics, and gradually formed a light, soft, delicate and rich pattern style. At the same time, hemp clothing is also cool and breathable, health careThe advantages.

Blended or interwoven with other fibers can fully improve the hard feel and easy wrinkle of pure hemp fibers, and enhance the wearability of hemp fabrics.

  The cross section of hemp fiber is hollow irregular triangle, multilateral, waist round, etc.

The molecular structure of the period is multi-angled, loose, and has a spiral pattern.

Hemp fiber products have a good dissipation effect on sound waves and light waves.

When the light is irradiated, part of it forms multiple layers of refraction or absorption, and a large number of diffuse reflections are formed, making the hemp fabric even look soft and lustrous, and it has an advantageous function of preventing ultraviolet radiation.

As tested by the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, hemp fabrics generally shield more than 95% of ultraviolet rays, while hemp canvas can block 100% of strong ultraviolet radiation; while ordinary fabrics can only block 30%?
90% UV.

  Product introduction: Since the development of yoga clothing, it has gradually abandoned the old fashioned style, single color style, and moved to a simple and natural European and American fitness style. It also integrates Chinese knots, dynamic sides, sleeve flower collar flowers, fashion printing and other popular factors.Also integrated into more and more new styles, more in line with modern people’s personality, but do not want to go too far.

  Instructions for use: Yoga clothing is a type of clothing worn when practicing yoga.

When choosing yoga clothes, you must focus on comfort, looseness is the best, and at least there is better breathability.

Women learn to enjoy sexual pleasure

Women learn to enjoy sexual pleasure

No spouse who is physically harmonious will break up for trivial matters; when they have perfect sex, the couple will not lose their temper because of the trivial matter of sesame and garlic, and sometimes even break up the breakup from their mouth.

At this time, they can appreciate the differences.

  -The warmth brought by sexual psychologist Stopol’s sex to people is not only the instant physical pleasure, but also the fit of the soul.

  On behalf of men, women attach more importance to spiritual enjoyment.

However, “Plato” -style love should also be expressed by “sex”.

So how do women taste pleasure?

  Keeping the heat of love For most men, sex is a way of expressing love; but many women think that sex is a by-product of love.

With the continuation of the marriage life, perhaps some wives’ consciousness gradually awakened and began to unconsciously desire the pleasure of sex.

At this time, the husband may already be “more than love but not enough sex”, and the wife often has trouble speaking.

Therefore, showing enthusiasm for sex from the start is occasionally important.

If you are too shy, use a message board or the like to tell your partner when you want to “want”.

  Mastering communication skills In most cases, sex is always offered by men. Women are even courageous and mostly dodging. When their wives are unwilling, they can only ignore them and refuse to say anything.

It can be seen that many women do not understand what it means for them to reject men’s sexual requirements.

You know, men also need a lot of courage when they ask for sex. Once they are rejected, they are often severely ignored because they are ignored, and they may even suspect the other party, which greatly reduces the “sex” interest.

Therefore, when a husband sends a sexual signal to his wife, the wife must understand his mood and show his attitude in a timely manner. If he does not agree, he should also tenderly resign and at the same time comfort the husband through gentle actions.

Even when the husband is in a state of inability in sex, the wife should give encouragement and increase his self-confidence.

  Choose the right contraceptive method With the correct contraceptive method, you can fully enjoy sexual pleasure without causing harm and embarrassment caused by unexpected pregnancy.

However, there are always some contraceptive methods that people are not so “sexual”: men feel that condoms constrain their passion, and women need to take care of their husband’s feelings and worry about possible unexpected pregnancy.

In fact, safety and pleasure can be both.

Tejule, a short-acting oral contraceptive that is synchronized with the natural menstrual cycle of women, and Man Yuele, an intrauterine birth control system containing a slow-release progestin, are also beneficial to women’s own health while contraceptive, and can help women maintainThe balance of estrogen levels in the body delays aging.

More importantly, without the worry of accidental conception, sex is even more beautiful.