How should mobile phone dependence be relieved?

How should mobile phone dependence be relieved?

Mobile phones, as an advanced communication tool, are becoming more and more popular due to their convenience and speed. They have been transformed into a growing group of “mobile phone families”, a modern mental illness caused by excessive dependence on mobile phones-mobile phone dependenceThe disease also quietly appeared.

Miss Shi is a corporate propaganda of a cultural company. Due to the nature of her work and the need to extend contact with external parties, her mobile phone has become her inseparable “assistant”, and she uses her mobile phone far more frequently than others.

Due to her outstanding work performance, Ms. Shi was promoted to a management position to serve in the military administration.

The change in the nature of work has suddenly reduced the number of phone calls. Ms. Shi, who has always been very enthusiastic about her work, began to feel very worried, depressed, and depressed. From time to time, she took out the phone to see if there were missed calls, and she often called othersAs if her cell phone was ringing, even her temper became irritable, and she often got angry somehow.

过 Excessive pressure is the main reason what makes Miss Shi ‘s mood change so much?

Feng Bolin, president of the Chinese Social Psychological Association, believes that Miss Shi ‘s performance is typical of “mobile phone dependence.”

Feng Bolin explained that modern society is under heavy work pressure, interpersonal communication is gradually increasing, and information is updated and circulated quickly. These reasons have led mobile phones to become the focus of most people ‘s work and life. Mobile phones have in fact occupied a very important part of these people ‘s hearts.Once the mobile phone is out of power or the frequency of incoming calls suddenly decreases, mood swings such as worry, irritability, depression and other symptoms occur.

  Introverted personality is easier to obtain According to statistics from relevant departments, China is the country with the largest number of mobile phones in the world.

In spring?

Xun, especially the white-collar workers who are pursuing fashion, often replace mobile phones or have more than one mobile phone, which is the most concerned group of mobile phones.

Coupled with high work pressure and relatively distorted mobile phones, the incidence of this type of psychological discomfort among white-collar workers is also increasing.

In addition, some people with introverted personality and lack of self-confidence are the high-incidence people infected with “mobile phone dependence”.

These people often have a small social circle and few friends. They do not want to communicate with the outside world but are not proactive. They can only use mobile phones to resolve loneliness and prove their existence.

Still others show their working hours to others by answering the phone, thus proving their social nature and satisfying their vanity.

   Another manifestation of “mobile phone dependence” is the excessive use of mobile phones for communication, such as: where you can easily reach within a few steps, but you must use mobile phones to communicate; when you wait for someone, you always call your mobile phone alternatelyWhere the other person is, if they do n’t fight, they are anxious.

People with severe “mobile phone dependence” will experience numbness in their hands and feet, palpitations, dizziness, sweating, and gastrointestinal disorders.

  Adjusting life can alleviate Feng Bolin said that “mobile phone dependence” is a modern mental illness that changes the lifestyle changes of modern people. As long as you can face it, you can avoid or alleviate this symptom by adjusting your life in some way.

  People who rely on mobile phones because of the change in the nature of work are actually the interruption of communication desire caused by the sudden disappearance of some fixed communication objects.

Such people can rebuild their own social circle in life, take part in some social activities in their free time, and meet with a few regular friends regularly to resolve depression and make themselves adapt to the new environment and work as soon as possible.

If you are habitually dependent on mobile phones, you should actively talk to people in real life, read more books, read newspapers, gradually reduce the number of times you use mobile phones through self-discipline, and strive to focus your life on mobile phones.Transfer.

If objective conditions permit, it is best to participate in some beneficial physiological activities, such as: listening to music, going for a walk, outings, fitness, etc.

If you are overly dependent on your phone, you should see a psychiatrist to avoid affecting your normal life and work.

  Quiz: Are you worried about whether you have “mobile dependence” if you use your phone regularly?

Then do a little test!

If more than half of the following questions are answered in the affirmative, then you are likely to have “mobile phone dependence”, so you must be careful: 1.

Do you always keep your phone on your body and feel upset if you don’t take it?


When the ringtone does not ring every second, will you feel uncomfortable and take a subconscious look at the phone for missed calls?


Do you always have the illusion of “My mobile phone ringing”, and even often use someone else’s mobile phone ringing as if your own phone is ringing.


When answering a call, do you often feel that the radiation wave of the mobile phone is surrounded by your ear?


Do you often look for your phone subconsciously and take out your phone from time to time to see it?


Are you often afraid of the phone turning off automatically?


Do you keep your phone on at night?
When the mobile phone is often out of line and cannot receive the signal, will you feel worried and weak, and your temper will become irritable?


Are there symptoms of numbness in hands and feet, palpitations, dizziness, sweating, and gastrointestinal disorders?

10 traditional maintenance methods in the mother age


10 traditional maintenance methods in the mother age

Compared with our previous generation, mom was ranked when she was young, and girls now are really happy.

There are a variety of facial cleansers for washing your face, and special hair conditioners for hair care, as well as special products for exfoliation and acne.

But in the mother’s young age, the industry was still underdeveloped, and all these modern skin care products were not available yet. How did the girls who love beauty maintain it?

Therefore, it can be seen that some maintenance tips spread in the field are indeed effective.

Here are some traditional maintenance methods for black people!

  To remove blackheads, acne, and horny skin, use a towel and towel. After the shower, the stratum corneum is soft, and while the steam in the bathroom is not dispersed, and there is a little heat, you can use medical gauze, but the denser the woven fabric, the more denseThe better, slowly in areas with blackheads and need to exfoliate, gently massage in a circular motion, there will be blackheads and horny effects.

Using towels instead of hands for daily face washing will also have an exfoliating effect, but use with caution on dry and sensitive skin.

  Massage, keratin, and maintenance all rely on sugar to wet the face in advance, pick up the foam in the palm of the hand, and put in sugar (the particles should not be too large, otherwise it will scratch the skin), or the finely ground mung bean powderApply on blackheads and horny areas and massage slowly in circular motions.

The benefit is that it can achieve the effect of exfoliating, the sugar slowly melts, and it will also have a maintenance effect on the skin.

  Shrink the pores with a frozen towel to make a dry towel completely moisture-free, put it in a sealed zipper bag, and then put it in the refrigerator.

Before applying makeup in the morning, take out and apply moisture to shrink the pores. Towels must not have moisture. If there is moisture, it will form ice.

Scratches the skin.

  Tighten the skin, remove the edema tightly, and then set the drainage massage method: use the index finger and middle finger abdomen, gradually stop gently tapping from the sides of the nose, cheek to ears, about 5-10 seconds each; then put the left and right faces on both hands to extendStay in the ears for 5-10 seconds in both directions.

This is also where the traditional Chinese medicine called acupoints, vagina and acupuncture points can help eliminate excess meat.

Below the ear is the location of the lymph glands that control metabolism. The temperature of the palm helps the lymph to metabolize water and waste.

Sliding the fist of your hand over the retina, massage the occluded occlusal muscles to become smoother and longer, and can also lift and relax the skin as you grow older.

  In addition, you can also use a porcelain spoon to put on the skin to complete the massage. However, do not pull the skin while lying on the bed at night, put your head outside the bed, put your feet up on it, maintain this posture, and then rub the care products.

The advantage is that the skin on the face can resist gravity and achieve firmness, and the legs can also achieve edema removal.

  With your eyes looking upwards, use fat belly around the eyes, especially under the bags under the eyes and dark circles, and gently press to remove the bags under the eyes and dark circles.

  Repairing watermelons after sunburn is a treasure used to freeze the skin of watermelon peel. The effect of watermelon peel is similar to aloe vera, which can help calm the skin after sunburn.

  Oral care salt can also play a big role. Gently massage the gum with the salt, stay for about 5 minutes, and then rinse your mouth, which can help eliminate gum edema; rinsing your mouth with fresh saline can help eliminate sore throat.

  Weight loss notes Life details Control food intake Drink water before meals to help control food intake; lie flat and massage parts clockwise and counterclockwise to help eliminate bowel movements; get up in the morning and drink a large cup of light flour to help eliminate bowel movements; bottle up half a bottle of mineral waterMung beans / meter, arms flat, shake to both sides, help reduce worship meat.

  Moisturizing and beauty take ordinary honey for face, which can improve the moisturizing effect, or add half an egg yolk, apply the face evenly or apply cracked hands and feet, and the remaining half of the egg yolk can be blended with black sesame powder and applied to the hair ends to hydrateHair care.

Putting mineral water in a watering can is a homemade mineral water lotion. Use chicken feet + pig feet + soy beans + kelp to cook soup. It can supplement collagen and phytoestrogens. Use sugar-free yogurt and mung bean powder.Reconcile the mask into your face to gently metabolize keratin and moisturize and whiten.

  Accelerate the blood circulation of the body. Tap the body several times, clap your hands, slap the palms, 100 palms each; raise your feet + raise your head several times; massage your scalp with a round wooden hedgehog comb to accelerate hair growth.

Massaging the whole body can speed up blood circulation and relieve itchy skin. Before hairdressing, weave the hair into fragile hair, or use a clip to fix the tail around the straw. It opens in the morning to make beautiful curls.

Drink duck blood fan soup to lose weight and delicious

Drink duck blood fan soup to lose weight and delicious

People in Nanjing like to eat duck, and snacks are also related to duck.

It is said that the duck blood fan soup is a poor local who used a small bowl to fill the blood when killing ducks. The fans accidentally fell in and had to cook the fans and duck blood together.

  Unexpectedly, the soup was overflowing with fragrance, attracting countless passersby to stop.

The rich man heard about it and recruited him to cook for the rich man and his aunt.

Later generations got this cuisine.

  The authentic duck blood vermicelli soup is made from smooth vermicelli, fresh duck blood and thick old duck soup. When eating, it can also be paired with duck liver and duck intestines.

Peng Jing, director of the Nutrition Department of Yangzhou University’s School of Tourism and Cooking, introduced that the content of protein and protein in duck blood vermicelli soup is rich, but the trace content is very low.

If eaten with vegetables or fruits, nutrition will be more balanced.

What’s more worth mentioning is that duck blood fan soup also has the benefit of weight control.

Because the fans are in the production, the starch is converted into modified starch, which lowers the glycemic index.

Not only good for people with high blood sugar, but also help people lose weight.

  Peng Jing reminds readers that fans have a slow digestion rate, poor digestive function, and weaker stomachs, such as the elderly, people with stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers should be moderate.

In addition, in order to avoid suffering from excessive hypertension, duck liver and duck intestines should be added less, especially the “three high” people.

Exfoliate properly to make skin completely white and smooth_1

Exfoliate properly to make skin completely white and smooth

The normal and healthy stratum corneum is separated and tidy, and it will be replaced naturally by metabolism every time, which can keep the skin hydrated and shiny well.

As you age, the natural exfoliation process slows down, and as a result, too much keratin forms a rough, dry epidermis.

If you do not exfoliate your skin in time, it will result in thick horny skin, skin care products will not absorb it, and it will easily cause acne. The skin will not be able to maintain a good state of renewal. Even if you use a lot of moisturizing products, your skin will become unresponsiveHow can it not slip completely white.


hzh {display: none; }  正确去角质12个QA  Q:先卸妆再去角质,还是先去角质再卸妆?  A: The correct step is to remove makeup before exfoliating.

If you exfoliate and then remove makeup and cleanse, the exfoliating products will be rubbed together with the facial makeup, which will easily stimulate the skin, make the skin red and itchy.

So it ‘s better to remove makeup, wash your face, and then exfoliate.

  Question: I heard that many people use salt to exfoliate. Is it really economical and easy to use?

  A: Exfoliating with salt is indeed economical and easy to use, because the granular nature of salt can play a role in exfoliating.

Add some pressing oil such as jojoba oil to the salt bar, so that the outer layer of the salt bar is covered with oil. This will not only increase the smoothness, but also the salt bar will not be dissolved by water.

In addition, there are roughly two types of salt sold on the market: refined salt and coarse salt. Fine salt is a better choice because coarse salt particles are larger and may cause skin damage after use.

  Q: Can mung bean powder really be used for washing and applying face, and it has exfoliating effect?

  Answer: Mung bean powder itself is hard particles. After grinding and adding a shell, it can indeed exfoliate, and because leguminous plants generally contain saponin, which has the degreasing effect of cleansing agents, it can also be used to wash your face.

Use the commercially available mung beans to grind them into powder and use them, but after grinding the mung beans, use a sieve to sieve off excessive abrasive particles to avoid scratching the skin.

In addition, this type of beans is most famous for soy beans, soy flour can even be used to wash dishes, is one of the few safe DIY.

  Q: Exfoliating is a deep cleansing. Can I omit my face wash and exfoliate directly?

  A: Washing your face is a basic cleaning step and cannot be omitted.

There is no way for pure granular exfoliation to wash the grease and dirt on it, so face washing and exfoliation are two different things. Basic cleaning is required every day, and deep cleaning can be done regularly.

The correct step is to wash your face before exfoliating.

However, it should be noted that the rubbing action is already done when washing the face, and it should be gentle when exfoliating, not too hard.

  Question: Hereditary arms and legs feel thick and thick. How do I exfoliate?

  A: Hereditary skin will have thick pores whether or not it has been exfoliated.

However, if you regularly exfoliate, your skin will become more delicate. For example, you can use physical exfoliating products such as scrubs or chemical exfoliating products such as fruit acid and salicylic acid.

It must be effective for a long time, otherwise the pores will still become thicker.

  Q: I don’t need to exfoliate after using fruit acid products. Is it true?

  A: There is nothing wrong with this statement.

Fruit acid is a chemical exfoliating ingredient. The use of fruit acid products has been an exfoliating action. If a physical scrub product is used again, the skin may become sensitive due to excessive exfoliation.

For these two exfoliating products, it is recommended to use them at intervals, as this will protect the skin.

  Q: Does rough skin need exfoliation?

  A: There are two reasons why the skin is rough to the touch: one is that if the skin itself is relatively dry, it feels rough to the touch; the other is for people with oily keratinous skin and acne skin.The skin feels rough.

Before exfoliating, understand that you are an inherent skin type.

If it is dry or sensitive skin, the skin itself is very dry, and then exfoliating to make the skin exfoliate more.

For oily keratinous skin, exfoliation is more necessary.

For acne-prone skin, making some simple keratin can metabolize acne on the surface of the skin, but there is no way to deeply remove or eradicate acne. You can only use acne-conditioning products to improve the rough skin.

  Q: Will the granular exfoliating scrubs have enlarged pores?

  A: This phenomenon is not easy to occur.

However, scrub products are not suitable for inflammatory acne skin and sensitive skin, because if the scrub breaks the acne, it will leave scars more easily. Sensitive skin will become more sensitive due to rubbing by particulate matter.Generally, granular exfoliating products should be used with care. Pay attention to the rubbing force. If you apply too much force, it will cause tiny scars on the skin, and it will easily cause allergies due to abrasion.

In addition, the size of the product particles is also related to the health of the skin. The size of the particles, the stronger the exfoliating effect, the easier the skin will be damaged.

Also, do not use body scrubs on both ends as this will make your face too irritating.

  Question: The exfoliating products are watery, gelatinous, powdery, granular, so the effect is good?

  A: It depends on your skin type.

There are two types of exfoliating products: chemical and physical. Water-based products are usually chemical, gels and granular products are physical, while powdery ones depend on ingredients. For example, papaya enzymes are chemical products.Adding kaolin is a physical product.

Generally oily or thick cuticle skin is more suitable for granular products, while medium dry or thin cuticle skin is more suitable for watery or milky products.

  Q: Why do I often exfoliate, or have I always had blackheads?

  A: Because the metabolic cycle of the skin is 28 days, the pores are also part of the skin. The metabolic method is to generate acne, so it is impossible to completely remove blackheads by exfoliating.

But the exfoliation does remove the acne exposed outside the pores, leaving the skin surface relatively clean for a while.

After the impact, the acne on the inner layer will continue to grow and metabolize, and the problem of blackheads will still occur after exposure to air.

  Q: The skin is rough after sun exposure. Do I need to exfoliate?

  A: Never.

Many people find that their skin becomes rougher and rougher after being exposed to sunlight. This is because the cells of the epidermis die due to UV rays.

At this time, if you exfoliate and rub the fruit acid lotion, your skin will be too irritated.

It is recommended to strengthen the moisturizing, calming work, apply moisturizing mask, aloe vera, etc. are all good choices.

  Q: Do I exfoliate and then use Mya Nose Stickers to make the effect of acne removal more obvious?

  A: After exfoliating and using acne to remove acne, be careful to turn into a red garlic nose!

Because using the wonderful nose patch itself has an interesting keratin effect. If you exfoliate the skin the same day, the skin will be irritated, and it is prone to peeling, itching, and redness.