Industrial Fulian (601138) financial report comment: Contrarian trend to improve profitability and wait for the arrival of 5G

Industrial Fulian (601138) financial report comment: Contrarian trend to improve profitability and wait for the arrival of 5G

The performance is in line with expectations, and the profitability has improved from the previous quarter in the first three quarters of 2019.

42%; net profit attributable to mother is 10.2 billion yuan, +4 for the whole year.


In Q3, the company’s operating income was 1094 trillion in a single quarter, a decrease of 12 per year.

4%; net profit attributable to mother is 470,000 yuan, 9 years.


The company’s third quarter earnings were better than the previous quarter, in line with our previous expectations for the company.

The decrease in the company’s Q3 revenue was mainly due to the decline in market demand. The company strategically abandoned some orders with poor profitability and continued to strengthen internal cost control to ensure the company’s gross profit and net profit improved simultaneously.

How does revenue decrease and profit increase?

With the release of China’s 5G licenses and major mobile phone brands launching 5G mobile phones in succession, 2019 will officially become the last year before 4G after 4G.

Due to the construction prospects of traditional 4G networks and the decline in global smartphone sales, the demand of the industrial Fulian downstream market will weaken significantly in 2019.

However, after the release of Apple’s new machine in Q3 2019, the sales volume exceeded expectations, and the high-precision mechanism parts that have the most obvious impact on profits in the industrial affiliate business are expected to increase significantly.

At the same time, the company’s equipment assembly business has a significantly lower profitability than the precision mechanical parts business. After the reduction in the revenue of the assembly business, the company’s overall gross profit and net profit have a significant effect.

We are also concerned that the company’s R & D expansion ratio in 2019Q3 continues to increase, and it is expected that the 5G-oriented business layout will bring significant benefits to the company in 2020.

Backed by Hon Hai, hard power embraces industrial change. The company ‘s largest shareholder is Hon Hai Precision, a global EMS leader, with a stake 武汉夜网论坛 of approximately 62%. The parent company strengthens its global presence and integrates design, manufacturing, and business models to form a global 3C electronics company.The industry’s shortest supply chain.

At the same time, the company has a long-term layout. It already has fog computing for edge computing, 5G related products, lighthouse factories, and professional cloud services. The company is actively exploring new industrial Internet formats.

The company has a global industrial layout and excellent asset quality, and resists the hard power of the Royal Global Industrial Change.

Investment suggestion: Maintain the “Buy” rating for the changing global macro-scale in 2019. We continue to be optimistic about the company’s competitive advantage and long-term development.

The company’s 19-21 profit forecast is expected to be US $ 17.9 / 207 / 26.1 billion, and the current corresponding PE is 17 respectively.




Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Sino-US trade war intensifies, and market demand after 5G commercial use is lower than expected.

Zhou Laojiao (000568) 2019 Interim Report Review: Mid-to-high-end wines are working together, product structure upgrades drive high growth

Zhou Laojiao (000568) 2019 Interim Report Review: Mid-to-high-end wines are working together, product structure upgrades drive high growth

Performance summary: The company achieved revenue of 80 in the first half of 2019.

1 ‰, + 25% a year, net profit attributable to mother 27.

500 million, quarter + 40%; of which 19Q2 single-quarter revenue of 38.

400 million, previously + 26%, net profit attributable to mother 12.

4 ‰, previously + 36%; revenue was in line with expectations, and profits slightly exceeded expectations.

High-end and high-end wines are all working together, and product structure upgrades have driven high revenue and profit growth.

In the first half of the year, high-end wine achieved income of 43.

1 ‰, + 30% a year, mainly benefiting from the increase in demand for high-end wines, the continued development of channels, increased cost and priority, and slightly increased prices.

Mid-range wine income 22.

2 megabytes, + 35% a year, it is estimated that the special song 60 contributes nearly 5 trillion revenue, with a growth rate of more than 30%; the old-fashioned special song benefits from market development and penetration increase, sales growth, and two consecutive price increases (directPrice increase of 10 yuan + price change for packaging), driving revenue growth of nearly 40%.

Low-grade wine income13.

800 million US dollars, a slight increase, but the product structure has been upgraded significantly, and gross margin growth has increased by more than 6 percentage points.

On the whole, mid-to-high-end wines have made great efforts to maintain rapid revenue growth, and the increase in gross profit margin has driven profit growth much higher than revenue growth.

Profitability has increased significantly, and the expense ratio has increased slightly; advance receipts have picked up again, and cash flow has increased significantly.

In the first half of the year, the gross profit margin increased by four.

8 up to 79.

7%, mainly benefited from the decrease in the volume of goods, the volume of mid-range wines, and the upgrade of the structure of low-grade wine products; the expense ratio increased slightly, mainly due to the company’s increased cost expenditure, more costs to the terminal and consumers, including the management expense ratio of research and development costsDown 1 compensation; net interest rate increased 3 compensations to 34.


Advance payment 13.

9 megabytes, + 27% at the beginning of the year, + 8% month-on-month; cash inflows from operating activities each time + 32%, cash flow increased significantly.

The price of Moutai has been maintained at a high level and the terminal is out of stock, which is good for the country’s cellars. The East and South China markets have been gradually developed, and the national layout has achieved results.

At present, Feitian’s approval price is maintained at about 2400 yuan, and the terminal is in short supply. Appointment purchases by direct-operated stores and chain stores are still positive, which is good for high-end liquor such as Wuliangye and Guojiao.

Benefiting from the increase in the approval price of Maotai and Wuliangye, the approval price of the company continued to rise, currently around 780 yuan.

Since 18 years, it has actively explored the markets in East China and South China, showing rapid growth, and the national layout has achieved staged results.

At the same time, at present, the company is estimated to be the cheapest among high-end wines, and it is estimated that the improvement is worth looking forward to.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

It is estimated that the revenue for 2019-2021 will be US $ 16,219.6 billion and US $ 23.4 billion, and the net profit attributable to mothers will be 47.

300 million, 59.

400 million, 重庆耍耍网 73.

80,000 yuan, EPS is 3.

23 yuan, 4.

05 yuan, 5.

04 yuan, corresponding to 28 times, 22 times, and 18 times of dynamic PE. Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: The downside of the macro economy leads to the risk of a sharp decline in the price of high-end wine.

New securities law comes into force soon

New securities law comes into force soon

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  Original title: The new securities law is about to go into effect. The Shanghai and Shenzhen cities will strictly delist the “exports.” Source: Shanghai Securities News March 1, 2020, the new securities law will be officially implemented, with the registration system reform as the foundation of the first securities market.The system operation will usher in comprehensive optimization.

As an important mechanism to promote the superiority and inferiority of the capital market, the delisting system is also called a new mission and new direction in the new securities law.

  The new securities law no longer provides specific provisions for delisting. The rules on the suspension and termination of listing of stocks specified in Articles 55 and 56 of the original Securities Law have been deleted accordingly. In addition, Article 48 provides that stocks should be terminated by the exchangeBusiness rules.

  Although the new securities law came into effect on March 1, with the opening of the annual report, the delisting of related listed companies will inevitably be put on the agenda. In the transition period between the new and old securities laws, listed companies trigger relevant 合肥夜网 delisting indicators.How to adapt to the rules has also attracted the attention of some listed companies and investors.

Recently, a reporter from Shanghai Securities News interviewed a number of legal experts, and cleared the boundaries of the operation of the delisting system for listed companies in special periods. At present, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have not yet modified their business rules.Rules are handled by the stock exchange in accordance with its business rules.

  There are no changes to the Shanghai and Shenzhen delisting rules. It is understood that due to the removal of the suspension of listing by the new securities law, some people in the market currently have doubts about whether the business rules for the gradual suspension of exchanges still apply.

  However, experts in multi-method law consulted by reporters believe that this amendment will become the new securities law. It will no longer make specific provisions on delisting, and will formulate and cross-link the rules of the exchange’s business rules. This fully shows the market’s legislation.idea.

It definitely does not mean that the exchange already has delisting business rules such as suspension of listing that will become invalid.

On the contrary, market entities should still perform delisting work in accordance with conventional business rules to avoid institutional vacuum.

  Experts further stated that in the future, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchanges can reform the delisting system in accordance with the new securities law, but it will not be applicable until new business rules are introduced.

  Some law professors also believe that the abolition of the suspension of listing rules under the new securities law highlights the direction of future delisting system reform.

From the current attitude of amending the law, the specific circumstances of the future termination of listing will be directly determined by the business rules of the exchange.

Therefore, for the suspension of listing, whether it will be abolished in the future and the specific applicable matters should also be determined by the business rules of the stock exchange.

  At present, under the fact that the business rules of the two Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges have not been modified, the company that triggered the suspension of listing still needs to apply the relevant rules, which will be handled by the stock exchange in accordance with its business rules.

However, the “transition period” should not be too long.

The promulgation of the new law has provided room for exchanges to further reform and open up the delisting system. It is understood that the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges are also stepping up their research at the same time. It is believed that the delisting rules that are compatible with the new securities law will soon meet the market.

  Some companies issued a suspension of listing forecast. From a practical point of view, since the new securities law was promulgated, a number of existing companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have successively provided risk warnings on the risks of suspension of listing of their stocks.

As far as company groups are concerned, the life of the ST family is generally difficult. * ST Xinwei (600485), * ST Huayuan (600726), * ST Zhongfu (600595), * ST Gongxin (rights) (600701))), * ST Jinshan (600396), and * ST Salt Lake in Shenzhen (000792), * ST Infront (activities) (000670), * ST buses (002188), * ST Oppu (activities) (002711) haveSound the “alert” of suspension of listing.

  On January 8th, * ST Xinwei announced the results announcement and risk suspension of stock listing announcement. The company expects the 2019 annual performance to improve.

If the company’s audited net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company in 2019 is still negative, or the company’s audit report issued in 2019 by the audit agency that cannot express or disagree, the company’s shares may be suspended from listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

  Prior to this, the company had a negative net profit for two consecutive years. In 2018, Grant Thornton & Partners (Special General Partnership) issued an audit report with no opinion. The company’s stock was implemented on April 30, 2019.Delisting risk warning, the company is referred to as Xinwei Group * ST Xinwei.

  * ST Salt Lake has been a bit busy lately.

As the formation of non-performing asset disposal is expected to reach more than $ 40 billion, the company expects to cut $ 43.2 billion to $ 47.2 billion in 2019.

Considering that the company’s restructuring has been suspended for two consecutive years, if the final audited net profit in 2019 is negative, the company will suspend listing.

  Therefore, * ST Salt Lake tried to survive with a broken arm in order to fight for the shell.

The divestiture of the assets is an important step for the company to protect the shell. In the case of continuous public auctions, Qinghai State-owned assets finally helped, and the “stuff” * ST Salt Lake was thrown away to promote light loading.

On January 17, the company’s reorganization plan and budget were approved at the creditors’ meeting. After the reorganization, the magnesium segment will be stripped, and the company’s business focus will return to the development and utilization of potassium and lithium resources.

If the company successfully completes the reorganization, it will help to improve the company’s asset compensation structure; if the reorganization fails, the company will risk the Xining Intermediate People’s Court declare bankruptcy, and the company’s stock will also face the risk of being terminated from listing.

  Unlike the main board and small and medium-sized boards, which implement the “* ST” reminder of delisting risk, GEM reminds investors of the delisting risk by means of information disclosure of listed companies, and requires companies with delisting risk to repeat the delisting risk notification once a week, Without adding a special label to the securities briefly, nor adjust the stock price changes.

Once the company touches the suspension or termination of listing standards, it will be suspended or terminated directly.

  Recently, Huayi Jiaxin (Rights Protection) (300071), Shengyun Environmental Protection (Rights Protection) (300090) and Cultural Great Wall (300089) have issued risk warnings that they may be suspended from listing.

Among them, Shengyun Environmental Protection may even be suspended from listing due to negative net assets in 2019, and the company may still face the risk of being reorganized and failed to be listed after it is declared bankrupt.

  To sum up, before the exchange’s new delisting business rules were issued, the exchange’s current suspension of listing, termination of listing, and other related business rules are still valid, and the stocks that triggered the relevant rules will be suspended and terminated in accordance with the rules.

  Since 2012, after three rounds of reform, the delisting system has basically determined the delisting principles and directions of marketization and rule of law. The core idea behind it is to “export the customs” of a good market and truly establish a market that is superior and disadvantaged.mechanism.

  Under the background of the normalization and marketization of the delisting mechanism, all parties in the market properly do a good job of institutional and regulatory adaptation after the implementation of the new securities law.”Off”, adhere to the “one family retreat” supervision attitude, and maintain the seriousness and authority of the delisting system.

People with diabetes do not protect their eyes and are prone to blindness

People with diabetes do not protect their eyes and are prone to blindness

Ocular complications of diabetic patients are common, the most common of which are diabetic retinopathy and cataracts, long-term poorly controlled diabetes, which translates into prolonged disease duration, and almost 100% of complications will occur.

  Diabetes is 25 times more common than non-diabetic blinds.

At present diabetic retinopathy has become one of the four major blinding diseases.

Therefore, people with diabetes should take the following measures to protect their eyes.

  (1) Actively and effectively control diabetes, so that the blood sugar rise is normal or close to normal.

  (2) Actively treat hypertension.

Hypertensive diabetic retinopathy occurs and accelerates its development.

  (3) Early detection of eye complications.

A comprehensive eye examination should be done in the following cases: ① A comprehensive eye examination is required when diabetic is diagnosed, including: visual acuity, intraocular pressure, and fundus examination.

In the future, it will be reviewed once a year, and those who have already had retinal degeneration should be checked several times a year.

  ② Diabetic women should check the fundus within 12 months before planning pregnancy and confirm pregnancy, and then regularly check back in accordance with the doctor’s requirements.

  ③ Increased intraocular pressure and decreased vision.

Retinopathy, unexplained eye symptoms, and macular edema with developmental retinopathy must be found and must be thoroughly examined by an ophthalmologist.

How can winter melon be over-nourished

How can winter melon be over-nourished

Winter melon is a vegetable with high nutritional value.

Nutritionists have found that every 100 grams of melon contains 0 protein.

4 grams, carbon class 1.

9 grams, 19 mg calcium, 12 mg phosphorus, and 0 iron.

2 mg and multivitamins, especially vitamin C, have a high content of 18 mg per 100 grams, which is 1.

2 times.

  In addition, winter melon also contains glyceric acid, which has a good effect on preventing the body from gaining weight and enhancing physical fitness.

Eating winter melon often in spring and summer is very beneficial to human health, especially for people who are overweight.

Here, we will introduce three ways of using winter melon as a raw material.

  Winter Melon Seafood Roll Ingredients: 500 grams of winter melon, 180 grams of fresh shrimp, ham, north mushroom, celery, carrot, coriander amount, refined oil, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar and other seasonings.

  Cooking methods: 1.

Cut winter melon into 8 cm square slices, cut shrimp and velvet, ham, northern mushroom, celery, carrot and cut into strips for later use; 2.

2. Heat the melon slices with boiling water, and scald the shiitake mushrooms, carrots, celery, and northern mushrooms in the water, respectively; 3.

Mix fresh raw materials such as shiitake mushrooms with seasonings such as salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, etc., wrap them in winter melon slices and roll into rolls, brush with refined oil, and steam them out of the basket for about 3 minutes.

Place the steamed seafood rolls in a plate, thinly sprinkle on the surface and serve.

  Golden Sand melon sticks raw materials: 400 grams of winter melon, 80 grams of cooked salted egg yolk, 3 grams of pepper, 5 grams each of green onion ginger, 10 grams of red pepper, 10 grams of sesame, 40 grams of starch, 40 grams of powdered cheese, 3 grams of refined salt, cooking wineThe right amount of cooking oil.

  Cooking methods: 1.

Winter melon cut into strips and add refined salt; 2.

2. Mix the starch and cheese powder into a mixed powder; 3.

Crush the cooked salted egg yolks and fry the sesame seeds; 4.

4. Dip the melon sticks evenly into the mixed 60% hot oil and fry until cooked. Remove the oil when the oil temperature rises to 70% and re-fry until the shell is crisp and golden. 5.

Add a little oil to the pan and heat up. Add red peppers, peppercorns, green onion ginger, and salted egg yolks. Stir-fry. Add winter melon sticks, cook cooking wine, stir-fry.

  Scallop and winter melon ingredients: 400 grams of winter melon, proper amount of scallop cooking method: 1.

Soak the scallops, steam them in a pot and shred them into silk; 2.

Winter melon is cut into 3 cm long strips and stir-fried in a frying pan. Add scallops and water, refined salt, sugar, and rice wine. Stir in starch after a while.

Your cave, our farce

Your cave, our farce

Ye Xiaocong finally moved his mind about getting married. There was no news for a month. When he met again, he actually threw a few big albums on the table. Inside were art photos of shirtless men and boyfriends.Fully retracted his mouth and laughed, it was called a rippling, and he could wrinkle a pool of spring water with a smile.

  I looked up at the face following the photo to see if they were two faces, and tapped the man’s small squint on the cover with my index finger: “Did you marry?

“She held her breasts proudly.” Of course, I have to catch up with you, and I will have a child next year to open your eyes.

I stared at her belly and yelled, “Isn’t it already there?”

Ye Scallion was smashing a box of yogurt on my shoulder with her hand, and she pointed at everyone present with her hand: “I have a big deal on Saturday, you all have to go, no invitations, pick up the spirit points, don’t giveI am ashamed.

“As a bride’s best friend, I woke up at dawn and drank my face while lighting the lamp. I put the festive clothes in the closet on the bed and tried them one by one. How many years have I never worn high heels?”Also take the cloth and step on it.

At half past seven in the morning, I was like a big peach blossom, swaying and went out.

When she arrived at Ye Xiaocong’s house, she didn’t even look at me more, and she didn’t even stand out to me. She urged me to put on her Xiaokun bag to accompany her to put on her bridal makeup.

I sat on a leather stool and yawned one after another, and Ye Xiaocong trembled and asked me every five minutes, “What do you think?”, The tone was obviously proud.

I was about to take a nap, and Ye Xiaocang pulled me like a fairy.

I lifted her chin, exclaimed “Beauty”, her hand was knocked off, and Ye Xiaoshang, like a bullfighter taking a stimulant, threw me the plastic bag containing the wedding dress.

  During the wedding banquet, I followed the master tiredly, and squeezed the pockets of soft and red envelopes tightly. I had to dry the wine that she couldn’t drink. I had to pass chopsticks when she wanted to eat. I had to send the napkin after she finishedWhen I saw a child calling her, I had to pull out the red envelope with less money at a fast speed, and at the same time remember for her the appearance of those who gave the big ticket.

I think that’s what the Queen Mother is doing.

Because my steps are also respectful and respectful, Ye Xiaocong is so proud of me that I am a bridesmaid in her eyes.

  Those male students who had nothing to do with bad water became aligners at the wedding banquet. They moved their eyes and changed their clothes and toasted with the magical bride. When the bride came, a man who used to drink and spread the wind was actuallyShe grabbed the bride’s bare shoulders and poured a glass of white wine into Ye Scallion’s mouth.

I desperately pulled away the man with a hooligan attempt and stopped the wine.

When I was worried about watching wine, a burly boy had pushed away the four happy balls on the dining table and stood up.

Ye Xiaocong’s thin, small eyes, the husband didn’t know how much it was filled, but he still held the bride about the same weight as him with wine, Ye Xiaocong leaned on one hand, waving a lighter, and the burly boy shook Yan DongWest flash.

Seeing the groom’s Dan Tian could not hold his breath, Ye Xiaosong’s red leather shoes kept kicking in the air.

The two sides were deadlocked for two or three minutes. I secretly spilled the wine in the wine glass under the chair, and their performance was ended because the bride was anxious to order the burly boys’ pants.

  A high-character drove over in the distance, telling the bride and groom not to be in a hurry, saying that the newlyweds were not big for three days, and no one was busy.

It’s not easy to get into the cave.

The young couple regained their spirits and laughed again, fighting the rivers and lakes, men drinking, women performing small shows.

In the end, I don’t know who was lifting a prawn with a rope. The requirement for clearance was that the groom should peel the shrimp out of the mouth and send it to the bride.

I stood behind Ye Xiaocong and felt cold all over. This is like a wedding. I finally found a cousin to redeem with a woman in the green house but was embarrassed and teased by other guest officials.

The little squinting groom didn’t even resist, he bit his prawn’s head first with his stuffy head.

The person holding the rope always teases, prawns up and down in front of the groom, not to mention peeling the shrimp, it is not easy to hold it.

How could Ye Xiaosong watch his beloved make his mouth drool in the laughter?

She hugs the groom, bites the prawn like a she-wolf, and swallows a few bites before swallowing.

  After all, the guests were satiated, and those hormonal male students urged to make trouble.

No way, I and the best man drove the pair to the new house with a pair of handsome men and women who were drunk and had only a superficial consciousness.

The groom had almost obsessive-compulsive disorder. Whenever he saw a living creature, he smiled and raised his fists and greeted him, saying, “Are you ready to drink?

Poor care!

“It scared the dogs in the community away from him and ran all the way and screamed.

  Finally put the two on the bed, they will be able to sit still, Ye Xiaosong’s makeup does not mess up like a peach flower, the groom’s face flushed with wine.

A group of sober, unsympathetic men shouted for them to perform a show in an attempt to educate the two.

Ye Xiaocong slammed his eyes and volunteered: Will kissing be all right?

In a whistle, Ye Xiaocong pointed her mouth at her husband, and the little squinting eyes almost fell backwards while his wife’s mouth was attached, and she couldn’t sleep.The people in the troubled room were consciously boring, and helped Ye Xiaocong take off the drunken groom’s clothes and put them into the bed.

  At midnight, my phone rang and Ye Xiaoshang’s name flashed on the screen.

“Are you asleep?

He slept like a dead pig, never waking up.

I just sat on the bed and counted the money I had with me.

The cave room is too boring, and it’s too boring tonight. If you don’t come out, I invite you to soak.

“Oh my God, how can there be a bride’s house with candlelight nights and I’m going to hang out with my bridesmaids.”

I resolutely stopped her weird thoughts and congratulated her on her successful breakthrough and her new life.

  Once the season is pleasant and the month sign says the weekend of the two days, the streets are married together.

Marriage is a big event in life, and many things still follow the old example for the sake of auspiciousness.

After thinking about it, if everyone was orderly, when they came, they would save money with their new hands and walk away after eating. It was really less of an atmosphere, too solemn, like donating to a difficult family.

You said that people in this life are estimated to be so eager to be played by others this time, so they don’t care about it.

The bride and groom look at each other with laughter, do n’t eat, drink, or come to greet them, often pouring tea and water.

Of course, at night, the two sat on the buns and drove a warm 25-watt cartoon small wall lamp to clear the income of the day one by one, and the happiness was comparable to the candlelight night.

In fact, the people’s marriage is basically the same, formal, but full of folklore and simplicity.

Nutritional Value and Practice of Toona sinensis

Nutritional Value and Practice of Toona sinensis

In spring, green edible wild herbs and toon are the most delicious.

In addition to its unique fragrance and rich nutrition, Toona sinensis also has a variety of vitamin effects such as clearing heat and detoxifying, insecticidal and hemostatic.

Medical research has confirmed that Toona sinensis has a strong inhibitory effect on staphylococci, pneumococcus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is especially effective in treating dysentery caused by fever, hemorrhoids, and gum swelling.

In addition, toon is rich in vitamins and calcium, and the protein content is 3 to 4 times that of ordinary vegetables.

City people eat toon mainly for early adopters. If you want to achieve medicinal effects, you can increase the frequency of eating appropriately.

However, due to the bitter cold nature of toon, it is not recommended to eat too much for those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

People with a history of bronchial hypertension, skin inflammation or allergies, eating toon may cause recurrence of old diseases, so it is not recommended.

  In addition, an average of 30 milligrams of nitrite is contained in one kilogram of toon, and only 4 is left after boiling water.

About 4 millimeters, it is basically harmless to the human body, so it is best to use boiling water before eating toon to avoid nitrite poisoning.

  Several toon food practices: Toon scrambled eggs: 250 grams of toon, 5 eggs.

Wash the toon, simmer in the boiling water a little, remove and chop it; scoop the eggs into a bowl and stir well; heat the oil pan, pour the eggs into the pieces, stir in the toon, add the salt, and fry until the eggs are cooked.When you taste, you can leave the pot.

  Efficacy Evaluation: It has the effects of nourishing yin, moisturizing, and moisturizing.

It is suitable for the consequences of vomiting blood from exhaustion, red eyes, malnutrition, white baldness and so on.

More food can enhance the body’s ability to resist disease.

  Tofu mixed with tofu: 500 grams of tofu, 50 grams of toon.

Tofu cut into pieces, put in boiling water and boil and drain, cut into small dices; wash the toon, slightly simmer, cut into small pieces, put in a bowl, add salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, mix well and pour on tofuJust go.

  Efficacy Comments: It has the effects of emollient eyesight, qi and medium, Shengjin Runzao.

Applicable to complications such as upset and thirst, full stomach, sore tongue and so on.

Husband loses beer belly, transforms handsome male

Husband loses beer belly, transforms handsome male

Men also want to lose weight, like my husband is only 1 meter 73, but the weight is more than 180.
It’s a big belly, like a pregnant woman.
Fat can’t bend over, every time I cut his toenails.
The most terrible thing is that he snoring, the voice is like thunder, and I can’t sleep well every night (it looks like fat people will scream).
Every time he let him lose weight, he refused to say that he had a big boss.
Double chin, thick neck, beer belly. Men are too fat, but also affect health. Once, let him go shopping with me.
I asked for a long time to agree, but after visiting for less than half a hour, he said with a sweaty head: tired, want to rest, I want to go alone.
On the street next to other women, there are husbands twisting bags to follow, seeing my heart sour.
I really can’t figure out why my husband is so useless?
Sleeping at night, he wants to move me.
He was sorely hurt by his “pregnant woman’s belly” and saw a large black scorpion on the inside of his thigh (the legs were too thick, and the inside of the two feet was black) and he felt sick.
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The result didn’t go home for a week, he wouldn’t have it outside. Losing weight is a big problem, this is the fatness of his previous reading. High blood pressure will be short-lived!

!!  Worried about the extra, he later apologized to me and said that he wants to lose weight.
It turned out that his company organized a medical examination.
As a result, blood pressure and blood lipids were all seriously exceeded. The doctor warned that if you do not lose weight, it is likely that you will get high blood pressure, high blood fat, short life or sudden death.
I am also very scared and began to supervise his weight loss.
Does obesity affect health?
  I set an alarm clock at 6:30, and urged him to run every morning.
After a week of persistence, he said that he was sore and wanted to give up.
I stimulated him to say: “Zhang Bo, who is downstairs, is in his 50s and goes to the park every day!
Age is bigger than you, running farther than you, are you still embarrassed?
“Husband had to hold on to her teeth.”
Later, after a week of rain, I didn’t let him run.
But when the weather is good, he will not be willing to practice again.
This person who has no perseverance!
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这个臻好牌大肚子茶系以祖国传统保健理论为依据,以银杏叶为主 要原料进行科学的配伍,采用先进的加工技术而制成的新型保健食品,经功能试验证实,本品出了排油减肥以外还具有极好的调节血脂的保健作用,可预防高脂血 症,动脉粥样硬化等。Amoy to lose weight baby – big belly slimming tea Big belly slimming tea rich in tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharides, tea pigments and vitamin C.
These elements are great tools for weight loss.
And many of the altar friends who have used in the jars have posted hot tops.
I looked very good, her husband also had some heartbeat, but in order to eliminate security concerns, her husband decided to go to the official website to study and study.
后来到官网一看,原来这大肚子减肥茶还是模特们用来保持身材的秘方呢,它最大的功效就在于能够把 每天吃 的食物直接转化成热量而不变脂肪,再加上产品原料都是It is derived from plant extracts, so it is safe and secure to use.
Can a big belly slimming tea really help to lose weight easily?
>>> And their customer service is also very professional, saying that her husband is lack of sports, beer belly, but also gives a set of exclusive weight loss program.I did not expect that this obesity is also classified. This is a long-term experience. Since it is so professional, my husband naturally feels relieved, and immediately ordered a set of big belly slimming tea standard equipment.
  产品说明书上写每天冲服两包即可,不过因为之前喝减肥茶拉过肚子,多少还是有些阴影,所以一开始我就让他先少喝点,一天喝一包试试,3天后没有出现 像I have let him eat as normal, such as diarrhea and other adverse reactions.
Later, he slowly discovered that his diet had changed. First, he had less food. He went home to eat a bowl at night. He used to eat at least 2 bowls.
Then he found that he was not spicy and unhappy, but his mouth tasted even lighter. When he went out to eat, he sometimes ordered Cantonese dishes such as white-cut chicken. It seems that this professional product is still different.
Asked him how he feels, he bluntly said that the body is hot, as if the fat is burning.
I touched his stomach and it was a lot softer.
I started to lose weight and started to smell. I wanted to give him a photo. It was still found in the shopping trip. Once he was going to accompany me for shopping.
I found that he was much easier to walk than before, unlike the previous ten minutes of shouting.
After a pharmacy, I found a weight scale at the door.
Hurry and let him go to the title.
Good guy!
Half a month actually lost 9 pounds.
Look at the success of other netizens who have a big stomach to lose weight tea.>> Lose more than 20 kilograms, become younger and more handsome. With the effect, there will be motivation.
Husband was more eager to eat. After a while, I found that the clothes suddenly became bigger. The previous belt was not tight enough, so I had to play a few more holes.
What surprised me even more was that the previous “pregnant woman’s belly” was not so prominent, and it was flattened a lot. After three months, it was actually reduced by 26 pounds.
A few days ago, a friend came to the door. I was amazed at the change of my husband. I said that I couldn’t recognize it. Now I am thin and look young and handsome.
  Yesterday we went to the community clinic to buy medicine. I specifically asked him to measure blood pressure and blood lipids.
As a result, the nurse said that blood pressure and blood lipids were normal.
At this time, my heart’s worry finally landed.
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The elderly can prevent strokes and eat more potatoes.

The elderly can prevent strokes and eat more potatoes.

Potatoes are a common home-cooked dish. The nutritional value of potatoes is very high, but what are the benefits of eating potatoes?

  Potatoes are a vegetable with high nutritional value.

It is delicious and can prevent diseases.

Nutrition experts point out that eating one potato a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 40%.

Potatoes have the effects of detoxification, anti-inflammatory, spleen and qi, and the elderly do not hinder eating more.

  The plasma fiber in the potato, sucrose helps the digestive tract cancer and control the blood cholesterol content, the mucin protein can prevent cardiovascular disease, thereby reducing the risk of stroke.

  It helps Chinese health doctors to think that potatoes can regulate the stomach, strengthen the spleen and replenish qi, and prevent probiotics from treating diseases such as gastric ulcer and habitual constipation, and it also has the effect of detoxification and anti-inflammatory.

  You can lose weight and eat potatoes without worrying about excess, because it only contains zero.

1% of aunts, eating more potatoes every day can reduce the replacement of aunt, so that the excess father is gradually metabolized by the body.

In recent years, Italy, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Russia and other countries have emerged a series of unique potato diet restaurants, thus replacing the daily needs of bodybuilders.

Eating enzymes after a meal can increase fat

Eating enzymes after a meal can increase fat

Too many people know that enzymes can lose weight, and indeed do not know that enzymes can also increase fat.

  What is an enzyme?

An enzyme is a special biologically active substance composed of amino acids. It is present in all living animals and plants and is an essential substance for maintaining normal functions of the body, digesting food, repairing tissues and other life activities.

  For those who want to gain weight, eating enzymes after a meal can achieve the effect of fattening.

There are many people who are too thin and have problems with unhealthy gastrointestinal problems, so that the next food and nutrition they eat cannot be fully absorbed.

Eating enzymes after a meal can improve the digestion of the stomach by the stomach, and also promote the absorption of nutrients by the body, and the functioning of the various functions of the body returns to normal.

In this way, the body will naturally be healthy, and will gradually have a healthy physique and will not be too thin.

  The enzyme is completely digested, clean food.

  People who can’t eat because of illness, people who have lost their appetite, and those who eat and are hard to digest. As long as they drink enzymes, they can eat almost the same, and they also gain vitality.

For those who have no time to eat, this is the most ideal substitute food.

  Let’s take a look at how enzymes solve dietary digestive problems.

The digestive enzymes in the enzyme can almost digest the intestines, stomach digestive juice and food, and can also accelerate and promote the secretion of digestive juices in the digestive organs, so that there is enough digestive juice for food digestion.

In this way, the speed and quantity of digestive foods in the digestive system are improved, and most of them relieve the digestive pressure, and there is no “overtime” problem of the digestive system.

The enzyme decomposes and digests the food it eats into a substance that is easily absorbed, and promotes rapid recovery of physical strength.

  What are the common food enzyme enzymes?

Most are dairy products, nuts, fats, and meat.

Papaya contains enzymes, and many articles recommend that women who are thinner eat more papaya.