Middle-aged people have no motivation to study Zhang Jiahui and Guo Fucheng

Middle-aged people have no motivation to study Zhang Jiahui and Guo Fucheng

If you are middle-aged and start to indulge yourself, there is no motivation, then look at the inspirational exercise of the entertainment industry to the middle-aged star, Zhang Jiahui at the age of 46 trained with a muscular body against the sky and took “Guild”This is in itself an inspirational story.

Tian Wang Guo Fucheng why the maintenance is so good to half a hundred people, but Guo Tianwang has maintained fitness habits for a long time!

The editor once inquired that once Guo Fucheng came to Guangzhou to develop a conference, a treadmill was needed in the hotel where he stayed. It turned out that Guo Fucheng must exercise wherever he went, no matter if he was running a movie or various activities, his residence must be preparedExercise equipment!

Zhang Jiahui’s fitness method: learn its persistence and perseverance. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to copy Zhang Jiahui’s training of this muscle. The process of bodybuilding is the same as that of bodybuilding competition members. It is to lose weight in the early stage, train muscles in the middle, and finally eat rice.Muscles swell.

In the diet, it is best to add easily digestible supplements such as oatmeal, honey, chocolate, bananas, etc. before exercise to ensure energy supply.

Arrange a richer diet after exercise, especially eggs, milk, beef, etc. that need more protein supplements to get protein from the normal diet.

However, Zhang Jiahui’s training method, bodybuilders said that it is not recommended for ordinary people, Zhang Jiahui is fast, because of shooting needs.

What ordinary people should learn from Zhang Jiahui is his persistence and perseverance. He considers exercise and fitness as a necessary lifestyle. He exercises about 3 times a week, including running, barbells, dumbbells, sit-ups, playing ball, and so on.

Even Zhang Jiahui himself warned others in an interview: “I know my body looks good, and even my” muscle formation “online, but please don’t try it casually, it is dangerous!

“Why is the king well maintained?”

Guo Fucheng’s exercise tactics magic one: exercise two hours a day, running in the house at 4 am.

For so many years, Guo Fucheng’s daily exercise habit has not been interrupted for a day.

Magic weapon two: egg white, plain water, chewing gum.

On weekdays, Guo Tianwang pays great attention to diet. “Every morning after exercise, I eat two boiled eggs and no egg yolks; noon is fruit and I am full. I can eat boiled meat and hot vegetables for dinner, but I need to eatIncrease the amount of exercise.

But such a diet Guo Fucheng is very uncomfortable. Whenever he wants to eat, he chews gum.

And his drinks are always boiled water, and occasionally he will enjoy a small glass of soda.

Do n’t eat it in the middle of the night. If you are very hungry, you will eat half an apple or two biscuits.

After exercise and dancing, you will drink a lot of water and supplement carbohydrate-containing sports drinks as appropriate.

Children should be cautious about eating seasonal fruits

Children should be cautious about eating seasonal fruits

Children should be cautious in eating out-of-season fruits. A huge strawberry and fresh cherries . Although it has just entered spring, many out-of-season fruits have appeared on the market.

No matter what you eat, what’s worse is that many off-season fruits are ripened with some chemicals to keep them fresh.

  Therefore, experts especially remind that these “problem fruits” not only have low nutritional value, but also cause great harm to the body. Children should prevent them from eating, because the off-season fruits using hormones can make children precocious.

Regular consumption of off-season fruits with high levels of ripening agents, for young children who are in the development stage, girls will have early sexual maturity such as early menarche, and boys will cause sexual characteristics not obvious.

  In fact, out-of-season fruits are not harmful in any way. They change the growth environment in greenhouses by means of greenhouses, indoors and other means, so that the maturity of plants can be advanced without using hormones.

But in order to increase yield, some unscrupulous farmers often use plant growth regulators, which are hormones, in excess.

These hormones can promote fruit development, growth and early maturity, and increase the yield by about 20% after using hormones.

Although the color of the out-of-season fruit that has been “urged” is pleasant, the flesh inside is not yet ripe, and not only does it not taste sweet and savory, but the nutritional content naturally shrinks.

The elderly have a weak spleen and stomach, and their metabolism is slow. It is not appropriate to eat a lot of fruits. If most of the fruits are out-of-season fruits, the absorbed nutrients will naturally be discounted.

  Tips for ripening fruits in Beijing ◆ Strawberry picking starts in mid-May, sour and sweet taste is strong.

◆ Apricot ripening period is from late May to mid July.

◆ Cherry maturity is from mid-May to mid-June.

◆ Peaches are mature from mid-June to early October.

◆ Early-maturing varieties of plums have been on the market since early June, and the best varieties should mature between August and September.

  ◆ Rose fragrant grapes will not mature until late August to early September.

◆ Jufeng grapes will be available in the first half of September.

◆ The maturity of most jujube varieties is from mid to late September to early October. Jujube has a flavor of jujube. Before this, the jujubes on the market are woody and woody and cannot be eaten at all.

◆ Some apple varieties mature after entering the market. The mid-late mature apple “Red Star” matures at the end of September, and the “Fuji” series will not be available until October.

◆ Early-maturing varieties of pears mature in early August, such as “emerald”, but the price is more expensive.

Most pears are available at the end of September or early October.

Ejiao Jujube and Turmeric Ointment eat too much health

Ejiao Jujube and Turmeric Ointment eat too much health

Core tip: Many people like to eat snacks with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as Ejiao Jujube, Guiling Ointment, Sour Plum Soup, etc.

In fact, these foods are good for the body, but if you ignore the taboos or eat too much when eating, it will cause great harm to the body.

  Ejiao dates nourish yin and nourish blood, stomach heat and indigestion are low in food. There is a type of jujube in the supermarket that is especially popular, especially for female friends. The special companion of this date is Ejiao.

As Ejiao and red dates have the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood, especially Ejiao also has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and soothe the nerves, nourishing yin and moisturizing, etc. Many white-collar women will put one or two bags in their bags or in the office.Eat as a nutritious snack.

  Experts point out that for people with qi deficiency or blood deficiency constitution, regular consumption of Ejiao Jujube still has certain benefits, which can improve symptoms such as fatigue, sluggishness, and limb weakness.

However, although jujube is good, do n’t eat too much, especially Ejiao. Eating too much is not good for digestion and absorption. If you are suffering from stomach heat or indigestion, eat too much to obstruct the stomach and affect appetite.Get angry, so it is best not to eat more than 7 pieces of Ejiao dates.

  Guiling Ointment clears heat and detoxifies, and has a cold stomach. Pregnant women and menstruating people eat Guiling Ointment a long time-honored traditional health snack. According to legend, it was originally intended for the Emperor of Qing Palace.

The authentic Guiling cream is mainly made of precious eagle-mouth turtle and Poria cocos, which is refined with raw rehmannia glutinosa, dandelion, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and other drugs. It has heat-clearing and detoxifying, nourishing yin and kidney, eliminating acne, and intestinal laxativeefficacy.

Guiling paste is very popular among young people, and it is also one of the traditional Chinese medicine snacks that some old friends like to eat.

  Some of our white-collar workers are busy working all day, especially the office workers, lack of exercise, and poor diet and scientific conditioning. If they are not careful, symptoms such as dry mouth, upset, and constipation will occur. For some young readers and friends who are beautiful, they are most sad.Still cause “face problems”-ulcers.

This group of people is more suitable to eat Guiling paste, but usually two or three boxes a week is almost the same, should not eat more.

  Experts said that it is precisely because Guiling Ointment has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, so it is cold and cold. Generally, people with cold stomach and weak spleen and stomach should eat less.

Some reports said that the turtle plate has the effect of exciting the uterus and promoting blood circulation, so pregnant women and menstrual women should not eat more.

  Herbal tea drinks dehumidify and dispel fire, cold constitutions and yang deficiency people eat less. In ancient times, herbal tea was generally the best product for summer heat, but now it is a traditional Chinese medicine health drink almost all year round.


Mainly related to everyone’s eating habits and physical changes.

For example, many readers and friends like to eat spicy barbecue food, but they are afraid of getting angry. What should I do?

Herbal teas that reduce fire naturally become their go-to drink for dinner.

In addition, due to work efficiency, a large number of readers and friends have the habit of staying up late to work overtime. This “night owl” has been doing for a long time, and there are more “fires” in the body. At this time, herbal tea seems to have become an emergency drink.

  However, after all, herbal tea is still a “tense” tea drink with traditional Chinese medicine. It cannot be used as water, and people who drink too much or are not suitable for drinking will cause certain harm to their health.

Experts said that the main ingredients of herbal tea on the market today include chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, prunella, licorice and other Chinese herbs, which have the effects of clearing heat and dehumidifying, nourishing yin and removing fire, and can alleviate symptoms such as gum swelling, oral ulcers, and dry stool.Cold hands and feet, cold stomach, yang deficiency, and people with thin stools often try to drink herbal tea to avoid aggravating their symptoms.

  Poria cake strengthens the spleen and stomach, and those with high blood sugar eat less. In the Southern Song Dynasty, about 783 years ago, the famous medical doctor Zhang Congzheng had a record of a certain food in his medical monograph “The Confucian Family”.: Poria cocos, two for two, white noodles for two, water made into cakes, cooked with yellow wax.

“This is one of the rudiments of Poria cake.

Its modern manufacturing process has been improved, shaped like a full moon, thin as paper, white as snow, sweet and fragrant, and unique in flavor.

  Experts say that Poria cakes are good for soaking in water, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and calming down.

Helps improve the body’s own immunity and prevent colds.

Due to the beneficial water effect of Poria, it also has certain therapeutic value for the symptoms of limb edema and unfavorable urination.

But at present, many consumers feel that the Poria cake is too sweet, mainly due to the addition of honey, sugar, and other raw materials to the Poria cake on the market. Because sugar content is often more, those with high blood sugar are advised to eat less or not.Indigestion is also involved in eating too much.

  Sour plum juice promotes the lungs, and patients with colds and fever and enteritis are cautious when eating plum juice. It is a traditional Chinese summer drink. Previously, in the summer, adults at home would buy ume plums and cook them. Put some sugar in them to remove acid.Enjoyed, very cool.

Nowadays, many beverage manufacturers have also started to produce plum juice, which has been recognized by consumers, and has gradually become a fashionable health drink.

  Experts said that the citric acid of the main umeli in sour plum soup helps to absorb vitamins and enzymes, and can prevent disease and eliminate fatigue.

Umili’s malic acid directs the right amount of water to the large intestine, forms feces and is excreted from the body.

Black plum also has a good effect on bad breath and hangovers.

For example, ebony can relieve diarrhea, relieve cough, relieve cough, relieve dysentery, regenerate fluid, stop bleeding, condense the lungs, astringent intestines, and are often used to treat lung deficiency, long-term diarrhea, deficiency of heat, thirst, convulsions, abdominal pain, and biliary ascariasis.

  However, people with colds, fever, cough, sputum, and stuffy chests should avoid ume, bacillary dysentery, and patients with early enteritis also need to avoid ume, which is sometimes referred to as “to be prepared with herbs”.

“It is best not to eat for women during normal menstrual periods and for pregnant women.

“Suixiju diet profile” records: “Fresh food damage teeth, sputum to help fire, phlegm cough, bloating, swollen, fullness, exogenous feeling clear, women deciduous, and menstrual period, prenatal and postnatal, Avoid acne.

Why drink pear water in autumn?

Teach you a few tricks to cook cough pear water

Why drink pear water in autumn?
Teach you a few tricks to cook cough pear water

Why do you want to drink pears in the fall? Pear water contains a lot of water, which can alleviate the cough caused by dryness, but there is no special cough granules.

No research report on antitussive ingredients was found in the literature on pear component analysis.

On only one page, it means that the glycoside in the pear is a cough-relieving ingredient. In fact, the name of the glycoside here is “glycoside”, which is a kind of substance that can be converted into sugar and widely distributed in plants.

Moreover, the glycosides in pears have nothing special.

This alkaloid does have an antitussive effect, and Laiyang pear residue is mostly found to balance the taste.

It is not difficult to find that the large pears are not faked, and how much can relieve the cough caused by dryness.

Especially for friends with pharyngitis, eating two pears and replenishing water should be effective.

But when it comes to cough, it is safer to find a reliable drug.

Many people think that coughing and drinking pear water is very good. In fact, this is not the case. Everyone has entered a misunderstanding. Not all coughs are suitable for drinking pear water. Some time, not only did not improve, but also may cough.More powerful.

Therefore, everyone must distinguish between what causes cough and then relieve the diet.

The nine functions of pear water are the first. The pear juice is sweet and sour. It has the functions of moistening the lungs and clearing the throat, relieving cough and phlegm, nourishing the blood and soothing the muscles. Therefore, it is good for the dry throat, itching, pain, dumbness, thick and thick.effect.

Second, the acceptable fiber of pear juice is the best gastrointestinal “work”.

Most of the food in the restaurant wins with “taste”. The food is greasy or spicy, and it is easy to induce constipation after eating.

Drinking a cup of pear juice after a meal can promote the body’s peristalsis, so that the harmful substances accumulated in the body are discharged in large quantities to avoid constipation.

Third, pear juice contains relatively primitive glycerol and multivitamins, which have a certain protective effect on the liver, and are especially suitable for drinkers.

Fourth, pear juice has the effect of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin and clearing heat. Patients suffering from high blood pressure, high blood pressure, hepatitis and cirrhosis often have a lot of pear juice.

Fifth, pear juice helps the kidneys to excrete uric acid and prevent gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

Sixth, pear juice can promote appetite, help digestion, and has a diuretic and antipyretic effect. It can be used to replenish water and nutrition when it is hot.

Seventh, pear juice has the effect of moistening dryness and eliminating wind. When the climate is dry, people are often itchy by the skin, dry nose and mouth, and sometimes dry cough and less. Drinking one or two cups of pear juice a day can alleviate dryness.

Eighth, people who smoke can drink pear juice to reduce the irritation of harmful substances in the throat to the throat and respiratory tract.

Ninth, pear juice contains more than 80% of water, and the elderly who often forget to drink water can drink water to achieve the purpose of replenishing water.

How to cook cough pear water: pear, sugar, stainless steel pot method: 1, after washing the pear, cut into thin pieces.

2, after cutting, don’t forget to insert the pear and the seeds in the middle of the pear.

Otherwise, it will be bitter to cook pear water.

3, put the pear slices into the pot, and then pour a certain amount of water according to the number of pears, preferably boiling water.

4, then cover the plaster, start a big fire and start to cook pear water.

5, after the water is boiled, put the rock sugar, add the right amount of rock sugar according to the amount of water.

Putting too much will be too sweet, and less will not taste.

After placing the rock sugar, stir it at a speed to ensure that the rock sugar is fully dissolved.

6, after the pear is boiled into the rock sugar, turn the induction cooker into a small fire, and then slowly cook for 10-15 minutes. When the color of the pear water is a little deep, you can turn off the fire.

Cover the pear with a lid and let it cool after a while.

What to pay attention to fried Chinese medicine

What to pay attention to fried Chinese medicine

The decoction and taking of traditional Chinese medicine has a great impact on the efficacy of the medicine.

If the method of taking and decoction is incorrect, the traditional Chinese medicine used often does not achieve the treatment effect it deserves, or the benefits are greatly reduced.

  The decoction and taking of traditional Chinese medicine has a great impact on the efficacy of the medicine.
If the method of taking and decoction is incorrect, the traditional Chinese medicine used often does not achieve the treatment effect it deserves, or the benefits are greatly reduced.

Therefore, the following ten points on how to take and cook Chinese medicinal materials are suggested, instead of everyone’s reference: Note that most Chinese medicinal materials are washed with dust and debris. It is advisable to quickly rinse with water before cooking to remove dust and debris.Thing.

If there are flowers, leaves, fruits and meat medicinal materials in the medicinal materials, they need to be washed.

  Note that the herbs can be soaked for 20-30 minutes after soaking and washing before decocting, so as to facilitate the effective dissolution of the herbs and change the cooking time. The seeds and fruits can be soaked for a longer time; when the temperature is high in summer, the soaking timeIt should not be too long to avoid corruption and deterioration.

  Note that the alternative to frying containers is to use casseroles and casseroles to cook traditional Chinese medicine. Secondly, you can also use white enamelware or stainless steel pots. Avoid using metal containers such as iron, copper, and lead.

  Pay attention to the amount of water used for cooking. The amount of water used to cook the herbs will generally overflow the surface of the herbs 2?
3 centimeters is appropriate. How to add water to Shouwu, Baizhi, etc. for local hardness, and a small amount of loose medicinal materials such as dandelion.

  Pay attention to the power and time of boiling. Generally, the medicine should be cooked with a high fire before boiling, and the medicine should be kept slightly boiling with a low fire after boiling.

If it is a perspiration medicine such as ephedra, cinnamon sticks, etc. and aromatic medicines such as xiangxiang, pelan, etc., generally use a high fire to boil, and then use a low fire to maintain a slight boiling state 10?
15 minutes.

If it is a bone-horn medicine such as keel, shellfish such as oysters and tonic medicine ginseng, atractylodes, etc., it is generally fried for a long time.

  Pay attention to the sequence of cooking. Under normal circumstances, Chinese medicinal materials can be fried at the same time, but sometimes special treatment is required; for example, medicines marked with “fried first” such as magnets, oysters and other mineral medicines, and shellfish should be put in the pot first.Fry for about 30 minutes and then fry with other medicines; the medicines marked with “Houxia” should be removed when other medicines are cooked almost, and it only takes a few minutes to boil;Wrap in gauze and cook.

  Pay attention to the method. If there is ginseng in the prescription, it should be cooked separately and then taken together to avoid waste; gelatin-containing medicinal materials such as gelatin and boiled with water, and then mixed with other medicinal juices.; If the party labeled “Chongfu”, you can use fried medicine or boiling water.

  Pay attention to taking tips. In order to avoid waste, a dose of Chinese medicine suggests that you can fry 2?
Take 3 times, 3 times a day.

If you have nausea, take a small amount of frequency when vomiting, which can reduce the irritation to the stomach and prevent vomiting.

  Pay attention to taking the decoction for 1 hour before or after meals, so as not to affect the digestion and absorption of medicines and food and the effectiveness of the medicine.

The fried Chinese medicine decoction should generally be taken warm, but if it is cold, it should be taken hot, and it should be taken cold.

  Note that when taking oral Chinese medicine, it is best not to eat cold, hot, spicy, and fishy irritating food.

  The decoction and taking of Chinese medicinal materials is very important for medicinal effects. If you have more questions, you should ask your doctor or Chinese medicine practitioner.