Why do men like sibling love

Why do men like “sibling love”

Men nowadays are very tired. They are more eager for this full embrace. The elder sister’s tenderness and gentleness can alleviate the pressure and restraint in the man’s heart, which has a good therapeutic effect.
Women are originally strong animals. As their experience increases, they will become stronger. Therefore, they will be more compassionate and tolerant towards men, so they will be more considerate and caring about men.
Indeed, the mature woman is large, quiet, and sexy. This is what the “little girl” who is acting mischievous lacks.
  Why are they distracting?
  1, coquettish.
This is an absolute meaning, it has something to do with style and charm. Little girls may be romantic, but coquettishness is a kind of fragrance that mature girls emit after many years of cultivation.
If you can’t imitate it, it’s not like learning, it takes time.
Flowers are easy to thank. Only the fruit can be tasted slowly.
When you describe a woman as “tasteful”, I believe she is a mature lady.
  2. Feminine.
Lin Yilian is more delicate and more touching than Chen Ming, who is like herself, because she is more mature.
Similarly, Gong Li is more beautiful and charming than Zhang Ziyi, who is one size smaller.
Among them, the key point is that they are more feminine, their eyes and their body language are richer, and they can see the point.
  3. Elegant temperament.
The little girl is lost in love, and may throw things and cry, as if the entire world is ruined and anxious.
But I’ve met a mature woman who dealt with her own Chen Shimei. It’s such an elegant word. You walk slowly, please bring the door.
  4. The beauty of independence.
This is the most dazzling dress for a new woman. She does not rely on recognition and coquettishness to win a rose (because it is a little pediatric, a bit pitiful, and even ridiculous). Be a woman who ca n’t be mastered by men.To cater, but to be independent, look at what you have, not what you ask of a man.
This is very popular with new men.
The little crush that “whatever you want” is a burden.
For a man, holding you for a quarter of an hour is enjoyment, holding you for a day is hard work.
And mature women have their own peaks and careers, and she does not rely on men to eat, then her love seems more chic.
If a little girl plays noble, she may be dull, sluggish, tarnished, and funny.
And mature women, with a little modification, can show a noble forehead or a noble bun.
Noble is gold, and gold appears heavy to little girls; noble is temperament, and the most beautiful temperament of a little girl is Gu Panshenghui, instead of wearing a fur coat, pretending to be very cold, it is silly.
  6, hot and considerate.
Mature women are more tolerant and caring. The role of sister naturally restrains their words and deeds, a gentle, powerful, positive, and warm heart.
Little girls may just reach out and let others hold, while mature women know how to reach out, pat the dust on your shoulders, or arrange your collar for you.
The movements are simple but warm.
  7, raise the inside.
Rich in heart, temperament to win, very resistant to reading.
Flowers are used to see, and the beauty of mature women is used to taste.
People who can’t see her beauty are shallow, those who read her charm are happy, and this feeling lasts forever.
Penetration from the inside to the outside will make a woman exude inexplicable charm. She is unpretentious, unpacked, permeates the original, and forms an atmosphere that will attract you for a long time.
  8, the best understanding of style.
Some studies have suggested that most women do not have a true orgasm after 30 years of age.
At this time, women do not have sex because of sex, and their sexual needs include a lot of emotional needs.Mature women can more sensitively capture every happy cell, combine physiologically, and understand all the signals of men.

After knowing it well, it is not easy to make mistakes. What is more important is that you have learned to enjoy love, and love has really nourished yourself, from skin to soul.

This “sex” blessing is full, not empty, long-lasting.

  9, Hong Yan Zhi already.

Mature girls are generally capable and have a wide range of opportunities, so as a friend of hers, you will win her help; mature women will hurt others, but more implicitly, she is a spiritual catcher, but rationality tells her not to be impulsive.

Therefore, mature women are the best pink powder for men. They know the cold and the hot. They also know how to be fair. They give you care, but they do n’t give you excuses, they touch you, but they do n’t make you too excited.

Little Meimei often does not master the heat, and as a result becomes flammable and very dangerous.

Children who have studied musical instruments for more than 3 years are smarter

Children who have studied musical instruments for more than 3 years are smarter

[Guidance]Musical instruments have only been studied for 3 years, and in the eyes of many people, they will feel that they are halfway through.

But recently, the US MSNBC website reported that scientists have found that as long as they have studied the same instrument for more than 3 years, they can target children who have not been trained in musical instruments in terms of cognitive abilities.

  Harvard Medical School and the Boston University Institute of Education conducted the study.

  They found that by classifying children who had never learned musical instruments, children who had 3 years of musical instrument learning were more prominent in hearing discrimination and finger dexterity, and had better vocabulary and nonverbal reasoning skills.

  Li Xinying, associate professor of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, “The age of 5-13 is a critical period for children’s brain development. Through the study of scientific music knowledge, children’s potential can be developed.

When a child is learning a certain musical instrument, he or she sees the music sheet and holds the instrument. The shortest time is to reflect the score to the brain; at the same time, the brain issues instructions to coordinate the fingers and the body to perform; after the instrument sounds, the ear must listenPlay the effect and judge.

This process takes only a few seconds, but it fully mobilizes children’s eyes, ears, hands, and brain, which leads to brain development.

  However, Li Xinying also pointed out that this does not mean that the children of musical instruments must have a high IQ.

“Some children like to paint rather than musical instruments, so parents should not force their children to learn music.

In addition to learning new musical instruments, it is best for children to choose.

“, Children should not learn musical instruments too early.

Two or three year olds are prone to resist concentration. If parents are eager to scold their children, they may even kill their interest and may cause psychological disorders.

Associate Professor Zhang Xingping, Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, also said that children’s bones and joints before the age of 5 have just fully matured, but the practice of musical instruments will affect the growth and development of the hand bones and joints and ligaments.

Therefore, experts recommend that children learn musical instruments preferably after the age of five.

Five types of eye health

Five types of eye health

Dendrobium hurts the eyes, protects the nutrition of the eyes, eats the nutrition of the eyes, and cares for more and more modern people. They spend more and more time burying themselves in front of computers. Using computers or watching TV at close range continuously can easily lead to refractive errors, eye fatigue, and increased myopia.And astigmatism.

Chinese medicine believes that the eye is closely linked to the internal organs and meridians of the body. Ancient medical scientists have summarized many alternative and effective methods of nourishing the kidney according to clinical practice. Several methods are now recommended:

hzh{display:none;}  一、药养:对于眼睛疲劳、近视等症状,中医多以定志丸及杞菊地黄丸来治疗.

Dingzhiwan is suitable for people who see very clearly near, blurry when viewed far away, and who have heart palpitations, chest tightness, and fatigue; Qijudihuang Wan is suitable for myopia with dark shadows in front of the eyes, flying mosquito, accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness, and more at nightDreams, those who are prone to backache.

If there are often dark shadows in front of you, you can add Danshen, turmeric to promote blood circulation.

  Second, food: eat more longan meat, yam, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, taro, corn, animal liver, beef, mulberry, red dates and other foods, or red dates, ginseng, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, Luo Han Guo teaIt is recognized that it can also protect the eyes.

Generally speaking, Luo Han Guo is suitable for people with hoarse voice and throat discomfort. In fact, Luo Han Guo is also very effective for patients with strong anger and bad eyes.

  Water-raising: Eyes like to be cool and afraid of heat. In the event of a heart attack or liver fire, it will grow eyelids, dryness, redness, and congestion. Washing your face with flowing cold water frequently can reduce eye disease, protect eyesight, and enhance eye contact.Resistance to disease.

Especially for people who often suffer from redness, dryness, and unclear vision, the benefits are more obvious.

Tea smoked eyes can also help to protect the eyes and restore vision.

Cover the mouth of the cup with your hands when you smoke, to prevent the heat from dissipating too quickly. If the tea is too much, you can cool it a little, but the smoke must be kept for about 10 minutes.。
  Fourth, dynamic: let the eye movements, so that they can exercise.

The approach is: Separate your feet and shoulder width.

Widen your eyes and try to make the eyeballs keep moving (with your head still), turn 10 times from right to left, then 10 times from left to right.

Repeat the above exercise after a 10-minute rest, and do this 3 times.

This method is best performed in the garden in the morning, and can make the brain clear and eye-catching.

In addition, the eyeballs and distant mountains, roofs, spires, rivers and other scenery can be regularly operated to adjust the eye muscles and lens, reduce eye fatigue and improve vision.

  Fifth, massage: The following massage methods can be done individually, or alternately with one or two, and you will persevere and see results over time.


Ironing method.

After getting up at dawn, rub your hands against each other. After rubbing your hands, use your palms to iron your eyes. Repeat 3 times, and then take your food. Put your middle finger gently into the eyeball or around the eyeball.


Exhalation method.

Sit upright with your lower back and inhale slowly with your nose. When your breath is reconstituted, hold your nostrils, close your eyes tightly, and exhale slowly with your mouth.


Fold fingering.

Refers to the flexion and extension movement of bending inward with a small finger and then pushing backward.

30 for each pass?
50 times, and knead with thumb and index finger at the base of the little finger 50?
100 times.

This method can be used to sit, stand, and lie, and insist on doing it once a day, morning and evening. It can not only raise the brain and eyesight, but also have a certain effect on those with cataracts and other eye diseases.


Grabbing method.

Take the body horizontally, inhale slowly 3 times, then grasp the double neck muscles 5 times (sternocleidomastoid muscle part) with both hands, and grasp it continuously for 10?
15 times.

This method has a clear-hearted effect.

Cold dew tonic recipe

Cold dew tonic recipe

Ingredients: 1 hen (about 1500 g), 50 g raw ground, 30 g longan meat, 5 jujubes, 15 g ginger, 100 ml cooking wine, 20 ml soy sauce, 100 g lard, 150 g vegetable oil, 2500 ml chicken broth, 40 grams of water bean flour, 30 grams of caramel sugar.

  Production: Kill the chicken and remove the hair, cut the belly to the internal organs, and chop the chicken feet.

Wash the ginger, shallots, slice the ginger, cut the shallots into cuts, place of birth, longan meat, jujube and mixed with the chicken belly, chicken with ginger slices, spring onions, cooking wine, refined salt, marinate for 30 minutes before use.

Put the pan on the fire, add vegetable oil, and when the oil is 70% hot, fry the chicken into a light yellow pan and pour it into a colander.

Cover the chicken with gauze, add lard to the pot, add the shallots, ginger slices, stir fry a few times, add cooking wine, soup, salt, sugar, chicken.

Boil chicken broth over high heat, remove foam, pour into lid of casserole, simmer over low heat until chicken rots, pick out green onions, ginger is not used, season with MSG, and simmer.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing yang, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening physical fitness.

  Contraindications: The spleen is weak and wet, and those with full stomach will take it with caution.

Watching the three-inch tongue can reveal the diseases of the body

Watching the three-inch tongue can reveal the diseases of the body

Pigmented spots and leukoplakia are found in patients with chronic adrenal insufficiency, and dark brown slightly raised or depressed melanin spots appear on both sides of the tongue.

White spots are often caused by chronic irritation such as smoking or toothache.

  The smooth tongue and nipple atrophy, the tongue surface is smooth without moss, such as a mirror surface, and the tongue is pale and dull.

More common in patients with malignant anemia, gastric acid deficiency, gastric cancer, nutritional malabsorption or rough skin disease.

When vitamin A deficiency, the tongue is smooth and plaque-like.

In the absence of vitamin B2, the tongue is smooth or blue.

  Abnormal tongue coating yellow and dry tongue coating, accompanied by unconstrained constipation, often high blood pressure, hemorrhoids.

Tongue coating is less, tongue color is dark red, mostly in the late stage of cold and fever.

  Cracked tongue is more common in wasting diseases and vitamin B2 deficiency, a few are congenital and can also be seen in ordinary people.

  Strawberry tongue is seen in patients with early or prolonged fever in scarlet fever.

May have white tongue coating, redness on the tip of the tongue and redness, and the tongue coating completely disappears in the later stage, and the nipple enlargement looks like strawberry.

  A raised portion of yellow epithelial cells accumulating on the tongue surface of the map, with irregular edges, peeling off some of the new nipples and showing tongue fur, like a map, is painless.

This transitional glossitis may be caused by a vitamin B2 deficiency.

  Pigmented spots and leukoplakia are found in patients with chronic adrenal insufficiency, and dark brown slightly raised or depressed melanin spots appear on both sides of the tongue.

White spots are often caused by chronic irritation such as smoking or toothache.
  Tongue tremor occurs when the tongue is deformed, which is more common in hyperthyroidism or neuroticism.

  Tongue numbness is more common in patients with central motor nerve disease, especially those with excessive body shape, such as numbness at the root of the tongue, numbness in the index finger and middle finger, which are mostly aura of stroke, often caused by temporary brain damage.