Pot harrow

Pot harrow

The wok is commonly known as rice coke.

  The taste is sweet, light and flat.

  Contains starch starch.

  Function thick stomach, help digestion.

  [饭食成积,伤寒食复(病后消化障碍,食积腹痛)]  焦锅粑炒成炭,研细末,每服1-6克,温水送服。  [胃弱、慢性胃炎、饱闷不思食]  锅粑焦60克,砂仁、小茴香、橘皮、花椒、茅术各6克,共研细末,每服3-6克,一日2Times.

The name of this recipe is “Five Fragrant Pots”, which has appetizing and digestive power.

  [老人、小儿脾虚,消化不良,久泻不愈]  锅粑炒黄500克,山楂肉炒焦60克,山药120克,砂仁30克,共研细末,每服9克,白糖调服, 2 times a day.

Children who have studied musical instruments for more than 3 years are smarter

Children who have studied musical instruments for more than 3 years are smarter

[Guidance]Musical instruments have only been studied for 3 years, and in the eyes of many people, they will feel that they are halfway through.

But recently, the US MSNBC website reported that scientists have found that as long as they have studied the same instrument for more than 3 years, they can target children who have not been trained in musical instruments in terms of cognitive abilities.

  Harvard Medical School and the Boston University Institute of Education conducted the study.

  They found that by classifying children who had never learned musical instruments, children who had 3 years of musical instrument learning were more prominent in hearing discrimination and finger dexterity, and had better vocabulary and nonverbal reasoning skills.

  Li Xinying, associate professor of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, “The age of 5-13 is a critical period for children’s brain development. Through the study of scientific music knowledge, children’s potential can be developed.

When a child is learning a certain musical instrument, he or she sees the music sheet and holds the instrument. The shortest time is to reflect the score to the brain; at the same time, the brain issues instructions to coordinate the fingers and the body to perform; after the instrument sounds, the ear must listenPlay the effect and judge.

This process takes only a few seconds, but it fully mobilizes children’s eyes, ears, hands, and brain, which leads to brain development.

  However, Li Xinying also pointed out that this does not mean that the children of musical instruments must have a high IQ.

“Some children like to paint rather than musical instruments, so parents should not force their children to learn music.

In addition to learning new musical instruments, it is best for children to choose.

“, Children should not learn musical instruments too early.

Two or three year olds are prone to resist concentration. If parents are eager to scold their children, they may even kill their interest and may cause psychological disorders.

Associate Professor Zhang Xingping, Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, also said that children’s bones and joints before the age of 5 have just fully matured, but the practice of musical instruments will affect the growth and development of the hand bones and joints and ligaments.

Therefore, experts recommend that children learn musical instruments preferably after the age of five.

Uterine fibroids of special female physiological problems 2

Uterine fibroids of special female physiological problems 2

Triangular extension type 1.

Lean against the wall with your feet spread wide (approximately your leg length), with your hands flat and parallel to the floor, with the scapula open so they will be aligned next to each other, with your palms facing down and your left footplate slightly turned 90 degrees to the left., The right foot plate is rotated 60 degrees to the left, and the heels of both feet are aligned.


Exhale and extend your upper body from the left waist joint to the left.

  Efficacy: It relieves lumbar pain and reproductive organ discomfort caused by fibroids.


Slowly place your hand above the calf or step on the foot, but you must maintain the extension and direction of the upper body. The right hand extends inward and in line with the face. The face naturally looks forward or looks up at the fingers of the right hand.

Stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then change direction in the same position.

  Advanced: Try to put your hand on the floor if the softness allows.

  Twisted feet are overlapping and bending, right foot is on top, left foot is on bottom, inhale, right hand is placed on the upper left, upper body is turned to the left, step on the ground, left hand is placed on the yoga brick, head is to the left and rear.

Keep breathing for 20?
30 seconds, then change direction.

  Efficacy: Massage the reproductive organs, stimulate the adrenal glands, and strengthen kidney function.

  The forward-curved feet open to the same width as the buttocks, and the back of the buttocks and legs are close to each other. Both hands support the two yoga bricks, extending forward, heads forward, and knees straight, keeping breathing.

Stay 20?
30 seconds.

  Efficacy: Soothes and extends the pelvic cavity and relieves pain caused by factor uterine fibroids.

  The baby bends its knees forward with its legs bent, its thighs are the same width as its buttocks, its upper body relaxes with its forehead resting on its back, and it rests on its heels with its hands extended forward to keep breathing and relax.

The length of stay is unlimited.

  Efficacy: Relax the abdominal and hip muscles, extend the uterine muscles, and reduce pain.
The length of stay is unlimited.
  Efficacy: calms emotions, concentrates thoughts, and uses breathing to massage abdominal organs.

  Leg extensions The legs extend laterally, with your feet raised, your hands behind your back, your eyes closed, and your arms extended forward to keep breathing.

  Efficacy: Promote pelvic blood circulation.

  Good eating habits Developing good eating habits is also the only way to prevent uterine fibroids!


Eat less fried food.


Do not eat cold food or ice products, because ice products are likely to cause poor blood circulation in diabetes.


Eat less red meat and eat more fish.


Drinking warm water can relax your abdominal muscles.


Supplements multivitamin B family.

Six diet therapies stabilize blood pressure

Six diet therapies stabilize blood pressure

The treatment of hypertension is a protracted battle.

Therapy under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine has potential advantages in improving the symptoms of hypertension, reducing adverse reactions to western medicine, and protecting target organs. Here are some recommended dietary treatments that can lower blood pressure, without prejudice to auxiliary use.

  Ingredients for onion red jujube soup: take half an onion, 10 red dates, and 10 grams of gelatin (ground powder).

  Method: Cut the onion into long slices, put it in the same pot with the washed red dates, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 30 minutes, add gelatin powder and mix thoroughly, and you can eat it, drink soup, and eat dates and onions.

  Efficacy: Onion contains prostaglandin A, which can reduce vascular endothelium and blood viscosity, and has the effects of lowering blood pressure and lipids, refreshing and refreshing the brain, and alleviating stress.

Jujube nourish spleen, nourish qi and nourish blood; gelatin nourish blood, nourish dryness and nourish yin, and use them together. It has the functions of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing spleen and lowering blood pressure. It is suitable for hypertension with dizziness, paleness after activity or fatigue,Insomnia, dreams and palpitations.

Onions can also prevent blood clots, so eating them on a daily basis is very good for the body.

  Note: Onion smells spicy and replaces the irritating effect on the eyes and sweat glands, causing eye diseases. People with underarm odor should eat it with caution, itchy skin, dry stomach and heat, and those with excessive sweating.

Do not eat too much onion at a time. It is advisable to keep a certain spicy flavor when cooking, and do not heat it for too long.

In addition, onions cannot be eaten with honey to avoid damage to eyesight; nor can they be eaten with fish, shrimp, and kelp, so as not to form calcium oxalate and cause stones.

  Ingredients for Chenpi Hawthorn Tea: 10 grams each of Chenpi, Hawthorn, and Uncaria, 5 grams of oolong tea.

  Practice: brew with boiling water, substitute tea.

  Efficacy: Chenpi has the effects of strengthening the spleen, regulating qi, reducing phlegm and lowering blood pressure. It is one of the precious raw materials of the same origin of medicine and food. Hawthorn has a slow and long-lasting antihypertensive effect. It has the functions of dilating blood vessels and regulating the central nervous system.It has a significant effect on lowering blood lipids; Gouteng Qingre Pinggan, Xifeng Dingjing, besides being able to treat high blood pressure, also has a good soothing effect, which is conducive to ease the anxiety of patients with hypertension.

This tea has the effect of reducing phlegm, reducing blood pressure, reducing blood pressure and weight loss. It is especially suitable for patients with high blood pressure combined with hyperlipidemia and obesity.

  Note: if the vine is cooked for more than 20 minutes, the antihypertensive active ingredients will be destroyed, so boiling water for tea replacement is a good choice. As for the amount of vine, if it is used to 20 grams a day, it will still be reduced.If the pressure is not satisfactory, you can increase it appropriately, but you must consult a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner.

At the same time, hawthorn should not be eaten with seafood, ginseng and lemon.

  Pinellia Atractylodes Gastrodia Porridge Ingredients: Pinellia, Gastrodia, Atractylodes each 10 grams, Chenpi 6 grams, 50 grams of rice, brown sugar.

  Method: first simmer Pinellia ternata, Gastrodia elata, Atractylodes sibiricum and Chenpi for 20 minutes.

When the previous rice is cooked to the porridge, add the medicinal sauce and brown sugar, and simmer for 10 minutes on low heat and serve.

  Efficacy: Pinellia dryness, dampness and phlegm, Jiangyinzhizhi; Tianmaping liver and wind, which can cure dizziness; Baizhu Yunpi spleen and dampness; Chenpi Liqi phlegm, phlegm can be used to make porridge dry and dampen phlegm, PingganjiangPressure, suitable for phlegm-dampness-hypertension type hypertension, these patients often have symptoms such as heavy head and phlegm, upset and chest tightness, and numbness of the limbs.

  Note: Dizziness and headache caused by hyperactivity of liver-yang hyperthyroidism should not be used.

  Ingredients of Chinese yam and wolfberry porridge: one yam, 30 wolfberries, 50 grams of buckwheat and rice each.

  Method: Wash the yam, peel, cut into pieces, buckwheat, rice, wolfberry, add an appropriate amount of water, cook with mildew to make porridge, and eat.

  Efficacy: Chinese yam, spleen and lung, Gushen Yijing; wolfberry nourish liver and kidney; buckwheat appetizer, eliminate product, so that the three flavors make porridge, reduce dizziness, excessive mental atrophy, forgetful tinnitus and other discomfort effects very good.

Especially buckwheat, modern research shows that it has a protective effect on the heart and brain blood vessels. Buckwheat is rich in vitamin P, also known as citrate, which can enhance the elasticity and toughness of the blood vessel wall.

Buckwheat also contains a large number of flavonoids, especially aloe vera, which can promote cell proliferation and prevent the clotting of blood cells, as well as regulate blood lipids, expand coronary arteries, and increase its blood flow. Therefore, eating buckwheat often is effective in the prevention and treatment of hypertension.Coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

  Note: Buckwheat is difficult to digest and should not be eaten more.

In addition, those who have unclear external sensation or obvious heat and humidity should use this porridge with caution.

  Ingredients for chrysanthemum cake: 25 grams of chrysanthemum, 35 grams of rock sugar, appropriate amount of agar (available in supermarkets), about 15 wolfberry.

  Method: Wash the wolfberry and dry it for future use.

After cleaning the chrysanthemums, wrap them in gauze, cook them in clean water for 10 minutes, remove the chrysanthemums, add rock sugar and agar to the chrysanthemum water, and then heat them until the agar melts and turn off immediately.

Prepare jelly molds or candy molds, pour the cooked chrysanthemum agar water into the molds, add one or two tablets of wolfberry and one cooked chrysanthemum to each mold, or add an appropriate amount of raisins, dried blueberries, etc., the taste will be morerich.

Let stand for 20 minutes and let it cool down or put in the refrigerator.

After solidifying, use a toothpick or knife tip to lightly stroke along the edge of the mold to release the mold.

  Efficacy: Chrysanthemum scent is fragrant, soft and refreshing, long-term consumption has “effect blood, light weight” and other effects; wolfberry tastes sweet and flat, with nourishing kidney essence, blood pressure and liver protection.

This antihypertensive small cake has a sweet taste, smooth taste, can nourish liver and kidney, eyesight, essence, blood pressure and pulse, it is suitable for the treatment of dizziness, dizziness, waist and knee weakness, tinnitus forgetfulness, palpitations and insomnia, etc.symptom.
  Note: Patients with cold, fever, spleen and diarrhea, etc. should not be consumed during the onset of illness.

In addition, pay attention to remedies when using wolfberry to make medicated meals. The cooking time should not be too long. You should add wolfberry at the end of cooking or soup to prevent a lot of nutrient particles from being lost.Wolfberry is also best not to be washed for a long time, it is recommended to wash it in warm water.

  Ingredients for double flower catfish soup: 1 catfish, 10 g of chrysanthemum, 15 g of locust flower, rice wine, ginger, and salt.

  Method: Wash the locust flowers and chrysanthemums separately and reserve.

Cut the catfish and wash it. Gently wipe the rice wine on the fish. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Put it into a casserole and add 500 ml of water. After the high heat is boiled, add ginger and rice wine.Sophora flowers, add a small amount of salt, boil and turn off the heat and serve.

  Efficacy: Chrysanthemum can treat the dark and dark eyes caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, and the eyes are faint; Huaihua contains rutin, which can enhance blood vessel elasticity.

This decoction can be used as an adjuvant for treating hypertensive inflammation of the liver and liver or hyperactivity of the liver-yang. Such patients are often accompanied by red-faced red ears, irritability, dry mouth and throat, and constipation.

  Note: Huaihua used as medicine refers to black locust, that is, Chinese locust.

Acacia flowers are relatively sweet. People with diabetes should not eat more.

At the same time, people with allergies should also be cautious in eating acacia flowers.

Yin Yoga, beauty blooms for peace

Yin Yoga, beauty blooms for peace

Mysterious kingdoms often create magical civilizations. This is the case in China, and so is India in the South Asian subcontinent. Beyond Buddhism and Hinduism, India ‘s other important contribution to the world is probably yoga. Yin YogaIt is the branch of the yoga system that is most closely integrated with the times and is also the most effective.

The birthplace of yoga is the Mount Kailash in India. The original yoga was one of the hundreds of Buddhist practices, especially ascetic monks who traveled throughout India. They rely on this exercise method to improve their physical fitness and resistance.The purpose of sun and rain.

Indian ascetic monks are perhaps the most promising group of perseverance and perseverance in the world. Whether they are windy, rainy or windy, they all use strange yoga postures to appear in the eyes of the world: or hanging on a tree with one foot upside down, orSitting back in the muddy water, or posing the strange “Five Hearts To The Sky” motionlessly, Yu Qiuyu went to India for the first time 20 years ago, and was deeply shocked by the ascetic monks on the way to the Ganges!

In fact, yoga has been gradually increased as early as the 11th century. At that time, the founder of the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu sect, Marba, a master of mantra, studied in ancient India. When he returned to Tibet, he learned to become six kinds of mantras.Later generations called “Naruo Liufa” and “Yinzhongdu Yoga” is one of them.

  Yin yoga, as a popular exercise method for ordinary people, has only begun to heat up in the past two years. Its founder is American Paul Grilley.

In 2003, Paul, a yoga instructor, was inspired by teaching practice-most popular yoga has deviated from the original meaning of yoga and is turning to increase muscle resistance and adjust breathing.

In his eyes, too “masculine” yoga is keeping more and more female practitioners away, and the founder of ancient Indian yoga is exactly a goddess Shri Lakshmi.

After a bit of meditation, Paul eliminated too many “masculine” elements in yoga and used femininity as the main melody to balance the symmetry of yin and yang, while greatly reducing the difficulty of movement, creating a new school of yin and yoga.

In fact, the supporting point of Yin Yoga is the ancient Chinese theory of yin and yang. Once you practice it yourself, you will know the simple truth-Zhong Yongpinghe theory combined with human structure.

Of course, yin yoga cannot be separated from yoga’s unique postures and frame strengths. Unlike other yoga, after practicing asanas, through a set of soothing movements, stretching muscles and tendons, and adding soft training to the body, the terminology is”Let the flesh return to the original heart”, so as to achieve the organic combination of the body and the soul, enhance self-confidence, and release beautiful ideas-this is probably the “beauty” that Xiao Nuo and Duan Duan are pursuing.

  The movements of yin yoga are normal and easy to learn, butterfly, baby, meditation, sitting angle, and front splits, etc., which are very suitable for women’s body stretching.

However, the “yin” word of yin yoga will not give up during practice-it requires each movement to stay at least 5 minutes in the extreme position of the body, so that each movement must ensure that the tendons stay in place and pullAfter suffering to an unbearable level, the attention is diverted through the breath returning to the original, so as to achieve the special effects of yoga.

Yin yoga also has strict restrictions on breathing requirements, especially when stretching the lower body muscles and bones. It is particularly important to adjust the breathing. Each time you increase the depth of the breath, the breathing must be slowed down accordingly. Stretching and elongation will reduce the breathing rate.When the lacing is pulled to the limit that the practitioner thinks, “qiruo hairspring” is the best state.

Of course, beginners must pay attention to leave room for themselves, do not rush to achieve success, do not split to the maximum angle when splitting splits, be conservative; do not twist to an unbearable angle when changing the waist, some more appropriate, so as to allow yourselfDon’t be injured by excessive body position during long stretches.

Balance first.

  The realm of yin yoga The reason why yin yoga is popular among white-collar workers and middle classes is that it is the same as “Hatta Yoga”, “Beauty Yoga”, “Tai Chi Yoga”, and “Yotis”. Its biggest feature is “quietness”.

Whether you practice in your own home or in a private club or yoga club, you need an elegant environment, except for Indian Sanskrit music, you can’t even hear a slight cough.

The requirements of Yin Yoga for the environment must be clean, and the second is quiet. Do not build another venue during practice. A blanket on the floor of the yoga hall is sufficient. Yoga is practiced by itself, but also by the heart.Teng Nuo, one stroke and one style is all in the telescopic bones, each square meter two square meters.

  You can also choose to practice outdoor yoga, shades of summer, private gardens full of flowers, green valleys, and a thousand miles of seashore.

There are more than 20 registered clubs in California. When the wind is sunny, most of the clubs arrange the venue on the beach. The rows of parasols block the sun.Many people are sitting on the beach without even having a yoga blanket.

Japanese practitioners are more interested in winter. A yin-yogic hall in Kyoto is outdoors all year round. In the winter when the snow is flying, they practice extremely hard-the mountains and the mercury are wrapped in snowflakes, and the snowflakes fall on the body, and joy comes to the bottom of my heart.They have surpassed their yin and yang neutrality, and their boots have expanded into the world of thousands.

Southeast Asia, including Southeast Asia, has the largest number of yin yoga enthusiasts, second only to India itself. The popular slogan of Hong Kong and Taiwan is “Yoga fitness, yin yoga shapes the soul.”

The largest Yin Yoga Club in Taiwan is in Hualien, which is the hometown of the famous essayist Xi Murong of Baodao. It has more than 2,000 members. Dozens of simple-designed bamboo rafters in the Hualien Mountain Village are the Yin Yoga practice rooms. The largest areas areAbove 500 square meters, it can accommodate hundreds of people at the same time.

But more members like three or five confidants who surround a small bamboo stalk, burn incense and sit down to watch the mountains and rivers, listen to the chanting of birds, and the breeze blows the fragrance of mountain wildflowers.

  Yin Yoga came to the mainland around the spring of 2005. The initial settlement was in Guangzhou. A Hong Kong investor opened a training hall and club in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports City.

After half a year, it quickly spread to big cities with high fashion indices such as Shanghai, Beijing, Harbin, Nanjing, Dalian, and Hangzhou. There were more than 1,500 yoga clubs in Beijing and Shanghai alone, and more than 200,000 registered members.More than 3,000 coaches with industry licenses.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than one million people practicing Yin Yoga nationwide, the vast majority of whom are women under 40.

The investment for practicing Yin Yoga is very low, and you only need to buy a few sets of yoga clothes and a few yoga blankets.

It doesn’t have to add professional equipment and professional clothing like outdoor sports. What’s more important is that you don’t need to catch a different place in a different place, just use Sunday or one or two hours after work to achieve the purpose of exercise-men’s physical fitness, Women are more beautiful.

  The main difference between pointing yin yoga and other yoga classes is that in the yin yoga practice, the duration of the posture and the muscles are in a more relaxed state.

  Adaptation of Yin Yoga Yin Yoga is suitable for beginners of yoga. People who work under pressure and those with physical injuries practice it.

Practicing Yin Yoga can help these people relax, heal wounds, and open their bodies.

Yin yoga is also suitable for people who lack upper body strength or who do not practice yoga often.

Yin Yoga can make anyone practicing youthful, refreshed and beautiful.

Practicing Yin Yoga while practicing other yoga (eight-limb yoga, flow yoga or hot yoga) can bring your yoga practice to a balanced state.

  Yin Yoga Essentials1, forward bending is a negative action.

The forward bending action keeps our head and heart at the same height, so blood can easily enter the head.

At this time our heart muscle is relaxed and blood pressure is also reduced.Kinds of movement help us relax.

  2. Back bends are positive moves.

Back bends bend the spine and activate our nervous system and Ren Du’s second pulse.

Kinds of movement can inject energy into our bodies.

  3. Usually in the morning or cold season, we will need positive exercises to clear our heads and raise our body temperature.

In the evening or warm season, we will need to calm down and relax our body than previous exercises.

  4, the more our exercises are more positive, the shorter the movements; the more negative the exercises, the more monotonous and basic the movements.

  5. Breathing and meditation are two important intervals of Yin Yoga.

Yoga fitness can help you have an ideal figure easily

Yoga fitness can help you have an ideal figure easily

Guide: Yoga fitness can help you easily have an ideal figure. With the advent of the e-age, our lives and work can no longer be separated from computers.

Because people work at desks in a posture, many networms have to have slow blood circulation in their bodies. After a long time, there will be accumulation of toxins in the body and reduce the body’s resistance to disease, and it is easy to suffer from diseases.

  At the same time, it will cause partial body fatness, muscle weakness, stiffness and so on.

Therefore, let’s do yoga together. It doesn’t take much time or sweat to make you have a beautiful figure.

  1. Put your feet together in the mountain posture, stretch your arms towards the sky, palms forward, and look at the tip of the hand, keep the posture, and use the abdominal breathing method to take ten deep breaths.

At this time, the legs and chest are tight, tightly tighten the lower abdomen, and feel the deep stretch from the tip of the hand to the end of the foot. Full breathing is required. This action causes shortness of breath, which is the sound of breathing from the nose and restores the posture.

  Role: Stretches the spine and warms the body.

At the last minute of breathing, active blood circulation increases slenderness in the abdomen.

  Note: When the neck is tilted backwards, do not exert any strain on the neck and gently tilt it backwards.

  2, half-moon posture (tensing the whole body muscles) with both feet close to the front toes and back heels together, the thighs, tibia, chest are all tightened, stand upright, both hands raised to the sky to clasp.

Keep your arms close to your ears and take a deep breath. When you exhale, your body leans to the right, and then you inhale to restore it; when you exhale, your body leans to the left, and when you inhale, your body returns.

Stand straight, stretch your body, inhale deeply, push the exhalation tip to the left, bend your body to the right, and hold this position for 30 seconds; stand straight, stretch your body, inhale deeply, exhale straightPush right, your body bends vertically, and the posture is maintained for 30 seconds.

  Tips: Relax your arms and keep your hands together. Your elbows are slightly bent, your neck is tilted back 45 degrees, and your jaw is tilted to the left and right. Relax your body and breathe easily 3 times.

Hug the sun to do beach beauty

Hug the sun to do beach beauty

It’s hard to stop the recent summer, whether you start to yearn for the refreshing sea water, bright sunshine, and fresh sea breeze. Although you have been eager to try it, you are still hesitant if you are not satisfied with your figure.

In fact, as long as you exercise for 30 minutes a day, you can still have a perfect figure on the sunny beach.

  The summer is approaching. While wearing cool summer clothes, you should also adjust your fitness plan!

  Choose the right time to reduce the intensity: the weather is hot, you must first pay attention to the exercise time.

The sun is most intense in summer, and the human body is sweaty and hydrophobic, so when and how long you exercise are very important.

  The best choice for outdoor sports is early morning or evening.

Take swimming as an example, 4 to 7 pm is the most suitable, it is advisable to swim for 10-30 minutes each time, but do not swim after 10 pm, otherwise it will affect the rest at night; the water temperature in the morning is sufficient, be prepared before entering the water, Wipe yourself with cold water to prevent cramps.

Indoor sports can avoid direct sunlight, but many gym air conditioners are turned on too much and there is insufficient air circulation, so the best exercise time is controlled within 1 hour.

  At the same time, high-intensity exercise is not suitable for high-temperature environments.

In summer, the human body consumes energy. If the intensity is too large, it is easy to hurt the body. You should choose some low-intensity “light exercise”, such as walking, simple aerobics, ballroom dancing, etc.

  Excessive sweating and frequent hydration: sweating can radiate changes during exercise, consume energy, and regulate body temperature, but excessive sweating during exercise and large amount of salt loss during hot weather can easily reduce the osmotic pressure of cells and cause sodium metabolism disorders.Muscle cramps and other phenomena.

  Step 1: The golden rooster moves independently: Fold the rope to the appropriate length, hold the rope with both hands; and, with the right leg half a step forward, bend the left leg to the position of the right foot, and hold the rope with both hands to lift it up from your chest.Pull the rope into a 45-degree straight line with the ground, hold it for 5 seconds, then change legs, repeat 5 groups.

  Slimming effect: Aunts with slender thighs, slender arms, and help to stand tall.

  STEP2: Tighten the waist and chest up: Extend the feet apart and shoulder width; Fold the rope to the appropriate length, and hold the rope tightly with both hands to insert it into the chest; Keep the feet still and turn the whole upper body as far as possible to the left.Tighten your chest and keep your posture for 5 seconds.

Change sides and repeat 5 sets.

  Slimming effect: Shape the sexy waist line, aim at the excess meat on the arm, and also relieve the discomfort of the shoulders and back.

  Five steps to make the body uneven, want to make the body look more symmetrical, fit, uneven, do not forget the maintenance of the lens.

Doing some correct and effective exercise can strengthen the inherent and elasticity of the breasts, making some places stronger and firmer.

Here are some simple movements that are good for your chest shape: STEP1: Shorten, lift your chest, abdomen, shrink your hips, bend your legs backwards, open them forward, hold your insteps with your hands behind you, and work hard to attach your calf to your thighTight, but be careful to keep your upper body straight.

This action completely helps the posture to stand upright, but also has an extraordinary effect on reducing the belly and firming the buttocks.

  Step 2: Straighten one leg, bend and lift the other leg, realign the feet under the pelvic bone on the side of the leg, and tilt your hands from the back on the same side.straight line.

If the leg feels unstable when the leg is bent and lifted, you can also place your foot on the forward calf or stretch it, and try your best to move upward.

  STEP3: Bend your left knee, straighten your right leg, and sit in a side lunge.

Raise your right calf, hold your right elbow, lift your left hand sideways, and look at your fingertips.

  STEP4: Sit with your legs in a lotus shape. Align your elbows and forearms with your palms on the ground. The forearms are perpendicular to the forearms.

  STEP5: Press the erected arm toward the same side as the sticking arm, to the limit, feel the shoulders to drive the chest muscles to stretch, pause for 5 seconds, slowly straighten your body, and evenly breathe.

Ejiao Jujube and Turmeric Ointment eat too much health

Ejiao Jujube and Turmeric Ointment eat too much health

Core tip: Many people like to eat snacks with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as Ejiao Jujube, Guiling Ointment, Sour Plum Soup, etc.

In fact, these foods are good for the body, but if you ignore the taboos or eat too much when eating, it will cause great harm to the body.

  Ejiao dates nourish yin and nourish blood, stomach heat and indigestion are low in food. There is a type of jujube in the supermarket that is especially popular, especially for female friends. The special companion of this date is Ejiao.

As Ejiao and red dates have the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood, especially Ejiao also has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and soothe the nerves, nourishing yin and moisturizing, etc. Many white-collar women will put one or two bags in their bags or in the office.Eat as a nutritious snack.

  Experts point out that for people with qi deficiency or blood deficiency constitution, regular consumption of Ejiao Jujube still has certain benefits, which can improve symptoms such as fatigue, sluggishness, and limb weakness.

However, although jujube is good, do n’t eat too much, especially Ejiao. Eating too much is not good for digestion and absorption. If you are suffering from stomach heat or indigestion, eat too much to obstruct the stomach and affect appetite.Get angry, so it is best not to eat more than 7 pieces of Ejiao dates.

  Guiling Ointment clears heat and detoxifies, and has a cold stomach. Pregnant women and menstruating people eat Guiling Ointment a long time-honored traditional health snack. According to legend, it was originally intended for the Emperor of Qing Palace.

The authentic Guiling cream is mainly made of precious eagle-mouth turtle and Poria cocos, which is refined with raw rehmannia glutinosa, dandelion, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and other drugs. It has heat-clearing and detoxifying, nourishing yin and kidney, eliminating acne, and intestinal laxativeefficacy.

Guiling paste is very popular among young people, and it is also one of the traditional Chinese medicine snacks that some old friends like to eat.

  Some of our white-collar workers are busy working all day, especially the office workers, lack of exercise, and poor diet and scientific conditioning. If they are not careful, symptoms such as dry mouth, upset, and constipation will occur. For some young readers and friends who are beautiful, they are most sad.Still cause “face problems”-ulcers.

This group of people is more suitable to eat Guiling paste, but usually two or three boxes a week is almost the same, should not eat more.

  Experts said that it is precisely because Guiling Ointment has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, so it is cold and cold. Generally, people with cold stomach and weak spleen and stomach should eat less.

Some reports said that the turtle plate has the effect of exciting the uterus and promoting blood circulation, so pregnant women and menstrual women should not eat more.

  Herbal tea drinks dehumidify and dispel fire, cold constitutions and yang deficiency people eat less. In ancient times, herbal tea was generally the best product for summer heat, but now it is a traditional Chinese medicine health drink almost all year round.


Mainly related to everyone’s eating habits and physical changes.

For example, many readers and friends like to eat spicy barbecue food, but they are afraid of getting angry. What should I do?

Herbal teas that reduce fire naturally become their go-to drink for dinner.

In addition, due to work efficiency, a large number of readers and friends have the habit of staying up late to work overtime. This “night owl” has been doing for a long time, and there are more “fires” in the body. At this time, herbal tea seems to have become an emergency drink.

  However, after all, herbal tea is still a “tense” tea drink with traditional Chinese medicine. It cannot be used as water, and people who drink too much or are not suitable for drinking will cause certain harm to their health.

Experts said that the main ingredients of herbal tea on the market today include chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, prunella, licorice and other Chinese herbs, which have the effects of clearing heat and dehumidifying, nourishing yin and removing fire, and can alleviate symptoms such as gum swelling, oral ulcers, and dry stool.Cold hands and feet, cold stomach, yang deficiency, and people with thin stools often try to drink herbal tea to avoid aggravating their symptoms.

  Poria cake strengthens the spleen and stomach, and those with high blood sugar eat less. In the Southern Song Dynasty, about 783 years ago, the famous medical doctor Zhang Congzheng had a record of a certain food in his medical monograph “The Confucian Family”.: Poria cocos, two for two, white noodles for two, water made into cakes, cooked with yellow wax.

“This is one of the rudiments of Poria cake.

Its modern manufacturing process has been improved, shaped like a full moon, thin as paper, white as snow, sweet and fragrant, and unique in flavor.

  Experts say that Poria cakes are good for soaking in water, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and calming down.

Helps improve the body’s own immunity and prevent colds.

Due to the beneficial water effect of Poria, it also has certain therapeutic value for the symptoms of limb edema and unfavorable urination.

But at present, many consumers feel that the Poria cake is too sweet, mainly due to the addition of honey, sugar, and other raw materials to the Poria cake on the market. Because sugar content is often more, those with high blood sugar are advised to eat less or not.Indigestion is also involved in eating too much.

  Sour plum juice promotes the lungs, and patients with colds and fever and enteritis are cautious when eating plum juice. It is a traditional Chinese summer drink. Previously, in the summer, adults at home would buy ume plums and cook them. Put some sugar in them to remove acid.Enjoyed, very cool.

Nowadays, many beverage manufacturers have also started to produce plum juice, which has been recognized by consumers, and has gradually become a fashionable health drink.

  Experts said that the citric acid of the main umeli in sour plum soup helps to absorb vitamins and enzymes, and can prevent disease and eliminate fatigue.

Umili’s malic acid directs the right amount of water to the large intestine, forms feces and is excreted from the body.

Black plum also has a good effect on bad breath and hangovers.

For example, ebony can relieve diarrhea, relieve cough, relieve cough, relieve dysentery, regenerate fluid, stop bleeding, condense the lungs, astringent intestines, and are often used to treat lung deficiency, long-term diarrhea, deficiency of heat, thirst, convulsions, abdominal pain, and biliary ascariasis.

  However, people with colds, fever, cough, sputum, and stuffy chests should avoid ume, bacillary dysentery, and patients with early enteritis also need to avoid ume, which is sometimes referred to as “to be prepared with herbs”.

“It is best not to eat for women during normal menstrual periods and for pregnant women.

“Suixiju diet profile” records: “Fresh food damage teeth, sputum to help fire, phlegm cough, bloating, swollen, fullness, exogenous feeling clear, women deciduous, and menstrual period, prenatal and postnatal, Avoid acne.

How can winter melon be over-nourished

How can winter melon be over-nourished

Winter melon is a vegetable with high nutritional value.

Nutritionists have found that every 100 grams of melon contains 0 protein.

4 grams, carbon class 1.

9 grams, 19 mg calcium, 12 mg phosphorus, and 0 iron.

2 mg and multivitamins, especially vitamin C, have a high content of 18 mg per 100 grams, which is 1.

2 times.

  In addition, winter melon also contains glyceric acid, which has a good effect on preventing the body from gaining weight and enhancing physical fitness.

Eating winter melon often in spring and summer is very beneficial to human health, especially for people who are overweight.

Here, we will introduce three ways of using winter melon as a raw material.

  Winter Melon Seafood Roll Ingredients: 500 grams of winter melon, 180 grams of fresh shrimp, ham, north mushroom, celery, carrot, coriander amount, refined oil, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar and other seasonings.

  Cooking methods: 1.

Cut winter melon into 8 cm square slices, cut shrimp and velvet, ham, northern mushroom, celery, carrot and cut into strips for later use; 2.

2. Heat the melon slices with boiling water, and scald the shiitake mushrooms, carrots, celery, and northern mushrooms in the water, respectively; 3.

Mix fresh raw materials such as shiitake mushrooms with seasonings such as salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, etc., wrap them in winter melon slices and roll into rolls, brush with refined oil, and steam them out of the basket for about 3 minutes.

Place the steamed seafood rolls in a plate, thinly sprinkle on the surface and serve.

  Golden Sand melon sticks raw materials: 400 grams of winter melon, 80 grams of cooked salted egg yolk, 3 grams of pepper, 5 grams each of green onion ginger, 10 grams of red pepper, 10 grams of sesame, 40 grams of starch, 40 grams of powdered cheese, 3 grams of refined salt, cooking wineThe right amount of cooking oil.

  Cooking methods: 1.

Winter melon cut into strips and add refined salt; 2.

2. Mix the starch and cheese powder into a mixed powder; 3.

Crush the cooked salted egg yolks and fry the sesame seeds; 4.

4. Dip the melon sticks evenly into the mixed 60% hot oil and fry until cooked. Remove the oil when the oil temperature rises to 70% and re-fry until the shell is crisp and golden. 5.

Add a little oil to the pan and heat up. Add red peppers, peppercorns, green onion ginger, and salted egg yolks. Stir-fry. Add winter melon sticks, cook cooking wine, stir-fry.

  Scallop and winter melon ingredients: 400 grams of winter melon, proper amount of scallop cooking method: 1.

Soak the scallops, steam them in a pot and shred them into silk; 2.

Winter melon is cut into 3 cm long strips and stir-fried in a frying pan. Add scallops and water, refined salt, sugar, and rice wine. Stir in starch after a while.

Treatment of cervical spondylosis drink Pueraria papaya soup

Treatment of cervical spondylosis drink Pueraria papaya soup

Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile Diseases said: “The sun is sick, how many are Xiang Beiqiang.

Anti-sweat out evil, Guizhi plus Gegen Tangzhu.

“Qing Dynasty Zhang Lu” Zhang’s Medical Tong “said:” Kidney Qi does not follow the same path, and Qi goes up against the spine, causing shoulder and back pain, or seeing back-to-back sitting causing spinal pain.

“Cervical spondylosis is a chronic strain disease.

The pathogenesis of traditional Chinese medicine is liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of qi and blood, and the evil of wind, cold, and dampness, which invades the meridians and bones.

The disease is a chronic stubborn disease, with dampness and stickiness, which is difficult to remove.

In the clinical treatment of rheumatism for many years, the author applied the self-made Gegenqin Ganpagua Decoction to treat cervical spondylosis, and the effect is quite good. Now it is introduced as follows: Gegenqin Ganpagua Decoction: Pueraria 30-50g, Baiji 30g, Licorice15g, papaya 18g, bone broken supplement 15g, Yuanhu 18g, whole scorpion 10g, weilingxian (vinegar fried) 24g.

Clinical syndrome differentiation: tough neck, pain in shoulders and arms, numbness of upper limbs, add 15g of cricket live, 30g of weilingxian (vinegar stir-fried), 10g of turmeric, 30g of mulberry branch; 30g of Chuanxiong, 18g of viburnum for headacheIn the case of exacerbation, 50 g of kudzu root was reused, and 30 g of astragalus, 10 g of angelica and 6 g of cimicifuga were added.

Those with weak waist and knees, numbness or stiffness in their limbs, add 15g of Eucommia ulmoides, 30g of dog spine, 10g of staghorn gelatin (gelatinized), 15g of Achyranthes bidentata and 30g of mature land.

Gegenqin Ganmugua Decoction is based on Pueraria Root, which has been released to relieve muscle and promote sun rash. It is an essential medicine for treating back pain.

Paeonia lactiflora nourishes the liver and softens the liver, licorice slows and moderates, and at the same time it cooperates with papaya to smooth the liver and relieve tendons, which can alleviate cervical muscle spasm pain.

Bone broken and nourishing kidney and activating blood, strong muscles and strong bones.

Yuanhu Huoxue Xingqi relieves pain, the whole scorpion Qufeng neck.

Wei Lingxian dispels rheumatism, passes through the meridians, and vinegar stir-fry also softens bone spurs.

The formula has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, and expelling wind and paralysis.

Fangzhong Baizhi, Glycyrrhizic acid, Ganyin, Yishengzhongman, Jiufu will appear dullness, dizziness and nausea, accompanied by pale surgery, amomum, spleen and dampness, qi and neutrality.

  Hou Moumou, female, 53 years old, teacher.

Visited in August 2006.

The patient had a stiff neck, pain in his shoulders and back, and numbness in his right upper limb for about half a year.

At the time of examination, the patient had obvious tenderness in the 5-7 vertebrae of the cervical spine, right Huffman sign (+).

Radiograph: cervical sulcus hyperplasia, narrowing of the cervical spine 5-7.

Pueraria quinquefolia papaya soup addition and subtraction: Pueraria pueraria 30g, Paeonia lactiflora 30g, licorice 15g, papaya 18g, bone broken supplement 15g, yuanhu 18g, whole scorpion 10g, weilingxian 24g (vinegar fried), pupa 15g, turmeric 10g,30g of mulberry.

Five doses of decoction. After taking the five doses, the consciousness of neck stiffness was obviously relieved, and the numbness of the right upper limbs was also improved.

The effect is not better, and the remaining symptoms are basically eliminated after five more doses.

Introduced Fang added 15g of Pale Pallidum and 6g of Amomum villosum to consolidate for more than a month, but no regeneration was seen in the following six months.

  According to the case, the patient had severe neck pain and urgency, accompanied by shoulder and arm pain, and numbness of the right upper limb, which is a nerve root type of cervical spondylosis.

The application of Gegenqin Ganpagua Decoction was released to relieve muscles, relieve liver and relieve stasis, promote blood circulation, and expel wind and paralysis.

Xiangbei is the part of the sun bladder meridian, which is added to the sun to enter the bladder meridian, which treats the rheumatism of the sun meridian, and the meridian obstruction is strong, and the side is not good.

“Decoction Materia Medica” said, “Zhuohuo can cure wind cold and dampness, soreness and unkindness, the winds are dizzy and the neck is difficult to stretch.

“If you use it with turmeric, mulberry branches will complement each other better.

Most suitable for rheumatism caused by strong shoulder and arm pain, upper limb numbness and other symptoms.

  Zheng, a 48-year-old female cadre, was diagnosed with vertigo and died in December 2006.

She has suffered from cervical spondylosis for many years, and has achieved little success through the use of multiple therapies.

Before turning to the clinic, the patient suddenly and consciously turned around, turning faint, turning into a forehead and nasal bridge.

At the time of consultation, the patient still felt a stiff and tight neck, sore shoulders, back pain, dizziness, paleness, fatigue, pale tongue, thin white fur, and weak pulses.

Radiographs: Physiological curvature of the cervical spine becomes straight, and the cervical spine 5-7 gap narrows.

Pueraria quinquefolia and papaya soup addition and subtraction: Pueraria root 50g, Paeonia lactiflora 30g, licorice 15g, papaya 15g, bone broken supplement 15g, Yuanhu 15g, whole scorpion 6g, weilingxian (vinegar stir-fried) 24g, angelica 30g, angelica10g, Cimicifuga 6g.
After taking five doses, neck stiffness was significantly reduced, shoulder and arm pain were reduced, and dizziness symptoms were eliminated.The patient developed anorexia and a generalized vomiting.

Then add 12g each of Pale Atractylodes, 6g Amomum villosum (post-entry), strengthen the spleen and dampness, regulate qi and stomach, and heal about 20 doses.

  Vertigo and stroke collapse caused by cervical spondylosis belong to the type of vertebral artery of cervical spondylosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine is mostly weak in the spleen and stomach.

Pueraria is the main medicine in the subject of this case, and the drug is used for its effect of relieving yang and relieving muscles.

This medicine also has the effect of expanding vertebral basal artery blood vessels and improving cerebral blood flow.

Paeonia lactiflora, glycyrrhizic acid and glycemic yin, softening liver and urgency, cooperate with papaya to increase the power of flattening liver and tendons, bone broken tonic, Yuanhu, whole scorpion and other medicines tonic liver and kidney, strong bones and bones, promoting blood circulation and analgesic, expelling wind and cough.

Wei Lingxian dispels rheumatism and activates the meridian.

Add moxibustion Astragalus, Angelica, Cimicifuga and other products to nourish qi and blood, lift the yang of the spleen and stomach, and raise the yang of the qi, and qi and blood will rise, then the dizziness will stop.

  Rheumatism case Pu Moumou, male, 38 years old.

The patient had more than two years of unfavorable rehabilitation activities, shoulder and back pain, and numbness in her right upper limb.

Pain is temporarily relieved by using massage, massage and topical plasters.

Beginning in June 2007, the patient felt stiff and awkward walking legs, faltering, and accompanied by symptoms such as soft waist and knees, and heavy and weak lower limbs.

Then we went to the hospital.

Physical examination revealed that the patient’s cervical vertebra extended, the lateral curve was shortened significantly, and the cervical spine 4-7 spinous process was tender.

Increased muscle tension in both lower extremities and hyperreflexia of knees and Achilles tendon.

Right Huffman sign (+), double Pap sign (+).

MRI examination: The cervical curvature was straightened, and the posterior edge of the cervical spine 3-7 was proliferated to varying degrees.

The cone is 5-6 in height and the cervical spine is slightly compressed.

Diagnosis of cervical spondylotic myelopathy.

The patient was then advised to go to the orthopaedic clinic for treatment, but the patient requested to take Chinese medicine first.

Kudzu root and papaya soup addition and subtraction: Pueraria puerariae 30g, Paeonia lactiflora 30g, licorice 15g, papaya 15g, bone broken supplement 18g, whole scorpion 8g, ground dragon 15g, earthworm 12g, beetle 10g, blackfin snake 10g, weiling24 g of sage (sautéed with vinegar), 10 g of staghorn gum (puppetization), 15 g of Eucommia ulmoides, 30 g of dog ridge, 30 g of cooked land, 12 g of Pleurotus eryngii and 10 g of Amomum villosum (post-entry).

Ten doses of decoction.

The patient felt effective after taking the medication, relieved the stiffness and awkwardness of her legs, and eased walking the lower limbs earlier.

The patient insisted on taking about one hundred doses continuously with the top basically unchanged, and the patient walked gradually and steadily.

Neck movements are unfavorable, shoulder and back pain, and waist and knee weakness are gradually disappearing.

Now the patient continues to use the upper consolidation therapy.

  According to this case, the symptoms and signs of neurological positioning caused by cervical hyperplasia and cervical spine compression.

Chinese medicine belongs to the category of “stubborn disease”.

Due to the long-term paralysis, the meridian qi and blood are blocked by external evils, and the operation is unfavorable.

In terms of treatment method, Ye Tianshi of Qing Dynasty did not heal the bismuth for a long time, and put forward the theory of “long-term disease entering the network”, and advocated the treatment of blood with blood circulation, phlegm and collaterals.

In this case, worms, earthworms, earthworms, beetles, and other drugs are added to the main body to promote blood circulation, expelling wind, resolving phlegm, and clearing collaterals.

Mangosteen is a kind of sentimental material. It is a thing that penetrates the ground and is good for walking. It passes through the internal organs and reaches the meridians. It passes through the passage and closes.

And can direct medicine to the hospital.

Earthworms break blood and remove blood stasis, and pass through the channels.

Compatible with all scorpion, earth dragon, black snake and other insect snake drugs deep into the epiphyseal joints, search for rheumatism and love between the joints.

And adding Wei Lingxian, Eucommia ulmoides, dog ridge, pregnant with achyranthes, antler gum, cooked ground and other products to nourish the liver and kidney, strong supervision and help Yang, Qufeng wins dampness, relax muscles.

And with pale surgery, Amomum villosum spleen and dampness.

Xingqi and Zhong are adjuvants.

The medicines are consistent, and the medicine certificates are consistent, and slowly the results of the treatment of stubborn diseases gradually take effect.