Make skin pore-free maintenance secrets


Make skin pore-free maintenance secrets

The weather is dry and windy in spring. How to fine pores and whiten skin is the most concerned issue in every beauty MM.

Today, let ‘s take a look at the secrets of spring 2012 skin care with Xiaobian. Be sure to make your skin zero pores.

  After going home, cleaning is the basis of delicate skin whitening. Squeeze the cleanser in the palm of your hand, gently dissolve it with warm water, and clean the skin in a circular manner.

In addition, you can also use cold and hot water to wash your face to whiten your skin.

  Dust hidden in the pores can easily form acne or blackheads, which can usually be removed by regular exfoliation.

However, if the acne is severe, it is recommended to use an acne stick to deal with it.

First clean your face, then apply a hot towel to your face to let the pores open naturally. Disinfect the round end before using it, and then gently scrape off the acne.

  After clearing acne, you can shrink your pores by hand!

Throw the coin-type cotton mask into a cup with a pore-shrinking lotion, and wait until the mask is fully open before applying it to the face.

After using MM with large pores, it is recommended to use essence to moisturize the skin.

  After dealing with pores, you need to whiten and sunscreen.

MM must remember to rub sunscreen when going out. If the sun is big, it is best to hold a parasol.

In addition, diet is also very important. Usually you should absorb more vitamin C to keep the skin white and healthy. Foods such as vitamin C, tomatoes, cucumbers, milk, and soy milk are good.

  In addition, you can also DIY some whitening masks at home.

You can mix it with honey, milk, egg whites, clear water and a vitamin E oil, or add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. The whitening effect is super good.

If the fluorescence suddenly has a small red spot, you can use egg white plus mung bean powder and a small amount of talcum powder to DIY a clear and continuous facial mask.

Is it fun to do it yourself?

  Finally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important.

In the spring of the recovery of all things, we must develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, exercise a lot, and cooperate with these beauty skin care tips, the complexion naturally comes out from the inside!