“Dare to play a stick in front of my grandson,you are way behind!”

After Sun Wukong was hit by Xin Zhao,Directly changed the target of the attack。
in other words,Xin Zhao directly attracted the hatred to himself。
The golden cudgel and the black long stick in the hands of Xin Zhao constantly collide,No collision,There is only one black stick in Xin Zhao’s hand,And then under the control of Xin Zhao,Move some materials from other places,Fill in the gap。
“Kid,Don’t think I didn’t know it was you who made this fool call that name,My grandson will teach you a lesson today!”
Sun Wukong who is serious,The stick in the hand keeps waving,That speed is getting faster,And Xin Zhao not only wants to control the defense,You must constantly adjust the stick in your hand。
Then the result was that Xin Zhao was slammed three times by Monkey King.,Then flew out。
‘I go,The ribs must be broken now,This smelly monkey,I provoke you!’
Xin Zhao selectively forgot to let Ge Xiaolun call‘Bute Mawen’This title thing。
Of course for Xin Zhao,I can’t blame him all,After all, Monkey King is an enemy to him,Use some means to deal with the enemy,That can only be called a strategy,And can’t be called sinister。
at this time,Xin Zhao also clearly felt the difference in his body。
Ge Xiaolun resisted Monkey’s attack,Except for the first hit on the head,Let him get caught,Other attacks on the body,Did not cause fatal damage to him at all。
And Xin Zhao just endured three sticks,Just a direct rib fracture,Lost combat power。
The gap between people,It’s really big!
Chapter 58 Monkey King still fights and defeats Buddha
“Lianfeng,Treat me!”
“Xin Zhao,The current treatment is mainly concentrated on Rui Mengmeng and Ge Xiaolun,Your status is ok,Or wait!”
“it is good!”
For this answer,What else can Xin Zhao say。

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