The huge Dai Zong ship quietly suspended over the sandstorm city,It seems to have been parked there since ancient times。

Time passes bit by bit,People on the ground cannot know any news inside this huge ship,Can only wait anxiously。
At this time,The talents of the plane team realized,Wuhao-sama’s wisdom。
They all disliked Ye Korea’s armor before,I think this is something of a low-level plane,For the powerful god people,Not very useful。
Now they found out,When the person wearing the armor has the tyrannical strength,This armor will only make them stronger,And this kind of armor has many auxiliary combat functions,It can solve many practical problems。
Just like this situation,After an electromagnetic storm,No high-level armor,Can’t support Lord Wuhao,Other people can’t fly high at all,Even if you have the heart, you are powerless。
I can only wait for Master Wuhao to create miracles!And this is where everyone is unwilling!
“Teacher Gao,We have to do something!”Mi Xiaochong said worriedly。
Gao Dajin’s face is as deep,Nod,Tao:“I miscalculated this time,I didn’t expect Ye Korea to have such a powerful man,Long Field Is Not,We can only wait,Waiting for Master Wuhao to return!”
“Can’t we do nothing??”Mi Xiaochong is the answer,His face was ugly to the extreme in an instant。
“I’m afraid it is like this!Since entering this plane,What did we do?everything,Master Wu Hao is silently completing。”The sin priest Dabra Yoyo said。
While talking,He did not forget to take a look at Gao Dajin,What does this fat guy say about being a versatile,As a result, in addition to following Master Wuhao to find some ready-made,Nothing is done,At this level,I also want to become an emperor?
Gao Dajin was stunned by his eyes,So angry,An inspiration in my heart,Anger:“Of course we have a way!You are waiting!My own way!”
After speaking,Gao Dajin takes a big step,Walked towards Hu Lin。

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