“I said,Are you very happy now?!”

Chapter Two Hundred and Eighteen Devil strikes
“I said,Are you very happy now?!”
Looking at Xin Zhao’s mouth with a grin from time to time,Angel Yan is not so beautiful anymore。
After the communication with Xin Zhao,,She suddenly found,The men in this company,It seems that there is no qualified。
Xin Zhao looks all right and humble,Ge Xiaolun’s counsel,Cheng Yaowen’s family,And Liu Chuang’s birth problem。
Let’s talk about the problem,Not too big,Xin Zhao is still the best one。
At the very least, he has been keeping himself clean now,In addition to being a little bit flowery,Take control of your body,It’s not bad。
Words from Ge Xiaolun,Counseling is a very important point,If not so persuasive,Angel Yan may like him more。
As for the remaining two, don’t talk about it,Anyway……,Thought of here,Angel Yan looked at Xin Zhao beside him,Suddenly I felt like I was from a pit,Jumped to another pit。
“Why don’t you go to bed first,I’ll sit for a while!”Finished,Angel Yan is about to get up,But she was directly held by Xin Zhao,Then Xin Zhao’s head leaned towards her shoulder。This action frightened Angel Yan,It took her a lot of perseverance to control her instinct to fight back。
“What are you doing,Do you want to take advantage of me?”
“What you say,Lend me a shoulder!”Xin Zhao didn’t care about Angel Yan’s panic,But he leaned his head over。
As for Angel Yan,After a struggle,Still chose not to move。
Xin Zhao’s head finally leaned on Angel Yan’s shoulder,Smelling the fragrance from her,Xin Zhao feels uneasy in his heart,Also dissipated a lot。
“Yan,……”Just finished saying a name,Xin Zhao raised his head suddenly,Then there was a trace of anger on his face。
‘This group of guys don’t know the time,When he wants to go further with Angel Yan,Unexpectedly this happened,What a joke,I want to send them one step ahead!’
And after seeing Xin Zhao’s alertness,Angel Yan felt that a few demons were within his cordon,This made her look at Xin Zhao。
at this time,Angel Yan really didn’t expect,The cordon set by Xin Zhao,Farther than oneself。

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