But it is because the Chu Deirers are crossing.,Various sea,Let this become possible。

Just like other martial arts,Chu Deirers can switch badges,Come with no conflict——formed“Solitary sword”After the badge,Chu Deirers can be fine at this time、Effect of screening heart and potential。
Therefore, the Chu Deirens did not immediately decompose them.……
Although it is decomposed,It will be able to get a second level immediately.“Sword heart”、And several second levels“Trend”,Let Chu Deirers will be more step more in the sword,But that will also mean,After that, the Chu Deirers should continue to work.,Efficiency will be greatly reduced。
From the feedback from the front papers,Single orphan now solitary sword,I am afraid that I can push it in the third level and very deep heart and potential.,After half a year,I am afraid that it is comparable to the Emei.“a”The Buddha Gate。
Because the inheritance of both,Chu Deirers’ judgment should be more accurate。
Solitary teacher is so powerful,Chu Deirers feel that they will decompose them now“Solitary sword”,Some of the name of the teacher。
What’s more?,Maybe there will be“Can’t wait”Say,But for the Chu Deirers,The Justice is just one of the means.。
Just in the Chu Deiren from Dafa,The first night of Fuyang,Liu Sheng is finally received……
While loose tone,Liu Sheng fluttered on the night clothes,Preparation with insurance、Father who just raised hurt,Secret to meet outside the city——I am east of the east,You can still find?
Pity is also idle,It’s quiet to follow it.……
Pity’s body law,It is not specially paying attention to hidden,Just keep it outside of the two miles,Obviously Liu Shengfu is not found!
“Father!How is your injury??”Liu Sheng drifting, he saw Liu Sheng, but Malaysia,Care about the road。
Liu Sheng, but the horse is not express,It seems that Liu Sheng is not very satisfied,But still say:“It’s not bad,I can’t die.。”
“What is the woman??”Liu Sheng is asked when he is asked,The eyes are still flashing。
“Daughter only knows her‘Moon’,and……Chu Deirers also dismissed her origin,It seems a traitor with a rivers and lakes,Still being chased。”Liu Sheng fails to apologize。
Once, it has hidden,But I can’t detect what important news,Undoubtedly her dereliction of duty。
“traitor?Be chased?Could not……”Liu Sheng, but the horse is already a little speculation,After all, I can chase the rivers and lake organizations.,That’s a few。
But Liu Sheng, but there is no more,Instead, I asked:“Why have you recently not delivered any important messages at all?”
Chu Deirers can explore secrets,Have a lot of clear,Can Liu Shengfu but only detect some thin branches。
“Daughter,Chu Deirers have no doubt daughter,But also……No more important things with my daughter。”Liu Sheng’s meaning does not have a scil meaning。
Her way to get along with your father,It’s already like this, it seems that the relationship between the upper and lower level has been a long time.。
“Have you ever thought about why??Why……You have not dedicated him yet.?Do you have your own chastity?,Is it placed on the rise of Liu Shengjia??”Liu Sheng, but the horse is angry,This is also his daughter.,Be very angry。
He naturally can see,What happened to the daughter?,And in Liu Sheng, but horses,This is why she can’t be punctured.!
“Father is angry,daughter……Daughter doesn’t have a chance。”Liu Sheng flutters,There are also some grievances。
On the one hand, it is wrony,Father actually does not care about his own ideas,on the other hand……She is indeed no chance!
“Mix!Do you wait for his own own toast??You have no chance to find yourself.!”Liu Sheng but Ma Shou’s anger,Obviously do not accept this reason。
“Daughter to find a chance……Before the daughter had a father after his father,I want him to sleep with me at night.。”Liu Shengwei said with a low head。
“Then he refused?”Liu Sheng, but the horse。

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