Seven Secret Weapons Demystifying Face Cream

Seven Secret Weapons Demystifying Face Cream

Face cream, the price of about 2,000 yuan in the past, even if it is sky-high, now 5,000 yuan, 7,000 yuan is no longer rare.

This month, Swiss brand LaPrairie launched a platinum-containing cream for 1 million units.

Why would anyone buy a bottle of sky-high cream that would run out in 3 months at 10 times or even 100 times the price of an ordinary cream?

What secret weapon do sky cream face creams have, after reading the price tag, you can’t help but be excited, apart from opening your mouth and saying “ah”.

  Rare metals “diamonds are women’s best friends”, and rare metals have suddenly become the best partner for sky-high creams. From nano-scale silver earlier to later diamond particles, colloidal gold, colloidal platinum, and precious metalsMore and more appear in the table of sky-high face cream.

Gold, silver, and platinum have a record of skin beauty since ancient times, but behind the beauty of precious metals is actually a high value-added psychological hint to users. You must know that rare metals may not necessarily have more than ordinary skin care ingredients.Better maintenance effect, but it does make the phrase “give your shoulders gold” a reality.

  Rare 30, 60, 80 . Open the ingredients list of the sky-high cream, and suddenly open a copy of the ancient “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”. The popular peptides, hyaluronic acid and collagen have never been promoted by the sky-high cream.The key, refreshing must be those rare ingredients that are rarely heard-Royal Black Pearl from Tahiti, IGF (Insulin-like Growth Hormone) from $ 30,000 / g, Siberian antler, from remote ChinaThe tiger battle extract of the region . combining a variety of precious ingredients can meet the consumer’s psychological expectation that one bottle resists multiple bottles.

  HR Responsibility Nourishing Cream: Contains Royal Black Pearl Top Technology from Tahiti Usually it takes 1?
In 3 years, it takes 5?
In the past 10 years, the latest and most complicated technology has emerged as the times require. Stem cell technology, neuromedical technology, biological fermentation technology, DNA repair, some technologies that have only recently become popular in the beauty industry have quietly entered many years ago.Laboratory of sky-high face cream.

  Impress perfect facial cream: As early as 3 years ago, the DNA repair concept was advocated. Limited releases are rare. Sky-priced creams are usually sold in limited quantities. Each one will be produced in a limited amount worldwide. Only VIP customers are allowed to book., Or just open the door to special guests who receive an invitation to order.

The high-level purchase process extended by sky-price creams is also a long period of time that must be enjoyed. If you do not receive one-on-one consulting services from professional service personnel, it will be a waste of money.

  Handmade is like the recent big red BV woven bag. Because the workers need to knit each strip of leather for three or four days, the slightly better leather can be sold for 100,000, 20 million.Also very focused on pure handmade.

The core ingredients of Chanel’s luxurious essence rejuvenating cream are all hand picked by African women from May vanilla pods. Each bottle of LAMER’s sea blue mystery cream needs to be hand-packed into a special porcelain bottle by the worker.The bottles are handmade by craftsmen, and each one is unique.

  The outer packaging of the luxury packaging cream is also luxurious. The bottle of POLA Dream Girl Beauty Cream Classic Edition is like a blue gem, perfectly decorated with a bright diamond in the middle, and a golden phoenix is standing on the bottle cap of WHOO’s youth cream.At the end of 2007, the limited edition of LaPrairie Caviar Essence of Qionggui Cream was put on a crystal bottle coat replaced by more than 2400 faceted Swarovski crystals by hand. The quantity is 21,500 yuan. The world’s limited sale of 300 bottles is the only one in China.8 bottles.

  LaPrairie Caviar Essence Jean Cream Cream Limited Edition: Became the most expensive cream from Guinness Records at a price of RMB 21500. If you pay attention, you will find that most of the price creams come from famous doors, some French royal rooms, a Swiss laboratory or a royal family.Skin labs and the like must be at least the most expensive products of the top brands of a large group, and the consumer group behind the sky-high face creams are Hollywood stars who live in Beverly Hills, members of the royal family and countries around the world.The billionaire billionaires, combined with the limited sales method, sometimes you want to buy a bottle of bleeding, and wait for a long waiting list.

  LaPrairie Revitalizing Platinum Cream RMB10000 / 50ml sky-high selling point: The world’s first platinum-based skin care product, through the platinum nanoparticles with negative platinum suspended in colloidal platinum, it continuously releases electronic energy to help the skin maintainFree radical balance effectively fights aging.

In addition, malachite, hematite, and crystal nanoparticles also add to the mineral power of this cream.

Behind the sky: The target consumer group is the 10 million millionaires and nearly 1,000 billionaires in the world. In 2009, only 350 bottles were sold in China. During the pre-sale stage, the product can only be booked by participating in VIP events.

  LAMER500ml large cream luxury limited gift box 2009RMB14000 / 500ml sky-high selling point: Contains the magical active extract with bio-fermentation technology which has great repairing effect and a variety of natural nutrients, has excellent repair and regeneration, moisturizing and moisturizing effect, large packaging (500ml) The long shelf life (10 years) makes this limited edition unit price per ml not sky-high.

Behind the scenes: Only the most distinguished and loyal VIP guests of this luxury version of this large cream will receive an invitation to buy, and there are only 30 bottles on sale in China.

  COSMEDECORTEAQ Rare Extraction Moisturizing Cream RMB7000 / 45g Selling Price: KOSE’s top brand COSMEDECORTE (Dai Ke) the most “expensive” anti-aging cream, with 30 kinds of beauty ingredients such as precious Acanthopanax root extract, andUsing the original multi-layer microlipid capsule deepening technology, a variety of ingredients flow into the skin.

Behind the sky: Although the price is high, as a star product of the AQ rare collection, it is sold all year round in the counter.

When it went on sale in South Korea in the same year, it was inspected because the cream in the bottle was expensive per gram of gold.

  After WHOO, it also has a cream price of RMB6800 / 60ml. It contains Tianshan Snow Lotus, 35-year-old wild ginseng, Siberian velvet antler, Cordyceps sinensis, and more than 60 medicinal herbs with five attributes.

Behind the scenes: WHOO is a Korean high-end skincare brand. The most expensive design creams of the young creams have been replaced by the palace secret recipes of “Kings and Ministers”. Those inspirations often seen in martial arts novels—TianshanSnow lotus, mountain ginseng, velvet antler, and cordyceps become the biggest selling point of this cream.

  CPB’s new exquisite cream RMB6500 / 50ml sky-high selling point: more than 80 active ingredients, applying Nobel’s “ion channel” technology, precisely control the balance of enzyme activation, comprehensively improve skin dullness, dryness, roughness, pigmentation, wrinkles, collapseAnd so on.

Behind the scenes: There are many celebrities and fans, like size S, Sun Yunyun and Wu Peixi have shared the experience of using this cream in their beauty experience. Teacher P also exploded that his cosmetic bag often carried this jar with him.

  Albion Premium Living Cell Beauty Night Cream RMB5648 / 36g Selling Price: Specially added puerarin can activate the anabolic metabolism of DNA, promote the ability of cell division, and restore cells that stop functioning.

Ginger tea promotes the regeneration of cells and revitalizes the stopped cells.

Behind the sky price: Albion, known for its original osmotic milk cosmetic theory, has always acted low-key and rarely publicized, and in order to allow more consumers to buy this sky cream, the market price this year has dropped from 6,720 yuanNearly 1,000 yuan.

  Estee Lauder Platinum Supreme Pet Day / Night Cream RMB5400 / 50ml, RMB10800 / set Sky selling points: nearly a hundred mineral combinations from Okinawa, Hawaii’s mysterious deep-sea holy water and super-optimized calcium containing sea fan algae extract.

Behind the sky: The concept of luxurious skincare was first proposed by Mrs. Estee Lauder in the 1950s and 1960s.

In the era when the most expensive cream was only $ 10, she boldly launched a $ 115 double nourishing platinum series.

This set of Platinum Supreme Skin Day / Night Cream was launched in 2006 in a limited edition of 7000 sets, of which 600 were wrapped in the big bags of star guests of the Academy Awards.

  : “Skin water channel” is more effective for hydrating. There are always some “naturally gifted” girls who eat nothing but fat because the metabolism is fast and the absorption is not good.

This situation can also occur during the process of hydrating the skin, but it is difficult to envy.

Obviously, it is a very good product, and the daily consumption is also very large, but the skin just cannot be eaten, and it is wasted.
  At this time, what you need to solve is the skin’s water circulation problem. The so-called “channel is king” is also true for skin hydration.

An aquaporin called aquaporin exists in our skin cells. It can awaken the skin’s own power and cause the source of muscle base to rise, thus allowing water to circulate in the skin like aqua spring water, thereby drying the skinAnd the problem of aging has been improved from the inside out to the symptoms.
The concept of AQUA SPRINA is to open the “water channel” of your skin and create a leading skin.

  Single product recommendation: AQUASPRINA Nourishing Moisturizing Nourishment Fluid II (RMB200 / 170ml) Future “cuticle, while achieving soft and elastic skin from the inside out.

This functional nourishing liquid can open the skin’s water channel and make it easier for nutrients to be absorbed. While trimming the “present” and “future” stratum corneum, it achieves soft and elastic skin from the inside out.

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