The lifeboat has approached the port,But the survivors on the ship didn’t know,A crisis bigger than hurricanes and tornadoes,coming soon。

Chapter VIII Heaven falls
The coastal waters of the Eastern Kingdom ushered in the biggest hurricane of the century,With the tsunami,There are also spectacles that are rare in a century,Sea tornado。
This sea tornado with a radius of ten kilometers has been maintained for an hour,There is no sign of decay,And started moving towards the port。
Hokkaido Port,Including all the soldiers and civilians in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdom,All are discussing the issue of defense against tornadoes and whether to evacuate to a safer place。
Some experts and scholars think,A sea tornado of this magnitude is rare,Must not last,But the tsunami that followed,More worrying,It is recommended that coastal residents evacuate in time。
The Self-Defense Forces of the Oriental States said,The military will not abandon the Hokkaido military port,They will stick to the last moment。
Hokkaido Military Port,Downpour,The world is in chaos。
“Look,There is something in the sky!”A sharp-eyed soldier suddenly yelled like crazy。
The sea tornado has reached the offshore area,The air pressure in mid-air was stirred by a tornado,And a tornado with strong suction,Objects in nearby seas,All sucked up to the sky。
An unknown object is falling from high altitude,Happened to be seen by the sharp-eyed navy soldier。
boom!This is the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground,Although in the heavy rain,But this voice is too dull,Still heard clearly by many soldiers who took shelter from the rain。

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