Not only that,This guy still feels not enough,Step forward:“Now that guy has killed Elder Li who was vigil last night,what’s next?If every elder who watched the night could not get help at this time,What do we elders think?”

“Just,in my opinion,That Qi Er himself is ill-intentioned,At this time, I still want to block the credit on myself,Simply shameless!
Maybe this guy has already partnered with those guys in Sword Forge City,Ready to directly defeat us one by one,Finally, our loyal ministers are gone,Then your position as the city lord is over!”
Just finished,Another elder stepped forward:“That guy is unpredictable,It’s really a daunting character,and,You can take the seat of the city lord,You should think about it,Because of whom?If it’s not because of us elders,Qi Er will be a little jealous,otherwise,Ha ha……”
This guy sneered,Qi Dongliang is sitting on the bed,I have the heart to want to die,These guys,Must let their relationship break,It seems this time,I really want to finish playing!
“But this……”
Haven’t waited for Qi Dongliang to finish,An elder headed one step forward,With a clang, he directly pulled out the long sword in his hand,Jian Zhi Qi Dongliang。
Followed by,There was a sound of footsteps,These guys all pulled out their weapons,A pair of eyes stared at Qi Dongliang before him。
This move almost scared Qi Dongliang to pee,This guy finally understood,Who is the real boss in this tool city?,It’s nice to be the owner of the city,But you are the city lord,What’s the ability?
“Ask the lord to be the master for me,Don’t chill our hearts,otherwise,I wait,I’m afraid it’s hard to keep the safety of the city lord,It’s hard to play for Qicheng!”
“Ask the lord to be the master for me!”
Qi Dongliang’s face is pale,But it’s useless now,I have completely become a puppet!
“I……understood,Put away your weapons,Wait for me in the hall,Send me order,Let Elder Qi Er come to the hall,I have something to discuss!”
Qi Dongliang sighed helplessly,I close my eyes in despair,Become a puppet overnight,He Ji Old Scenery Youth Lang?
“Elder Qi Er,The lord invites you to the main hall,There are important matters to discuss!”
At this time, Qi Er is studying the changes in the five-star gossip array in the military account. The defects he exposed last night。

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