“somebody is coming,Everyone get up“This sound is even more resounding deep in the mountains。

First0279chapter Slip through the net
Xia Jian was surprised,Stand up,In the open ground at the foot of the mountain,A shout of people,Kung fu in a blink of an eye,Seven or eight men armed with shotguns have rushed to the front of the wooden house。?
Mason is the leader,Although his shirt is still open with buttons,But people stand at the forefront,I saw his fingers making gestures,The people behind him dispersed instantly,Suddenly disappeared in the grass。
at this time,There was a noise behind,Zhang Sangui ran over in sweat,Behind him,Followed by more than a dozen heavily armed police。
The team leader listened to Xia Jian’s introduction,He led the police and copied it,More than ten police,All on guys,This scene is like a cop blockbuster in the movie。
The result was surprising,The arrival of the police,These people all gave up resistance,Be thrown away。
The police told Xia Jian to stand in the next room to recognize someone,It’s a pity that among the over 100 people,There is no shadow of Maussen at all,Looks like this guy has come to protect the handsome,I led a few confidants and ran away。
The police came to work on site,The first interrogation,All these people left were hired by Mao Sen from outside,Helped him mine gold,But where is this gold mine?,These people ask three questions,Because they haven’t started,Every day besides playing cards is sleeping,I’ve heard of such days for almost half a month。
Made a note,There is no better way for the police,Had to dismiss these people on the spot。
“Go chant!What are you waiting for?People are almost exhausted“Fang Fang pulled Xia Jian who was talking to the police leader。
The group of people sighed and started walking back again,When they arrive at Dragon Ball’s house,Uncle Long was shocked when he was wiping a shotgun in the yard,He asked in surprise:“What’s wrong with you?“
“I went to catch Mao Sen last night,just came back,Hurry up and ask mom to make something delicious“Dragon ball coquettishly,Shook Uncle Long’s arm and said。
After Uncle Long told Xia Jian and the others to sit down,,I raised my brow,A bit displeased:“President Xia,I admire your skill,But it’s Police Cai’s business to arrest them,You acted like this,What if something happens?”

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