When is yogurt the most beneficial?

When is yogurt the most beneficial?

Now, more and more people are getting into the habit of drinking yogurt every day.

Some people are used to drinking in the morning, some are used to drinking at night, and some people choose to drink whenever they want.

So, when is yogurt more healthy?

  Experts believe that drinking yogurt at night has more benefits.

  Because from the perspective of calcium supplementation, because the human body no longer replaces calcium-containing foods at night, while calcium metabolism is still quietly in sleep, it is necessary to eat a suitable amount of calcium-based dairy products before bedtime.

  So, which is more beneficial to health than drinking milk at night than yogurt?

  For most people, milk is a non-digestible drink. After drinking it in the morning, it can be digested in the stomach and intestines through a day of exercise. After drinking at night, it is not conducive to the amount of exercise after sleep.For digestion and absorption by the human body, those with poor gastrointestinal tract may also suffer from indigestion.

  Yogurt is different. The lactic acid contained in the human body is peristaltic at night, so drinking it at night will not cause indigestion and help prevent constipation.

  Experts suggest that it is best to drink yogurt twice or two hours after dinner, and never drink yogurt on an empty stomach.

Because the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt are easily killed by gastric acid when fasting, the health care effect of yogurt will be weakened accordingly.

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