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Reviews of active ingredients in four types of anti-acne skin care products

In addition to causing unsightly skin, acne may also cause acne scars due to improper handling, forming a dark skin that is difficult to eliminate.

The anti-acne products on the market have different functions, such as regulating oil, clearing pores, inhibiting bacteria and anti-inflammatory, etc. What is the difference? You must understand it first to make it clear.

  At present, the active ingredients in the series of skin care products that reduce antioxidants are roughly divided as follows: Regulate oil secretion: Zinc salts (such as zinc sulfate, zinc gluconate, etc.)Deeply adjust sebum secretion, further anti-inflammatory and sterilization, eliminate acne, and achieve the effect of preventing acne.

  Comments from netizens: The pretty young princess 20-year-old mixed skin has a fresh and natural taste ~~ If you have mixed skin like me, then this product recommends that you only be in the T zone.

Its transparency is very refreshing, because it contains effective oil control ingredients, it has a good oil control effect, and it also has a certain inhibitory effect on acne.

However, if you use it in the dry part, you will feel that its moisturizing power and moisturizing feeling are not enough enough. So I recommend that you use it topically.

  Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: Tea tree essential oil, vitamin C and vitamin E FANCL Acne moisturizing solution Recommended reason: add water and improve excessive oil secretion, help to remove oxidized sebum and make acne difficult to form.

  Comments from netizens: A Meow 22-year-old mixed skin lotion is a product that I have recently used. It is mainly used for anti-inflammatory and soothing acne. It is used in conjunction with acne essence gel.

The skin is a pale green lotion and has no taste.

It can be absorbed on the skin, and the absorption rate is super fast, and it has obvious anti-inflammatory and calming effects.

After application, the skin is completely invisible, and the skin becomes very hydrated and plump. The redness and swelling of the acne will not worsen, and it will not irritate the skin at all.

  Tightening Pores: Witch Hazel, Calendula, and Alcohol are common Tightening Pores: Witch Hazel, Calendula, and Alcohol are common facial cleansers.

  Netizen comment: Keren’s 27-year-old mixed skin is suitable for oily skin, and the effect of shrinking pores is okay. I have used this skin to be less oily.

  Oil control, acne suppression, promote skin renewal, reduce acne in the short term: La Prairie marine essence repair cream from natural sources such as plants and marine lifeRecommended reason: The collection of 5 deep sea elements can effectively promote the skinSelf-protection mechanisms and natural repair progress.

  Netizen’s comment: Moisturizing 32-year-old mixed skin is much better than the marine series I used before. The cream of the aqua bottle is like water on the face, but the amount is large and the moisture is not enough.
The moisturizing and moisturizing degree of this upper face is obviously much, and it will not dry in one day.

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