Tips for curling MM

Tips for curling MM

In most cases, hair breaks are not caused by chemical factors, but most are caused by mechanical factors such as poor curling operations, such as too strong tension, uneven rubber band positions, and some excessive hair injuries without proper treatment.Improve the care to perform perm and so on.

  It’s almost New Year’s Day, and many MMs want to take a few days to change their hairstyle to greet the New Year. It’s a good idea to hot roll, and the popularity of curly hair has recently increased dramatically.

However, is the hair quality of each MM suitable for perm curls?

What should I pay attention to when I curl my curls?

Now, the little editor will answer 6 awkward questions about perm for you.

  Embarrassment 1: Long-lasting perm potion Consequences: Wet hair has protrusions, dry hair is straight, without elasticity, and hair damage is very serious.

  Reason: The longer the cold wave essence works on the hair, the stronger the cold wave essence decomposes the internal structure. The ultra-time cold wave essence acts on the hair to exceed the elastic range, and the oxidizing effect of the styling agent has no way to restore hair.
  Embarrassment 2: The inevitable consequence of the hair itself: not easy to curl.

  Reason: The scales on the epidermis of the hair fit tightly, and the potion is not easy to penetrate, such as hair that has not been scalded.

Fine metal powders on the hair or metal hair dyes have been used to prevent the effects of cold liquids.

Wash your hair with hard water containing a lot of calcium, and a thin film of calcareous alkali adheres to the scalp, making the liquid impervious, including using conditioner before perming.

  Embarrassment 3: Consequences of deterioration of the cold wave agent: the desired effect cannot be achieved.

  Reason: The cold-pressing agent reduces the reducing power due to sun exposure or deterioration.

  Embarrassment 4: Improper operation Consequences: Poor results.

  Reason: Permanent water stay time control, temperature control, whether to make the potion fully function.

  Embarrassment 5: Long time for neutralization and styling Consequences: After drying, the hair is dull and dry, causing discoloration and dehydration.

  Reason: Some people think that the neutralizing styling agent is acidic, close to the pH value of the hair, so the long styling time does not hinder things. In fact, the neutralizing styling agent is an redox agent, which has improved skin composition and regenerates disulfideThe role of the key, the role of the fixed spindle.

If it is too oxidized, it will cause decolorization and dehydration.

  Embarrassment 6: Improper curling operation Consequences: Broken signs appear during the perm, and customers often break their hair when they go home.

  Reason: In most cases, hair breakage is not caused by chemical factors, most of them are caused by mechanical factors such as poor curling operations, such as too strong tension, rubber bands are not in the same position.

In addition, some hair is excessively injured, and perm is performed without proper care and improvement.