Zhu Xiaoguang and the others hurriedly joined Lu Menglin,Walk towards Zhu’s gate。

Only then did Sun Xingfeng notice,It turns out that there is such a good-natured young man beside Brother Nan。
Look over,He just thinks this young man is a bit familiar,But I can’t remember where I saw it。
But then he was a little stunned,Because he faintly discovered,These four are actually headed by that young man,Even Brother Nan is no exception。
“Who is that person?strange,really weird!”Jincheng tycoon Sun Xingfeng can’t remember who this person is,I don’t care about the actions of those four who left themselves,Instead, follow them in strides。
now,Inside the Zhu Family Mansion,Guests are like clouds,More than seventy seats,Almost all the heads and faces of Jincheng were included in the dinner。
It’s not that the Zhu family can’t afford more banquets,But the whole Jincheng really got on the stage,I can see the Zhu Family Law,It only has more than 70 seats,As for the guests outside the courtyard,Put the birthday gift in the concierge,Simply log in and you can go down the mountain。
Maybe because of playing legends,That big man Sun Xingfeng was particularly enthusiastic about Chen Jiannan and his party,It’s exactly the attitude of a little fan,Not only caught up with them,I specially invited the four of them to sit on my own stage。
Lu Menglin and the four of them are also welcome,After nodding to Sun Xingfeng,I sat in the table casually。
The dishes at the Zhujiashou banquet are very high-end,One plate of Australian lobster per table is just a base dish,Everyone’s shark fin bird’s nest soup is just an appetizer soup,White truffles from Alba, Italy,Is the real rare good thing。
but,The most astounding thing is the jar of Arbas caviar on every table.,This thing is called ginseng fruit from the ocean,The price exceeds the same weight of gold,The golden fish eggs are used24Carat gold canned packaging,The market price is approximately1710,000 RMB。
“You are welcome,Use chopsticks to taste!Sun Xingfeng likes to make friends,Anyway, the generosity of others,Don’t eat white!Father Zhu’s Centenary Birthday,I guess we will meet this time too。”Sun Xingfeng took the initiative to greet everyone,Smiles all over the face。
“Correct,Don’t eat white。”Lu Menglin stretched out his chopsticks,First put a chopsticks caviar,The other three friends moved their chopsticks。

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