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Easily get rid of dark circles in just three ways

With the increase in the number of people staying up late, more and more girls are wearing panda eyes.

There are two common types of dark circles. One is dark brown, that is, brown. This is related to genetic or improper makeup removal. The other one is blue-black, which is related to your body.Depending on the situation, in addition to the poor blood circulation often said, nose allergies can easily cause such dark circles!

However, this kind of dark circles will not accompany you throughout your life. After some small efforts, it can be completely eliminated.

  The first trick: upper eyelids with eye gel lower eyelids with eye cream Many people have the habit of using eye cream only under the eyes, because under the eyes are more prone to bags under the eyes and fine lines, it is not known that dark circles may appear on topEyelids, and as the age increases, the upper eyelids will also face problems such as sagging, edema, and if not maintained, it is likely to cause the eyelids to sag and appear old.

Therefore, the upper eyelids can use some firming eyelids to eliminate edema. The effective ones are ivy and horsetail, which are absorbed by clicking. The main problems of the lower eyelids are fine lines, dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc.Use some eye cream with moisturizing, mild whitening and lightening pigment ingredients, alkaline hyaluronic acid, chamomile, push it to the temple with the method of pressing, pressing, pushing.

  The second trick: alternating hot and cold eye mask eye mask is an essential good product of the pandas.

So, how to use the eye mask better?

When using, it is best to prepare a glass of warm water at about 45 ° C and a glass of iced ice water, and then soak the two packs of eye masks separately. After 5 minutes, take out the ice water, apply for 5 minutes, and then use warm waterLeave it on for 5 minutes, which can promote blood circulation.

When there is no eye mask, you can prepare two thicker spoons, one in hot water and one in ice water. Take it out later, cover the eyes for a few seconds, and do it alternately. This is what Japan used to do.A popular method to eliminate dark circles-“Golden spoon and silver spoon”.

  The third trick: do eye exercises to massage acupoints twice a day. Eye exercises are also very effective for dark circles.

Among them, the points that need to be massaged are Jingming, Sibai and Yingxiang.

Every morning and evening, or a few minutes between work sessions, the eye circulation will be much better.

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