Silent sigh in Gao Bao,I said this.,I can’t understand my hardship.,Could not,These people are standing in the first floor,And is it standing in the fifth floor??
In fact, people who can stand in this Taiji Hall.,They are all in the people,How can I have a stupid??The stupid is long-term grass.。
only,Everyone has their own interests,Every family has a difficult experience。sometimes,One thing is clear to the country is good,Obviously, it is good for most people.,However, if it is alive, it is harmful to yourself.,I am afraid that most people will also have this thing.。
The rules of human nature are like this。
“Too,Ministers think,Gao Zhaolin is very right,Thousands of books buying this kind of thing,Hard is。Qi State will be a leader in the world,Our mind can accommodate others,Don’t say that people who have worked for us.。
Weichen supports the greetings!”
The Ministry of Tsui Shangshu Song Dao said out,Also don’t move color to Gao Baoyi makes a eye。
Another dog leg jumped out,One time,Those who agree to Wang Lin,It seems to be very,At least from the momentum,It is still like that。
Gao Baoyi looked at his party feather“Under the jump”,Every one stands out to support yourself,The face of the plate gradually comforted。
I can’t stay since ancient times.,Only set of roads。Just, I just said.,Just no one is willing to stand up and support yourself.,Play by political rules,Nothing at all!
Gao Bao is dark and bruised in his heart.,Yang Wei,Northern family this wave,As long as it is not a butcher to put it on their neck,Finally, they will compromise。
As long as the person opposed is not taken,So, you will be a hundred in the championship.,There is also the name of the goddess, this is a good name.,Who dares to 捋 捋?
You don’t object,Then you are agreeable.,I just want to eat,Hard to eat!Have something, do you engage in me?!
“Chu Wang is quite reasonable,Morning family also feels,Wonderful reward Wang Lin,Not enough to set an example。Li Delin,You have received a photo,Everyone today is,Mourning home,You are going to。”
High ocean,Why“Servant”This duties are very busy.?Because of the power to give the emperor!After the formation is finished,Can bypass the book order,Give a national aim!
Means of,Emperor“Level”Pass your own will。So as a person who drafted the emperor,Very powerful,In theory,You can also dismiss the emperor’s will!or“Stay in”。
certainly,This is just theoretical power,Actually,No waitress dare to do so。I really want to do this.,That is to get your own head.。
Li Zugu just said,It’s all Gao Bao, telling her.,The two have been ready for prior.。The purpose of doing this,Is to in the majestic,Will commit commit to Wang Lin’s things!
If you don’t understand this time,Then the sacred desire to pass into the Yucheng official system,Again,I don’t know how many things will be.,How much is less!
I heard Li Zugu said so.,Many people in Taiji have a slight change,But not dare to make。If you jump out this time this time,Out of Taiji Temple,It will be dead in the brain by Gao Baoyi.,Looking back to clear!
Mad,Mostly!I really didn’t think,Gao Biyi has Li Zugu, this triend!
“Palace people?Take the family four treasures,Li Delin scored,What are you doing??”
Gao Biyi is unfortunate to the small eunuch standing next to the Taiji Temple.。
soon,Pen ink,Table chair is a lot,Li Delin waves like a rain,Aesthetic。Gao Bao went over and saw a look,Sure enough, it’s own,Holy purpose,As much as he just said。
“Send the sacred purpose,Let the Queen look。”
Gao Biyi whispered to the little eunuch to watch in Li Delin。
邺 南 城 皇,Wang Lin and his affiliate department,Pan Zhong,Standing one side,No one speaks。Two guards standing outside the Palace,look steadily forward,I don’t look at them.。
Although it is unintentionally,But give people feel,It is an unusually arrogant。
It’s a few times that I want to marry a few times.。
Distance to each of them,Solitary and Han Yuhu two people,Also waiting。But their look,It seems that there are too many times than Wang Lin.。
This year,The most stable relationship,In addition to the interests of the red fruit,Is the relationship between marriage!Four women who solve solvent,It is the relationship with Gao Baoyi.,There is also a son high Cheng Yuan。
Shanleo, which cannot be exposed,It’s also a high inspection with Gao Boyi.。
Single, I am afraid of 啥!
Do he be afraid that Li Zuyu mother is a mother’s oliga?

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