“In the next rivers and lakes all the way,Come visiting the holy……See a friend。”Chu Deirers have some doubts,If you really don’t know your identity,How can I not block it??

Legend of green bamboo lane,Usually come here,Just entering the bamboo forest will be invited to go out。
Is it necessary to give yourself a Mawei??
However, Chu Deirers also can’t think of the motivation to do so.,Obviously it is just to visit.,and……I always feel that the other party seems to be very nervous.!
“Bile!”An anger is coming from all directions。
at the same time,I only see the figure of a green robber.,It’s all between the bushuma leaves.,Since the top and bottom, to the Chu Deire……
Before the sound is all square,Attack is really coming,It is from the air.,It is indeed a few points,And for extra knowledge of Wu Deirers who have perceived Wu Xue,Effectiveness。
The Chu Deiren was shocked.,Just rush to raise your hand block,but“Small return”usually,It is daily flow.!
Inner care method,Come to“Often”and“Work”Difference,Xiaoyuan is unable to belong to the former,Even if I don’t work?,Can also play a lot of effect,Just some extraordinary mystery,Need to be successfully guided。
The empty part of the four gods of Shaolin Temple,will“King Kong is not bad”Cultivate to a very deep,Even Ren Suixun attacks with seven injuries and not farther,Also no injury,However, finally, Jiexun,Because of the hand stop Xie Xun committed suicide,Without running“King Kong is not bad”,The result was broken by Xie Xun, and died.。
See this“King Kong is not bad”,Typical protective skills that need to be successful,In not exercise,Effect ten no one……
This cool body is flying into the ground,A gentleman who seems to be in the man,However“Small return”It is standing!
The person hit is green bamboo.,I thought that the old age is full.,Internal power is not deep,I have a good fortune.,Other party definition,How is it facing it?,The other party actually did not show any counterimensional internal force,It is appointed by your hand。
Not equal, green bamboo, play,Straight, my own Pacific,After pouring into the opponent,It is like a mud cow into the sea.,Expressive!
I have a stable internal force,At this time, I opened the gate.,Focused with a few points from control,Actively to each other“Pour”go!
This kung fu……look familiar,Green Bamboo Weng only feels familiar with various levels,I understand that I may misunderstand myself.。
“Ah!”A exciting。
It is exactly that Qu-Ni smoke is transferred from bamboo forest.,I saw this scene in front of you.——Green bamboo wroth blind,Stagnation when it is flying down,The palm is interspersed with the Chu Dee.,Surrounded by it,And the vitious shadow is wrapped with yourself。
However, his effect is enough.,But why don’t you have no effect?……
“Bamboo brother,what are you doing?He is not the man sent!”Qu-ray smoke。
Green bamboo is difficult to say——At this time, it seems that he is attacking.,It is difficult to get out of it.。
Chu Deirers,Suction is not original“Plastic star Dafa”So much,However, the green bamboo worry is old.,Mercedia is not adjusted,I want to get into my mouth……
Fortunately, the Chu Deirers did not pursue,Look at this person seven old eighties,Listening to the name of the non-smoke——bamboo“elder brother”Although it is strange,But you can also guess the green bamboo。
So the arm,Make a disassembly,Popular green bamboo worry……
Chapter 172 Most eye-catching
“It turned out to be Chu Shao Yan,Demonstration,recently……Quite sensitive,Have more sins,Give。”Green bamboo is also from Qu yet.,Know the identity of the Chu Dee。
“Recently, Mr. Green Zhu is there??”The Chu Deiren asked a word.。
But one mentioned this matter,Green bamboo monteon:“The old rivers and lakes are inevitable,May wish to、May wish to。”
Chu Deirers don’t know in it,I didn’t want to replace the green bamboo.,Listen to the other party,I didn’t ask again.。
“You are also,If you come to find me,Blow a song in the bamboo forest《Swordsman》,I don’t come out to find you.……Say how do you know that I am here??”Qu Nei smoke open topic。
“I heard that the predecessors of the green bamboo workers are here.,I heard that the elder generation of green bamboo is the grandchildren of the former head.,So take a look,Are you here?。”Chu Deman said,In some extent, true truth。
Just Green Bamboo Wen Wen Yan,Faceless:“Rivers and lakes……People who know this thing have so much!”
Originally a dark line message,It’s amazing to the head because of other things.,Green bamboo worries have not been to come to you.,However, now……The green bamboo worry is getting free.。
“If you still have a conscience,Know and see me,yours‘Swordsman’How is it??”Qu non-smoke。

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