It is also this day,The human race has also been on the stage of the ancient struggle。

chapter eight Phoenix’s Revenge
Kunshan,A huge tree with a height of 90,000 feet was erected,The canopy seems to cover the sky。
It is the old nest of one of the nine ancestors, Phoenix。
Plane tree!
In the future,This phoenix sycamore tree is broken,A relatively complete branch draws a trace of the power of the sun and stars,But the ancient hibiscus sacred tree was born!
but,now,But it’s a plane tree,It was the time when the ancestral god, Phoenix, who represented the Yin Tiandao, was at its peak!
On the huge plane tree,Full of the power of the yin and flame,Isolated time and space,Those true gods and ancestors who are good at time and space methods also never want to enter it—Except one。
Cut through the void,A figure appeared above the canopy of the plane tree。
“Comers stop!Up”Indifferent voice came,Zhulong Li Ming looked back slightly,But a man in a colorful vestment is coming quickly。
“Kong Xuan,it’s me!”Li Ming reveals his breath,Surprised this Phoenix son,Bow slightly。
“Uncle Candle Dragon。So it’s you,Turned into“Type of Pangu”Time,I can’t even recognize you!”In the future, the Peacock King of Buddhism is still a straightforward young man,He is the son of Phoenix,Yaozu Heavenly Court‘peacock’A leader,But it’s just a very ordinary Taoist ancestor。
Candle dragon,Although he is not Dao Zu,But it is the top human race among the true gods,Juxtapose with Yuanshi True God,It is the same generation as the ancestral god Phoenix,
“I’m going to tell my mother that Uncle Zhulong is visiting!”
“Not necessary,I’m coming!”A heroic woman,Carrying a colorful gun, appeared。

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