The best doctor is himself: the old Chinese medicine 100

health tips, everyone should know!

The best doctor is himself: the old Chinese medicine 100 health tips, everyone should know!

1 cold: bananas, oranges, reed juice, ice, lamb, ginger duck, tobacco and alcohol.

2 cough: ice cream, orange, fried, roasted, spicy, peanut, wine, sweets 3 acute gastritis: fried food, wine, pepper, glutinous rice.

4 chronic gastritis: cold food, sourdough food, sweets.

5 enteritis: banana, pomegranate.

6 acute and chronic hepatitis: goose (chicken, duck) skin, fat pork, tobacco and alcohol, do not stay up late.

7 high blood pressure: overeating, high cholesterol, too salty food.

8 kidney disease: beer, soda, salted fish, dried bamboo shoots, pickles.

9 Diabetes: sweet, wine, greasy, fried, high conversion food.

10 low blood pressure: celery, should sleep early and exercise more.

11 high blood pressure: too salty food, egg yolk, animal internal organs.

12 kinds of peptic ulcers: beans, bamboo shoots, pickles, glutinous rice, wine, pineapple, pepper, guava.

13 bruises periostitis: bananas, bamboo shoots, wine, sauerkraut, chili.

14 bruises: pig skull meat, vinegar, peanuts, sweets, bananas, beer.

15 hemorrhoids blood in the stool: smoke, wine, pepper, fried food.

16 rheumatoid arthritis: beer, bananas, meat, cold dew.

17 allergic constitution: (urticaria, eczema, acute, allergic rhinitis) seafood, taro, mango, ice, longan, lychee.

18 cerebral neurasthenia (insomnia): pepper, wine, coffee, onions, garlic.

19 cholecystitis, gallstones: eggs, fat, spicy food.

20 chronic colitis: seafood, fruit, fresh milk, but yogurt can be eaten.

21 heads: smoke, wine, tea, cock, crab, shrimp, goose, lamb, dog meat.

22 chest pain: fat, seafood and so on.

23 bloating: salted fish, fermented bean curd, bacon, fat pork, lamb, dog meat, etc., sea fish, crab, shrimp, cock, pineapple, vinegar, etc.

24 abdominal pain: dog meat, fat pork, lamb, sea fish, shrimp, crab, etc.; ice products, sauerkraut, nuts, glutinous rice.

25 stomach pain: thick gravy, broth, pepper, strong tea, wine, monosodium glutamate, whole grains, celery, leeks, medlar, bean sprouts, garlic, kimchi, etc.

26 vomiting: smoke, wine and onions, garlic, leeks, etc. 27 diarrhea: fat, seafood, etc.; pepper, onion, garlic and so on.

28 air pressure: smoke, wine, sea bream, shrimp (especially oil-exploded shrimp, drunken shrimp), crab, mandarin fish, yellow croaker, octopus, squid, fat, eggs, etc.; snow simmer, mustard, cucumber, rice, wineWaiting for hair; beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, soda, etc. 29 gum bleeding: fried, big pepper, ginger, onion, leeks, pepper and sour vinegar marinated food; shrimp, crab, sea fish.

30 nosebleeds: pepper, ginger, pepper, pepper, etc.; fried fried, seafood and other hair.

31 blood in the stool: chicken soup, broth, sweet simmer; smoke, wine, onion, garlic, leeks, peppers.

32 edema: smoke, wine and vinegar, onions, garlic, ginger, etc.; shrimp, crab, sea fish, pumpkin, snow scorpion and so on.

33 vertigo: wine, onions, garlic, leeks, onions, peppers, etc.; fat, lamb and so on.

34 heart 悸: smoke, wine and strong tea, coffee; salted fish, bacon and so on.

35 constipation: hot constipation, avoid alcohol (except beer, sparkling wine), coffee, strong tea, garlic, pepper and other hot spicy stimulants; cold constipation, eat cold and melon fruit and cold drinks.

36 tuberculosis: pepper, onion, leeks, ginger; smoke, wine.

37 Astragalus: wine, fish, shrimp, fat, fried egg, onion, garlic and raw cold fruit.

38 strokes: dog meat, venison, wine, pepper, garlic, hot fish, such as scutellaria, loach, grass carp, fat head fish, white mullet.


[Fire Tips]Dry throat hoarse: drink light salt water, honey pear cream, orange sugar tea.

Sore throat: raw pears.Long blisters: Chew ginger slices and apply eye ointment to the pain.

Chapped lips: cucumber kiwi juice.


Keep your body healthy and keep your heart calm.

Both static and dynamic, complement each other.

Diet is a holiday, and life is sometimes.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more hot drinks.

Tonic supplements, both weights.


[Parents who care about high blood pressure]Try to drink less sugary drinks.

Eat more potatoes and eggplant to supplement potassium.

Drink milk every day to make calcium.

Be sure to quit smoking and alcohol.

No more than 5 grams of salt per day.


Dieting can reduce the incidence of senile diseases and achieve satisfactory results.


Dieting songs are greedy and sleepy, the stomach is drooping, greasy and full of food, the body stores garbage, the blood vessels are blocked, and the ulcers are difficult to sleep.

Dieting benefits, health and longevity, appetite does not sag, cancer occurs less, blood vessels are smooth, slim and physique.


Ten jujubes a day, healthy and old.

Jujube has anti-oxidation, delays aging, improves immunity, protects the liver, and is anti-allergic.

Jujube and rice, millet or glutinous rice are cooked together as porridge, which has a better health care effect.


Ill and timely medical treatment, exercise mindfulness, take the initiative to physical examination, breakfast Buick buckle, family exchanges, air conditioning for a long time, sleep to ensure, sedentary to walk, computer use less, three meals rhythm, health and longevity!


Nap time, don’t be too long.

Taking advantage of snoring affects health.

The cover bed is thin and cold.

The method is correct, it is beneficial to nursed back to health, the method is wrong, and it is counterproductive!


Healthy three-character: less meat, sun, rain, often sing, after dinner, stand up, sit down, sit in love, step by step, do good deeds.


Onion is called the vegetable queen, contains prostaglandin A, maintains cardiovascular health; contains selenium element to spit dermatan, inhibits toxins; contains onion and garlic, promotes appetite to help digestion; contains allicin, killing bacteria!

Eat more onions, good for health!


Health word three words: eat onions, brain road pass.

Eat garlic and lower blood fat.

Mushroom meal, anti-thrombotic.

Eat fresh ginger, blood fat Kang.
Fungus, fast fat-lowering.
Chrysanthemum tea, lowering blood pressure.

Eat chili, eliminate it.

Oolong tea, good weight loss.

Body show, eat potatoes.

Qi and blood, eat lychee.

Grapes are sweet and blood source.

To moisturize, cherry to make up.

Eat jujube often, not old.

Oatmeal soup, skin light.

Eat honey, skin is fine.

Radish soup, cure bloating.

Capsule, cure cough.

Eat bitter gourd, stomach fire.

Eat sesame seeds and raise your hair.

To calm the nerves, eat jujube.

Be healthy and eat walnuts.

Eat apples and benefit the kidneys.

Health, you must remember, good health, happiness!


The clothes are not too warm, but the food is not full; the living is not extravagant, but the line is not rich; the joy is not happy, but the profit is not greedy; the work is not tired, but the peace is not good; the friend forgets, the contact is better.


The secret of longevity: treating the disease without heart and lungs, not living with the world is not tired, never innocent people have no worries, smoke is not much alcohol, not drunk, yin and yang balance 荤 搭配 搭配, 嘻嘻 ha ha multi live a few years old.


Eat more spinach benefits, eat spinach and cheerful.

The metabolism is more balanced, the blood circulation is more flexible, it is more detoxifying and stovepipe, and it can protect the retina.

May you be healthier.


Home heatstroke coup: rushing warm water bath is cooler; slow down, avoiding time activities; closing eyes and naps to lower temperature; wearing cotton clothing is good for perspiration.

Rinse your wrists with cool water to lower your blood temperature.


When girls come to menstruation, don’t drink green tea. Anyway, don’t drink tea.

Eat more things that can make up blood.


Do not drink more than one cup a day, because alcohol can inhibit the production of antibody-derived B cells and increase the chance of bacterial infection.


The sour plums prevent aging, and the youth stays forever; those with liver fires should eat more.


Hair loss factors: stay up all night, stress, tobacco and alcohol, chicken chops, spicy pot, greasy food, over-flavored dishes.

Help hair growth: Eat more cabbage, eggs, beans; eat less sweets (especially fructose).

A cup of lemon juice and orange juice every day can not only whiten but also lighten dark spots.


Apple is a locomotive, addict, housewife’s standing medicine, one day, in order to have a clean lung.


It is the healthiest way to smoke and eat vitamin B, which can cause cancer and quit smoking as soon as possible.


Five periods when women should not drink tea: when menstruation comes, pregnant women, before labor, after production, menopause.


Smoking, the most important relationship is lung cancer, lip cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, and also related to bladder cancer.


Excessive drinking can lead to cirrhosis and increase the prevalence of liver cancer.


Eating betel nut can cause oral fibrosis and oral cancer.


The food is too fine and lacks fiber; it contains a lot of misfortunes, especially the retina can cause stomach cancer.


Food is too rough, causing esophageal cancer and stomach cancer when it is undernourished.


Aflatoxins and nitrites in foods are carcinogenic.


Try not to smoke and refuse to smoke second-hand smoke.


Drink moderately, don’t drink, don’t get drunk.


Reduce the consumption of salted, smoked, grilled food.


Ingest fresh vegetables and fruits every day.


Eat high-fiber grains and beans every day.


Add a balanced diet every day, but not the amount.


Dry skin and eat more carrots.


Bitter melon should not be eaten too much, and long-term consumption of bitter gourd can cause calcium deficiency.


Keep the correct eating habits: like the emperor in the morning, like a civilian at noon, like eating at night.

When the throat is hoarse: drink light salt water, take honey pear cream, drink orange peel sugar tea.


Try to touch the door handle or faucet before you can “put out” the static electricity in your body.


Thinking more is the best way to train your brain.

If you want to have a clean and healthy tooth, in addition to diligent brushing, you can use a mouthwash with a bactericidal function.


Keep your heart in top condition. In addition to regular exercise, you need to eat less food and quit smoking.


You must be cautious when purchasing painkillers. Follow the doctor’s advice and follow the recommended dosage.


Since there is no effective cold medicine at present, wearing more clothes is the best way to prevent colds.


Studies have shown that food made from whole wheat flour is more conducive to digestion, with low trace content and high fiber content.


People should get more sun and supplement vitamin D in the body, which is good for bone health.


Exercise in the evening, causing heart rate to accelerate and increase blood pressure, is good for health.


Watermelon juice is cured after drinking.

Watermelon can heat away from fire and accelerate the discharge of alcohol from the urine.


Grapefruit eliminates alcohol in the mouth.

The experiment found that eating pomelo and white sugar is very helpful in eliminating the alcohol in the mouth after drinking.


Cycling at medium speed is very helpful for improving heart and lung function and has special effects on weight loss.


Eating almonds often helps relieve high blood pressure and soreness, and it also has a good effect on cardiovascular diseases.


The electromagnetic wave that the mobile phone releases and releases instantaneously penetrates, and it is better to answer it one second or so after the ringing of the mobile phone.


Flossing your teeth will not only reduce your chances of lowering your teeth, but also protect your heart.


Honey contains a kind of fructose that is not contained in most fruits, which promotes the decomposition and absorption of alcohol.


Tomato juice, fruit candy, is another effective drink that helps promote the absorption of alcohol.


Fresh grapes can cure nausea and nausea after drinking.

Egg protein has a higher protein content, while other nutrients contain more egg yolk.


Avoid using a big fire when frying eggs, otherwise you will lose a lot of nutrients.

It is best to use medium fire.


A large Sydney chopped skin, add appropriate amount of water and rock sugar stew, and then take a cold to take food, can cure cough and hoarseness, dry throat.
The fungus plants, black fungus and fungi have good anti-cancer effects, and can clean the blood and detoxify. Regular consumption can effectively remove dirt from the body.

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