Just come here,Will be protected by the rules of the city,No matter who,Won’t be handed over。

In addition, the high gates of God City also need to purchase Chiyue equipment through the Bairi Gate,So this rule has continued to this day。
but,Over time,A mixture of fish and dragons in Bairi Gate,All forces in God City have infiltrated,Especially there are more and more gangs in the city,Personnel are becoming more and more complex,Many people even secretly listen to orders from God City,Do things for the nobles of God City,The freedom and security of Bairimen have been greatly challenged。
Aoki Club proposed this idea this time,Tax cuts for merchants or second,The most important thing is to weaken the influence of the city gang,Hold Chiyue Canyon firmly in your own hands,It is equivalent to holding the lifeblood of Bairimen,Severely cut off the tentacles of those gods。
“If any gang is not convinced,You can also ask our Aoki Club to make gestures,Still the old saying,Winner is king!What do you think?”Zhong Yefu said confidently。
The representatives of the gang present have you look at me,I see you,No one dared to make a noise。
Because of the strength of these gangs,Are far inferior to the Aoki Club after the merger,Plus this red moon hunt,Weakened many big gangs,Elite discount,If you face the Aoki Club alone,No one is sure。
As for other city representatives,Most of them are merchants and scattered people,They long for the security of the day gate to increase,And can cut taxes in half,This is absolutely good news,Will not object。
“If there is no objection,Then this thing is set!To be fair,We Aoki will recommend,About the charter right of Chiyue Canyon,Can be re-elected every three years,If there are other gangs that are more suitable than us,That would be the best。”Zhongye Fu said plausibly。
Listen to his tone,These words are extremely free and easy,After all, I have to enter the Chiyue Canyon to fight the Chiyue creatures,That’s a desperate deal with real swords and guns,Not enough strength,Delusions are useless,Otherwise this year won’t lose so many manpower。
Aoki Kai looks like the largest gang in the city.,And they did show the confidence and domineering of the first big gang,Finely,I can’t accept it。
“Don’t be impatient,There is second thing。”Zhong Yefu sees that everyone has no objection,He smiled and continued。
The first thousand and thirty-six chapters Domineering decision
This second thing,It is that the oppression of God City has become more and more serious。Some things don’t have to be said so much,Everyone must have a good idea,The city of God penetrates us everywhere,Has reached a heinous point。Even among all of you,Hehe!Maybe there are spies from God City,I was right?”
Zhong Yefu said these few words in half,There are already many people who can’t help but nod their heads。
It’s not easy for people who can make a living at Bairimen,Most of them are sinners expelled from God City,Very sensitive to the pursuit of God City,I also know the situation of Bairimen in recent years,The forces from the city of God,Has penetrated,More and more disturbing。

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