An airborne soldier,Get many opportunities not available to qualified employees,This is her luck,Will cherish it。

Huo Yun and a handsome and rich young man,Although there isGayRumors,But still topATop Diamond Kings and Laos Ranking List。
Conceivable,How many ladies and ladies do you like him?。
People who don’t usually participate in entertainment,Today I brought my female partner,Should be a more important occasion,Those long-awaited daughters will definitely gather around,Show off their charms。
Then,He asked himself to be a girlfriend,Obviously help him block women?
Willow sighed,Do his“girlfriend”,Block women for him,I will become a target,Become the public enemy of those women,Wherever you go, you will be a thorn in the eye。
but,She has to listen to the boss’ orders,and,She may not have the chance to attend this kind of banquet in the future,As long as Huo Yunhe protects her,The problem won’t be too big。
leave here,Walking on the street,Who would know her as a passerby?
Those who are here today should be successful people,Deal with them,It won’t be easy,Do your best;If her“jobs”Just embarrassing those so-called famous ladies,That’s simple。
Just a moment,Yangliu’s thoughts turned nine bends and eighteen bends,Regardless of the occasion,Essentially acting,This is her strength,Not just“girlfriend”Is it?smallCase!
The last bit of pressure in Yang Liu’s heart is gone,Sit quietly in the co-pilot,Looking towards the clubhouse getting closer。
The carriage is quiet,The senses will be amplified,Yangliu feels the comfort of a luxury car,Yu Guang secretly took a look,A little disappointed。
Such a luxurious vehicle,It’s completely factory mode,Not even a simple pendant,Such a staid and boring man,No wonder no girlfriend is asking for help。

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