Your cave, our farce

Your cave, our farce

Ye Xiaocong finally moved his mind about getting married. There was no news for a month. When he met again, he actually threw a few big albums on the table. Inside were art photos of shirtless men and boyfriends.Fully retracted his mouth and laughed, it was called a rippling, and he could wrinkle a pool of spring water with a smile.

  I looked up at the face following the photo to see if they were two faces, and tapped the man’s small squint on the cover with my index finger: “Did you marry?

“She held her breasts proudly.” Of course, I have to catch up with you, and I will have a child next year to open your eyes.

I stared at her belly and yelled, “Isn’t it already there?”

Ye Scallion was smashing a box of yogurt on my shoulder with her hand, and she pointed at everyone present with her hand: “I have a big deal on Saturday, you all have to go, no invitations, pick up the spirit points, don’t giveI am ashamed.

“As a bride’s best friend, I woke up at dawn and drank my face while lighting the lamp. I put the festive clothes in the closet on the bed and tried them one by one. How many years have I never worn high heels?”Also take the cloth and step on it.

At half past seven in the morning, I was like a big peach blossom, swaying and went out.

When she arrived at Ye Xiaocong’s house, she didn’t even look at me more, and she didn’t even stand out to me. She urged me to put on her Xiaokun bag to accompany her to put on her bridal makeup.

I sat on a leather stool and yawned one after another, and Ye Xiaocong trembled and asked me every five minutes, “What do you think?”, The tone was obviously proud.

I was about to take a nap, and Ye Xiaocang pulled me like a fairy.

I lifted her chin, exclaimed “Beauty”, her hand was knocked off, and Ye Xiaoshang, like a bullfighter taking a stimulant, threw me the plastic bag containing the wedding dress.

  During the wedding banquet, I followed the master tiredly, and squeezed the pockets of soft and red envelopes tightly. I had to dry the wine that she couldn’t drink. I had to pass chopsticks when she wanted to eat. I had to send the napkin after she finishedWhen I saw a child calling her, I had to pull out the red envelope with less money at a fast speed, and at the same time remember for her the appearance of those who gave the big ticket.

I think that’s what the Queen Mother is doing.

Because my steps are also respectful and respectful, Ye Xiaocong is so proud of me that I am a bridesmaid in her eyes.

  Those male students who had nothing to do with bad water became aligners at the wedding banquet. They moved their eyes and changed their clothes and toasted with the magical bride. When the bride came, a man who used to drink and spread the wind was actuallyShe grabbed the bride’s bare shoulders and poured a glass of white wine into Ye Scallion’s mouth.

I desperately pulled away the man with a hooligan attempt and stopped the wine.

When I was worried about watching wine, a burly boy had pushed away the four happy balls on the dining table and stood up.

Ye Xiaocong’s thin, small eyes, the husband didn’t know how much it was filled, but he still held the bride about the same weight as him with wine, Ye Xiaocong leaned on one hand, waving a lighter, and the burly boy shook Yan DongWest flash.

Seeing the groom’s Dan Tian could not hold his breath, Ye Xiaosong’s red leather shoes kept kicking in the air.

The two sides were deadlocked for two or three minutes. I secretly spilled the wine in the wine glass under the chair, and their performance was ended because the bride was anxious to order the burly boys’ pants.

  A high-character drove over in the distance, telling the bride and groom not to be in a hurry, saying that the newlyweds were not big for three days, and no one was busy.

It’s not easy to get into the cave.

The young couple regained their spirits and laughed again, fighting the rivers and lakes, men drinking, women performing small shows.

In the end, I don’t know who was lifting a prawn with a rope. The requirement for clearance was that the groom should peel the shrimp out of the mouth and send it to the bride.

I stood behind Ye Xiaocong and felt cold all over. This is like a wedding. I finally found a cousin to redeem with a woman in the green house but was embarrassed and teased by other guest officials.

The little squinting groom didn’t even resist, he bit his prawn’s head first with his stuffy head.

The person holding the rope always teases, prawns up and down in front of the groom, not to mention peeling the shrimp, it is not easy to hold it.

How could Ye Xiaosong watch his beloved make his mouth drool in the laughter?

She hugs the groom, bites the prawn like a she-wolf, and swallows a few bites before swallowing.

  After all, the guests were satiated, and those hormonal male students urged to make trouble.

No way, I and the best man drove the pair to the new house with a pair of handsome men and women who were drunk and had only a superficial consciousness.

The groom had almost obsessive-compulsive disorder. Whenever he saw a living creature, he smiled and raised his fists and greeted him, saying, “Are you ready to drink?

Poor care!

“It scared the dogs in the community away from him and ran all the way and screamed.

  Finally put the two on the bed, they will be able to sit still, Ye Xiaosong’s makeup does not mess up like a peach flower, the groom’s face flushed with wine.

A group of sober, unsympathetic men shouted for them to perform a show in an attempt to educate the two.

Ye Xiaocong slammed his eyes and volunteered: Will kissing be all right?

In a whistle, Ye Xiaocong pointed her mouth at her husband, and the little squinting eyes almost fell backwards while his wife’s mouth was attached, and she couldn’t sleep.The people in the troubled room were consciously boring, and helped Ye Xiaocong take off the drunken groom’s clothes and put them into the bed.

  At midnight, my phone rang and Ye Xiaoshang’s name flashed on the screen.

“Are you asleep?

He slept like a dead pig, never waking up.

I just sat on the bed and counted the money I had with me.

The cave room is too boring, and it’s too boring tonight. If you don’t come out, I invite you to soak.

“Oh my God, how can there be a bride’s house with candlelight nights and I’m going to hang out with my bridesmaids.”

I resolutely stopped her weird thoughts and congratulated her on her successful breakthrough and her new life.

  Once the season is pleasant and the month sign says the weekend of the two days, the streets are married together.

Marriage is a big event in life, and many things still follow the old example for the sake of auspiciousness.

After thinking about it, if everyone was orderly, when they came, they would save money with their new hands and walk away after eating. It was really less of an atmosphere, too solemn, like donating to a difficult family.

You said that people in this life are estimated to be so eager to be played by others this time, so they don’t care about it.

The bride and groom look at each other with laughter, do n’t eat, drink, or come to greet them, often pouring tea and water.

Of course, at night, the two sat on the buns and drove a warm 25-watt cartoon small wall lamp to clear the income of the day one by one, and the happiness was comparable to the candlelight night.

In fact, the people’s marriage is basically the same, formal, but full of folklore and simplicity.