Closed sexual orientation between men and women

Closed sexual orientation between men and women

Sexuality information that comes to the forefront all goes to the vast number of netizens to “sell” a variety of love skills and postures, triggering an article saying “sexual posture – two years to finish the test”, really makes people feel at a loss!

In fact, most people use only one kind of sexual intercourse in most of the time.

That is, the woman lies on her back and opens her legs. The male is located directly above the woman and between the female legs.

  The genitals can meet from the front.

This is not only the most common way of making love, but also the most basic way of making love. It is also a way of making love that is unique to human beings.

It is said that it is the most basic way to make love because there are many ways to make love, but it can be roughly divided into two categories, from the front or from the back.

Any way of making love that is positive and harmonious is derived from this way of making love.

It is a unique way of making love because other animals never have to face up.

  This is a human patent.

There is even a Western biologist who argues that the humanoids evolved into humans that walked upright because they were able to face each other.

This is actually not true at all. The reason why this ordinary way of making love is popular is because it does have many advantages.

  One is the communication between suitable spouses.

Communication between spouses is very important for making love.

The positive way to realize that the way of the back is more conducive to understanding each other’s feelings between the spouses; the second is to make physical contact more closely.

The female sexual area (the part that is easy to cause excitement) is where the skin and mucous membranes are concentrated.

For example: labia, nipples, lips, etc.

In this way of making love, in addition to the genitals can be in contact with each other, the lips and nipples can also be in close contact.

Sexual stimulation is all-round.

The third is suitable for oppression of the pubic symphysis.

The pubic symphysis is a part of the female’s abdomen, and the male will have a distinct feeling.

In fact, this is also a sexy area.

Tightly pressing this part can give women a sustained thrill.

Note that this effect cannot be achieved with other sex postures.

  This type of sex-making concept of pregnancy is general.

Men dominate in the operation, but women can also cater to male movements.

Only when both sides have played a dynamic role can they reach a climax.

The strength of the waist and abdomen used by men, in order to be able to use force, men can do one leg; the hands can press the shoulders of women.

If the man is overweight, he needs both hands to support the bed, so as not to press the whole body weight on the woman, causing her suffocation.

  This way of making love is easier for women, and they can feel it slowly; they can also take the initiative.

When the climax comes, it can be used hard.

But pay attention to the harmony of the rhythm.

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