Wine-boiled eggs make me fat!

Wine-boiled eggs make me fat!

About a week ago, I saw someone saying that “Kangxi is coming”. Pan Pan Ying Zi once said that the wine can increase the fat, so the effect of checking the wine on the Internet is indeed tonic, and I want to think about it anyway.The nightingale, unlike the eating of fattening drugs, makes life worse than death.

  Then I went to the supermarket and bought the wine-brewed eggs. I cooked myself every night before going to bed.

Until now, I obviously feel that I am growing.

First, the depressed part of the cheek has been filled with a lot of flesh, because I didn’t weigh it before I started eating it, and I haven’t called it yet.

Some friends will say that this is not a psychological effect?

I began to worry that it was only a psychological effect. After all, I have never succeeded in fattening for more than 20 years.

Later, I found out that my waistband was not buckled, and I had to go back one frame.

  Also, when I was sleeping and the whole person was lying flat and straight, the whole abdomen was sunken. It was obvious how thin I was before, and it was said that it was a common thing when I was described by the wind, but now it is still like that.When I lie down, my abdomen and chest are already flat, and I am very happy.

  I really want to take a look at the previous wine-boiled egg stickers, but later I think that it is better to send new posts to let more old and new friends who are struggling in the fattening line know this method.

  Here, first of all, thank you for the big article of the wine-making egg before, and then remind many of the thin people like me, don’t go eat those messy medicines, not the effect is super large, personal experience, tried various methods, brewed eggsIt is the last word for dietary supplements.

  PS: If you want to eat, you have to be patient. Don’t eat it for four or five days. If you don’t see it, you will give up. I almost gave up in the past few days. Later, my mother persuaded me to eat it all night, no matter how useful it is.After listening to my mother’s words, I insisted on it. Finally, I hope that everyone will be successful in fattening and be strong.

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