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g me?
“Old man,Then you say what should we do?”Qiao Tianyu looked at Raman eagerly,See what he can do。
“This afternoon‘Golden House’The negotiation meeting has been cancelled,Is it possible that all future bargaining meetings will be cancelled??”
“Yes,‘Golden House’The bargaining meeting cannot be cancelled forever,Otherwise, the Americans and Japanese will be able to bypass London in a fair way.!”Raman explained。
“Two days after tomorrow will be the weekend,There are only two days left for us now,Win or win,Monday morning‘Golden House’Bargaining meetings must see the results!”
“Two days?”Michelle was dumbfounded when she heard it,“Where can I get 30,000 or 40,000 tons of gold in just two days?”
“amount.”Raman lowered his head in shame,He also knows that this matter is indeed difficult。
But what else can I do otherwise,I can’t just watch the entire international gold market be snatched away by Americans and Japanese.?
“I’ll report it to the family meeting,See what other elders of the family can do?”Raman said helplessly。
First0261chapter An angry crown as a beauty
After talking about Ramanel, he went to contact the other elders of the family,Prepare to hold an emergency family meeting of the Rothschild family to discuss countermeasures,And it’s useless for Qiao Tianyu and Michelle to stay here,Had to stand up and say goodbye,Waiting for the discussion results of the Rothschild family meeting。
Qiao Tianyu walked out of the headquarters of Credit Suisse UK branch exhausted physically and mentally,I wanted to take a good break during the family meeting held by the Rothschilds,I haven’t gotten into the car yet,I suddenly received a call from an unfamiliar number。

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