Stone lions from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Southern and Northern Dynasties,There are not too many works left,There are some from the Tang Dynasty,But it is basically classified as a national cultural relic。

At the beginning,Stone lions are generally only placed in front of the mausoleum。
Since Tang,Lions began to enter people’s lives from the mausoleum,Such as the Tang Dynasty,From Qianling Stone Lion to Stone Lion under the Fangjian System,More and more styling,In terms of form,Squatting lion,Lying Lion,In the mane,Fai has formed。
In addition,Before Tang,Most of the stone lion carving materials are limestone and sandstone,Tang Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty,Most of the carving materials are limestone,Sandstone and marble,Ming and Qing Dynasty,Most of the stone lion carving materials are granite and marble。
These two in front of me,Is carved in limestone。
“Brother Hu,You are really amazing,You can see that it has a history of more than a thousand years。”Xu Hong admired。
“For professional appraisers,It’s not difficult,Like your professional actors,How to act at ease,We can’t do it!
The year identification of this stone lion,There are many aspects,Such as the shape,Every dynasty has its own popular elements,They are often reflected in objects of that era。
There are more important,Is the identification of stone。
The material of the stone determines the degree of weathering,Like works from a thousand years ago,The degree of weathering of the stone is completely different from a hundred years ago,Although in the later period,Many stone carvings will form an oxidized protective layer on the surface,But the outdoor stone sculptures are still hard to resist the erosion of the years。
Degree of weathering,To judge the approximate age of its appearance,Combined with the modeling characteristics of stone lions, etc.,You can tell what dynasty it is。”Hu Yang said。
The villagers are not calm,Hurriedly called my village chief,Tell him about the stone lions in the ancestral hall。
The village chief was also taken aback,To know,The whole village was demolished and rebuilt,Including the ancestral hall!According to the original idea,The two stone lions are not planned。
Damn!If it wasn’t for a kind guy to remind,I’m afraid the ancestors of the ancestral hall will scold them in a dream。

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