“Come up soon!Don’t stand silly“Wang Lin shouted loudly,Beckoned to him。

Xia Jian wakes up like a dream,Yanked the door and sat up,My good,Really comfortable,This sports car is his first time riding。Wang Lin took out two glasses from somewhere,Put on one yourself,Handed the other one to Xia Jian,Smiling:“I take you for a drive“
“You can drive?Do you have a driver’s license?“Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian:“I got it when I was in college,I just don’t want to open“
“Which sports car is your own or borrowed from someone else“Question mark in Xia Jianyi’s mind,Wang Lin in front of him thinks he knows her very well,I didn’t expect this person to be mysterious!
Wang Lin started the car,Smile:“The day before yesterday was my 28th birthday,Dad and mom have nothing to give away,Gave me this car,Today is my second time driving“
Wang Lin’s voice just fell,BMWz4Drove into the driveway with a hum,Xia Jian suddenly felt a sense of pushing back,Then there was the wind whistling in the ear。This sports car is different,The startup speed is so fast。
“You still drive slowly,I am brave“Xia Jian shouted at Wang Lin。Actually, his courage is a lie,He is afraid of Wang Lin’s hand,Isn’t this just the second time??
Wang Lin stared at the front,Keep adding oil under your feet。The cars on the dashboard are all over one hundred and eighty yards。Is this woman crazy?Xia Jianyi looked anxious,He shouted loudly:“Up,The police will catch up again“
When Wang Lin stops the car,Xia Jianxian and the others have left the city。This woman looks gentle,Why do you have more cowhide than Fang Fang。
“Your driver’s license is for flying a plane, right!“Xia Jian is not angry。
Wang Lin smiled:“It’s not boring to drive this car,Don’t you just fine??Just be happy“Xia Jianyi listen,I just want you to die,But the words came to my lips,He swallowed again。
The street lights in the suburbs are very dark,Sometimes a car passes by them。Xia Jian suddenly felt that the two of them came to this place,There seems to be a feeling of love,He is not clear anyway。
Just when Xia Jian was thinking wildly,Wang Lin gave him a push, he asked:“Which beauty to send flowers to?Didn’t it go out??”

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