Philosophy of life in punctuation

Philosophy of life in punctuation

Being a person is a homework that takes a lifetime to complete. To learn this course, it is also necessary to pay attention to the method, unless you have to find the path first, find the point of view, otherwise the homework is too deep and too much to start.

  In order to facilitate your understanding, I have learned an experience, that is, the person’s proof begins with four punctuation marks, namely “comma”, “period”, “question mark”, “exclamation mark”.

Understanding these four punctuation marks from a human perspective has a very intuitive effect.

  The comma is like a beautiful dragonfly. It is a form in which the frog has not grown up. It can only swim in the water, wait, wait, and once it grows up, it can jump to the ground and gain true freedom.

Therefore, the comma is waiting, it is reserved, or it is still unfinished, and there is nothing to say.

  In another sense, the comma is modest and cautious. It is too late to treat people with sincerity, because the substitute for winning others’ understanding and trust is others.

  You can gain new things in order to gain progress.

  I have heard such a story before: an apprentice asked a monk to ask the Tao. Gao Song asked him to sit down. He did not say a word, but began to pour him water.

The water is gradually full, but the sorghum is familiar with tears, and continues to pour water. The water begins to overflow the cup, and the sorghum is not wrong.

The disciple thought to himself: In the end, the years will not be forgiving, and the sorghum will be blind.

Gao Gao still said nothing, continued to pour water into the cup, the water has been overflowing.

Finally, the apprentice stood up and thanked the master, and he retired with respect.

He already understood the “dao” to be asked. It is impossible to put fresh water into a cup filled with water, so only empty cups can accommodate new things.

  Drawing a comma does not mean being a person’s measure, being modest and cautious, and means respecting others because people and people are equal. To win the trust and support of others, you must first face anyone close to you.

Even if he is a beggar.

  Learning to draw a full stop is to start and end, not to quit halfway, and to have a responsible attitude. This is a question about personality.

  It may be convenient to put a “painting” process in your mind.

  When you’re done with one thing, quietly draw a sentence number, sum up the experience, and see if there is still a good place, where the place needs to be corrected next time; when you encounter a real one, it is really difficult to stick to it.If you have to give up, you will calmly consider whether you can use 100% of your efforts to exchange for one percent of the possibility. You must give up, and you have no regrets. When you make a friend worthy of making, enthusiasm andFriendship is always with you from beginning to end, and even occasionally unpleasant, reminding yourself that goodness and goodness are important. When your “good beginning and end” is recognized by the people around you, you have an important wealth, you willThe image of the letter appears in life. What are you worried about at this time?

  The question mark, like an ear that is good at absorbing “nutrition”, is synonymous with wisdom.

  In our lives, the most frequently used are “questioning”, “setting questions”, and “reverse questioning”. Applying them to doing things in a person’s work, there is a sense of outline.

  Questioning is to ask more people.

In order to hear the true knowledge, ask questions with absolute humility.

In fact, everyone likes to ask others for advice. This is a psychological need. Therefore, as long as you are good at asking, he will tell you the most wonderful things without reservation.

  Asking questions is “thinking before you go” and “thinking and then saying.”

Before you do anything, you must fully consider its possibilities and shortcomings before you come up with a way to avoid squatting and losing your mistakes. Do any statement or any sensitive topic, even if it doesn’t seem to matter.Fully consider the occasion.

  Asking questions, that is, often asking questions about yourself, so that you can consider the problems yourself more comprehensively, and they will be more insightful and persuasive. This is a good habit of thinking.

  The exclamation mark is the most human symbol, which symbolizes the meaning of two different levels.

One is to be a person with flesh and blood; the other is to be good at praising others.

If you are a flesh-and-blood person, you are not walking dead. It is true and true. People who are really good at praising others are the first important thing in good interpersonal relationships.

  The human emotional structure is divided into two levels. The first level is basic emotions, including family, friendship, and love. The second level includes patriotism, love for the people, and love for society, that is, fraternity.

The first level is the foundation. Without the first level, there is no second level.

  How to look at a person, just look at how he treats his friends, loved ones, and loved ones, and you can probably know who he is.

  About praising others.

This is an old subject of modern interpersonal relationship research. Praise for others is not a slap in the face, but an upright person has the basic survival technology. If you learn to praise others, you have already learned to be a human being.

  Try it out and praise two people every day. No matter who you praise, for a month, you will find the meaning.

  Being a person is the art of drawing punctuation. What do you think?

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