Have the best fitness method

Have the best fitness method

First, the best way to lose weight at the waist is to make abdominal movement errors. Many people think that the muscles in a certain part of the body will be “consumed”.

The reality is that unless you do some exercise, you are consuming the entire body rather than some parts of the aunt.

Of course, if you reduce your aunt’s aunt, you will naturally see a reduction in your aunt’s aunt.

  Second, to stay healthy and exercise twice a week. Wrong research shows that if the muscles of the human body do not exercise, the strength will soon fade.

You must exercise again after 48-72 hours to regain good health.

Scientists point out that exercise is the most effective every day, and exercise three times a week to maintain a healthy level.

  Third, when you lose weight, you must sweat and sweat. It will only lower your body temperature and make your body avoid unnecessary, but you can’t lose weight.

After exercise, the weight may be reduced, but the weight loss is lost. Once the water is added, the weight will recover.

  Fourth, jogging 1600 meters consumes more energy than walking the same distance. If you jog or walk 1600 meters, the energy consumed is the same.

Because you are moving the same weight of the body within a relatively long distance, the speed does not work.

  If you are jogging instead of walking for 30 minutes, then the energy you consume is greatly increased because you ran farther.

  Fifth, after the exercise, the contraction can not restore normal breathing is excessive exercise. After 5 minutes of correct exercise, the breathing is correctly performed in normal, the heartbeat is not emergency, and the body reaction can also be exhausted.

It is good for healthy exercise, not excessive effort, discomfort or weakness, but comfort, happiness and rejuvenation.

  Sixth, walking is one of the best fitness methods. Correct walking helps promote blood circulation throughout the body, which can improve your overall health perception.

  Seven, the force of the contraction movement can make the muscles elastic and error various contraction movements, such as the twisting or bending of the waist, the upper body flexing hand to touch the toes, etc., should be carried out slowly, let the muscles shrink and relax.

Forced contraction exercise severe muscle tension and injury.

  Eight, one day should be used for exercise for at least 20 minutes. The correct body has about 520 skeletal muscles. Good exercise should make these muscles exercise.

Stretching and kicking kicks in 5-10 minutes is not enough.

Moderate exercise must be at least 20 minutes.

  How long does it take to exercise to get healthy, and gradually start the physical condition of the exercise.

If the situation is not good, it is of course impossible to make your body better within 3 weeks.

If you are in good health, you still can’t do it. You have to keep it.

Staying healthy and getting healthy requires exercise.

  After exercising, you will find that exercise is not as difficult as it used to be, because your body is in good condition and your health level has improved greatly.

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