Children should be cautious about eating seasonal fruits

Children should be cautious about eating seasonal fruits

Children should be cautious in eating out-of-season fruits. A huge strawberry and fresh cherries . Although it has just entered spring, many out-of-season fruits have appeared on the market.

No matter what you eat, what’s worse is that many off-season fruits are ripened with some chemicals to keep them fresh.

  Therefore, experts especially remind that these “problem fruits” not only have low nutritional value, but also cause great harm to the body. Children should prevent them from eating, because the off-season fruits using hormones can make children precocious.

Regular consumption of off-season fruits with high levels of ripening agents, for young children who are in the development stage, girls will have early sexual maturity such as early menarche, and boys will cause sexual characteristics not obvious.

  In fact, out-of-season fruits are not harmful in any way. They change the growth environment in greenhouses by means of greenhouses, indoors and other means, so that the maturity of plants can be advanced without using hormones.

But in order to increase yield, some unscrupulous farmers often use plant growth regulators, which are hormones, in excess.

These hormones can promote fruit development, growth and early maturity, and increase the yield by about 20% after using hormones.

Although the color of the out-of-season fruit that has been “urged” is pleasant, the flesh inside is not yet ripe, and not only does it not taste sweet and savory, but the nutritional content naturally shrinks.

The elderly have a weak spleen and stomach, and their metabolism is slow. It is not appropriate to eat a lot of fruits. If most of the fruits are out-of-season fruits, the absorbed nutrients will naturally be discounted.

  Tips for ripening fruits in Beijing ◆ Strawberry picking starts in mid-May, sour and sweet taste is strong.

◆ Apricot ripening period is from late May to mid July.

◆ Cherry maturity is from mid-May to mid-June.

◆ Peaches are mature from mid-June to early October.

◆ Early-maturing varieties of plums have been on the market since early June, and the best varieties should mature between August and September.

  ◆ Rose fragrant grapes will not mature until late August to early September.

◆ Jufeng grapes will be available in the first half of September.

◆ The maturity of most jujube varieties is from mid to late September to early October. Jujube has a flavor of jujube. Before this, the jujubes on the market are woody and woody and cannot be eaten at all.

◆ Some apple varieties mature after entering the market. The mid-late mature apple “Red Star” matures at the end of September, and the “Fuji” series will not be available until October.

◆ Early-maturing varieties of pears mature in early August, such as “emerald”, but the price is more expensive.

Most pears are available at the end of September or early October.

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