Middle-aged people have no motivation to study Zhang Jiahui and Guo Fucheng

Middle-aged people have no motivation to study Zhang Jiahui and Guo Fucheng

If you are middle-aged and start to indulge yourself, there is no motivation, then look at the inspirational exercise of the entertainment industry to the middle-aged star, Zhang Jiahui at the age of 46 trained with a muscular body against the sky and took “Guild”This is in itself an inspirational story.

Tian Wang Guo Fucheng why the maintenance is so good to half a hundred people, but Guo Tianwang has maintained fitness habits for a long time!

The editor once inquired that once Guo Fucheng came to Guangzhou to develop a conference, a treadmill was needed in the hotel where he stayed. It turned out that Guo Fucheng must exercise wherever he went, no matter if he was running a movie or various activities, his residence must be preparedExercise equipment!

Zhang Jiahui’s fitness method: learn its persistence and perseverance. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to copy Zhang Jiahui’s training of this muscle. The process of bodybuilding is the same as that of bodybuilding competition members. It is to lose weight in the early stage, train muscles in the middle, and finally eat rice.Muscles swell.

In the diet, it is best to add easily digestible supplements such as oatmeal, honey, chocolate, bananas, etc. before exercise to ensure energy supply.

Arrange a richer diet after exercise, especially eggs, milk, beef, etc. that need more protein supplements to get protein from the normal diet.

However, Zhang Jiahui’s training method, bodybuilders said that it is not recommended for ordinary people, Zhang Jiahui is fast, because of shooting needs.

What ordinary people should learn from Zhang Jiahui is his persistence and perseverance. He considers exercise and fitness as a necessary lifestyle. He exercises about 3 times a week, including running, barbells, dumbbells, sit-ups, playing ball, and so on.

Even Zhang Jiahui himself warned others in an interview: “I know my body looks good, and even my” muscle formation “online, but please don’t try it casually, it is dangerous!

“Why is the king well maintained?”

Guo Fucheng’s exercise tactics magic one: exercise two hours a day, running in the house at 4 am.

For so many years, Guo Fucheng’s daily exercise habit has not been interrupted for a day.

Magic weapon two: egg white, plain water, chewing gum.

On weekdays, Guo Tianwang pays great attention to diet. “Every morning after exercise, I eat two boiled eggs and no egg yolks; noon is fruit and I am full. I can eat boiled meat and hot vegetables for dinner, but I need to eatIncrease the amount of exercise.

But such a diet Guo Fucheng is very uncomfortable. Whenever he wants to eat, he chews gum.

And his drinks are always boiled water, and occasionally he will enjoy a small glass of soda.

Do n’t eat it in the middle of the night. If you are very hungry, you will eat half an apple or two biscuits.

After exercise and dancing, you will drink a lot of water and supplement carbohydrate-containing sports drinks as appropriate.

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