Zu Chong’s claw attack hasn’t touched the back of Lu Menglin’s neck,Was kicked in the chest,The whole person flew out,Fell to the ground with a bang。

“There is strength in the legs!”Zu Chong clutched his chest,Pale face,His chest is penetrated by Gang Jin,Not only had three broken breastbones,And the atrium is also penetrated by Gang Jin,The blood flow to the heart is blocked,Finished saying this,Head sideways,died。
Shu Xiujuan and Ma Tianyin were shocked,The two did not expect,After this kid was bombarded by Ba Shengrong’s double fists,Actually still have combat power,Successful counterattack,Killed Zu Chong。
If it weren’t for them to know that Ba Shengrong would never release water,I almost thought it was Ba Shengrong and that kid teaming up,How else would it be like this??
Since Ba Shengrong didn’t release water,Then there is only one possibility!
When Shu Xiujuan and Ma Tianyin thought of this,At the same time his face changed drastically,Surprised。
Could it be that the kid has not only trained Gang Jin to his fists,Even the back has been practiced,Otherwise, how can I stop Ba Shengrong’s fist??
now,Ba Shengrong has obviously thought of this too,His face is extremely solemn。
The three dare not enter,But stopped at the same time,Faintly formed a tripod,Teamwork。
Lu Menglin took advantage of this opportunity,Took a deep breath,Regulate your breath with turtle and snake breath,Calm the blood in the body,Recover yourself in the shortest time。
The blow of the big guy just now,Although it is resolved with gang strength,But still suffered some minor shocks,Coupled with the explosive kick of that stupid bird,Too hard,Just adjust。
“you,Who are you!”Ba Shengrong shouted vigilantly。
Six powerful fighters shot together,It turned out to be two dead and one injured,Such a tragic result,How can it not make the heart tremble?
Lu Menglin adjusted her breath silently,Said with a smile:“I have already said,My master is the best man on the island, Tu Chan Chan,You never even heard his name,Obviously these are not popular characters,How could he be my opponent??”
“you,Have you already practiced Gang Jin all over?”Shu Xiujuan still couldn’t believe it。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“Yes!Be seen?Six of you just hit me one,I killed three。Now only three left,Guess a few more tricks to kill you?”
Shu Xiujuan’s face changed a lot,Muttered:“he,He has already practiced all over。We are not rivals!”
Ba Shengrong squinted his eyes,Keep an eye on Lu Menglin,It’s been a long while,Shook his head:“He has a weird spirit!Should not be so strong!Even if he started practicing martial arts from his mother’s womb,Shouldn’t be so strong!”
“Baye,Forget it!Let’s not mess with him!”There was a look of fear in Shu Xiujuan’s eyes。

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