“Ok,This idea is great。I agree!Is there any progress??”Lu Menglin asked。

At this moment,Chen Tianjiao closed his thick eyebrows,Shook his head,Tao:“Independent development of games is not that simple,We are still doing preliminary research。Mainly because the blood legend is too hot,Too popular,Our Menglin Group wants to surpass our main business,It’s not easy!”
All the executives present are very clear,General Manager Chen Tianjiao is telling the truth。
Although this proposal is very forward-looking,It’s also a very risky major move。
Put down the main game business of the most profitable company,I have to invest internally to make a competing product,This requires great courage。
Everyone present even felt,Just now Lu Menglin agreed,Just superficial perfunctory,Is he really confident to make a work beyond legend??
now,Su Xuehen has keenly sensed that the atmosphere in the conference room is a bit strange,It seems that everyone is waiting for someone’s final response,Everyone is curious,He will be timid to challenge,Or bravely take this step?
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Reach out,Tapped three times on the conference table。
“Manager Chen,I have confidence in your ideas。Our Menglin Group has achieved the first in the entire industry,Making money for us,There are no more challenges,If you don’t do something,Everyone should be boring?”
This remark,Everyone can’t help but shine,I have heard the momentum of Lu Menglin,It seems interesting!
“The group’s existing business lines remain unchanged,I will transfer one billion from Hong Kong Island,Specially used to establish independent game research and development projects。In addition,I personally propose,You can
Contact the company NetEase Games,They should have a Journey to the West game project under development,You can buy the project directly with the company。”
“Journey to the West this superiThere are a lot of Chinese elements in it,And our Menglin Group has a close relationship with Mr. Zhou Xingchi,I believe that if you make a big game of Journey to the West,,There should be many convenient places for cooperation。”
When Lu Menglin finished speaking,,The whole meeting room is silent,Everyone was shocked。

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